Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

Black Friday, the day right after Thanksgiving, is when department stores, bed brands, and online retailers offer some of the best mattress sales of the year. You can take advantage and score a high-quality mattress for a low price during the long weekend.

Our handy Black Friday mattress sale guide provides information on how you can find the best deals. We also offer helpful tips on how to find the best mattress, so you can enjoy Black Friday shopping without the stress.

Best Black Friday Mattress Sales of 2022

  • Best Mattress of 2022: Amerisleep$300 off any mattress + free pillows
  • Best Cooling Mattresses: Zoma$150 off any mattress
  • Best Budget Mattress: Vaya$300 off the Vaya Mattress

Amerisleep Black Friday Mattress Sales

Amerisleep sells mattresses made of high-quality materials designed to improve sleep. That includes Bio-Pur®, a plant-based foam more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam. Bio-Pur®, along with other supportive foams, is in every Amerisleep mattress, so everyone can enjoy pressure relief and contouring without waking up hot.

This Black Friday, Amerisleep offers 30 percent off any mattress and free pillows with every mattress purchase. Amerisleep is also offering up to $1500 off adjustable bed bundles when you pair one of their mattresses with an adjustable bed frame.

Amerisleep has two mattress lines—memory foam and hybrid. The memory foam models range in firmness from the AS1 (the firmest) to the AS5 (the softest), with the hybrid line consisting of three hybrid versions of the classic AS2, AS3, and AS5 models. Two of the most popular Amerisleep mattresses are the AS3 and the AS5 Hybrid.

Amerisleep AS3

Even on a normal day, the Amerisleep AS3 is an outstanding mattress for a great price. This Black Friday you can get it for 30 percent off, making the AS3 an easy choice for our best deal of the year. Amerisleep’s beds are some of the most comfortable and affordable mattresses on the market.

The cover of the AS3 is a soft, breathable material designed to keep air moving throughout the mattress, so you always stay cool and comfortable. All in all, the AS3 is 12 inches tall and contains three layers: 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of Affinity with HIVE® technology, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®.

Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam is more breathable than traditional foam, keeping you cool and preventing overheating. It’s also more responsive, bouncing back to its original shape in seconds, so you won’t feel “stuck” if you move around at night.

The Affinity transition layer contains HIVE® Technology—hundreds of hexagon segments create five comfort zones that target specific areas of the body. Where you need more cushion, like the shoulders and hips, the foam segments allow for deeper compression. You’ll also feel extra support to the head and lower back.

The third and final layer of the AS3 is sturdy Bio-Core® to reinforce the layers above and prevent wear and tear. Thanks to the Bio-Core®, you can sleep comfortably on a mattress that won’t develop soft spots and sag.

Amerisleep backs all of their mattresses with a 20-year warranty. Each mattress purchase also comes with a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial.

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

The softest mattress in Amerisleep’s hybrid lineup is their AS5 Hybrid. Though soft, the AS5 Hybrid is supportive enough for even plus-size sleepers. We like the AS5 Hybrid because it contains a layer of latex-like foam called Active Flex to give the bed a bit of bounce. The AS5 Hybrid contains the same foam layers as Amerisleep’s best-selling AS3, but includes Active Flex and a 3-zoned pocketed coil support layer instead of Bio-Core®.

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid stands 14 inches tall and has 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of Active Flex, 8 inches of zoned pocketed coils, and 1 inch of base foam. When you lay on this mattress, the layer of Bio-Pur® cushions your body for instant comfort while the Active Flex layer below keeps you lifted.

Zoned pocketed coils provide targeted support to areas you need it the most, including the lower back and along the spine. The AS5 Hybrid is ideal for heavy sleepers because it prevents them from sinking too far into the mattress, which could cause back pain.

We recommend the AS5 Hybrid to side, back, or plus-size sleepers looking for a soft bed, but suggest stomach sleepers find a firmer mattress.

Zoma Black Friday Mattress Sales

Zoma designs their two mattress models for those with an active lifestyle with over 20 years of experience. The cool and responsive layers can improve recovery and promote better sleep, key aspects of staying fit.

Zoma offers $150 off the Zoma Mattress and the Zoma Hybrid on Black Friday. The Zoma Mattress is an all-foam bed, containing responsive cooling foams that prevent you from waking up feeling hot for uninterrupted sleep. The Zoma Hybrid also contains breathable foam layers but with a pocketed coil base. The pocketed coils provide support to areas you need it the most, including the lower back, so you can wake up pain-free.

Zoma Mattress

Zoma Adjustable Base
The Zoma Mattress is another memory foam mattress to consider this Black Friday. The Zoma is built to help you sleep deeper, recover faster, and wake up refreshed. Its medium feel is perfect for side and back sleepers.

The Zoma is 11 inches tall and has three layers: 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam with Triangulex™ technology, 2 inches of Reactiv™, and 7 inches of Support+.

The first layer of Zoma is a gel-infused memory foam. When you lay on this mattress, the top layer molds to your body to relieve pressure while the gel wicks away body heat to regulate your temperature. The comfort layer, known as Triangulex™ is zoned to offer target support. Triangulex™ feels firmer under your midsection and softer under your shoulders and hips to offer adequate pressure relief while promoting proper spinal alignment.

Next is a 2-inch layer of Reactiv™, a responsive foam. Reactiv™ increases this bed’s responsiveness and prevents you from feeling “stuck” in the mattress.

The last layer of the Zoma Mattress is 7 inches of Support+, a sturdy poly-foam in place to support the two layers above and prevent sagging. Support+ evenly supports your body for long-lasting comfort.

Zoma is an online-only mattress brand, so they offer a 100-night sleep trial with each mattress. Plus, they provide a 10-year warranty, covering sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Zoma Hybrid

Best Hybrid Mattress
The Zoma Hybrid is an excellent mattress option if you want to sleep cooler at night, but prefer a bed with more bounce. Like the Zoma Mattress, the Zoma Hybrid is also designed to improve recovery and promote better sleep. Pocketed coils increase responsiveness and provide targeted support.

The Zoma Hybrid is 12 inches tall and contains 2 inches of gel memory foam, 2 inches of Reactiv™, 7 inches of pocketed coils, and 1 inch of base foam. The mattress comes encased in a soft, breathable mattress cover.

The gel memory foam comfort layer conforms to your body, reducing pressure points, while the gel absorbs and dissipates body heat. You won’t have to worry about overheating at night. This comfort layer also has three zones of support. Triangle-shaped segments enable you to experience a deeper compression under the shoulders and hips.

Reactiv™ is an elastic-like transition foam. Reactiv™ has more bounce than poly-foam and encourages spinal alignment. Reactiv™ also makes it easier to switch between sleeping positions.

The support layer contains hundreds of pocketed coils. Each coil reacts individually to boost support, especially along the spine. The pocketed coils also evenly distribute body weight and prevent sagging. The pocketed coils are reinforced with a base foam.

Zoma gives you 100 nights to try out the Zoma Hybrid. If the bed isn’t a good fit after a month, Zoma will give you a full refund. The mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Vaya Black Friday Mattress Sales

Vaya relies on a simple design when it comes to their mattress. Two breathable foam layers at a low price delivers consistent support and full-body comfort.

This Black Friday, you can get the Vaya Mattress for $300 off the original price. Other mattress brands charge double the price for the same high-quality materials. With Vaya, you can score a queen size mattress for only $599.

Vaya Mattress

Vaya Mattress

The Vaya Mattress starts with a comfort layer of Vaya Comfort Foam. The material molds to your body, relieving pressure points without trapping body heat thanks to its open-cell design. More air pockets improve the circulation inside the Vaya Comfort Foam so that you can rest comfortably without night sweats.

The base layer is Vaya Support Foam. This durable base distributes body weight across the sleep surface for even wear and tear. Plus, Vaya Support Foam enhances the conforming properties of the Vaya Comfort Foam, reducing pressure buildup.

You can enjoy the Vaya Mattress risk-free during the 100-night sleep trial. Should you not like the mattress, you can return it for a full refund. The Vaya Mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty, covering sagging greater than 0.75 inches.

Vaya Hybrid

Best Memory Foam Mattress Online Under $1000 - Zoma Mattress

Like their original model, the Vaya Hybrid has a soft, yet responsive foam comfort layer to cradle the joints and support the lumbar spine. However, instead of a durable foam base, the Vaya Hybrid has a foundation made with pocketed spring coils.

Each Vaya coil is triple wrapped in a lightweight material for maximum comfort. These coils are designed to move independently of one another, allowing them to contour more accurately to the curves of the body.

The combination of foam and coils works well for back sleepers and heavier sleepers in need of even weight distribution to avoid sinkage.

Since air is able to circulate more freely throughout the base of this hybrid, it is less likely to retain body heat that could lead to night sweats and sleep disruptions.

Like their all-foam model, the Vaya Hybrid is available for $300 off during Black Friday 2022. This is a great deal on an already affordable hybrid mattress. You can also take advantage of Vaya’s 100-night sleep trial and make sure the comfort and support of this hybrid are right for you.

Black Friday Mattress Shopping Tips

Buying a new bed is often stressful. It can be difficult figuring out what mattress type you want while cutting through sales claims to find the best deal.

Black Friday mattress sales typically feature the best prices of the year, and savings can be well worth the wait. By knowing what to look for and planning ahead, you can take advantage of the sales and leave the stress behind. Your reward? A new mattress at a great price.

Why Buy a Mattress on Black Friday?

The main reason people shop for beds on the busiest shopping day of the year is the potential for big savings. Nearly all brands and retailers have some type of promotion ranging from price discounts to free pillows or other add-ons, and often these specials represent better values than mattress sales at other times of the year.

Several brands only offer discounts once or twice a year, usually on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another important point to mention is that retailers often extend specials on home goods like mattresses throughout Black Friday and the following weekend. Even if you are busy buying gifts in the morning, you can still score a new bed later.

When to Start Looking for Black Friday Sales

Even though Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, Black Friday mattress promotions have already begun trickling out. Retailer websites and third-party ads start advertising promotions one to three weeks prior, so there is no need to wait until Thanksgiving to check the ads. Get a feel for the deals as early as possible, and make notes as you browse promotions. This will help you develop a game plan and compare pricing well before the big day.

Research mattress models on sale before purchasing to learn about the material quality. There are many different mattress types composed of different foams, coils, and other materials. Also, read mattress reviews from verified customers to see what people are saying about their mattresses.

Where to Find Black Friday Mattress Deals

There are many Black Friday mattress sales sources, including website advertisements, newsletters and coupons, and other media. These promotions can start popping up as early as mid-October.

Website Advertisements

Retailer websites can advertise several mattress brands, so you can better understand what deals to expect on one convenient website. The ability to research several company deals in one place can save time and pinpoint the right mattress faster.

Newsletters and Coupons

Signing up for email newsletters can be a good way to find out about upcoming deals and exclusive offers. This is especially useful if you already have a brand in mind. These newsletters can also include coupons and promo codes that can be applied at checkout.

Other Media

Print newspapers feature Black Friday ads from major national and local brands, usually in the Thanksgiving and Friday morning editions. Online news sites also usually offer coverage of local deals and receive retailer press releases with deal information. Some mattress companies also advertise their promotions through TV commercials or video ads on social media sites.

What Type of Sales to Expect

Each year Black Friday sales vary, but there are usually a few types of promotions and discounts you can expect to see. These include promotional mattresses, rebate offers, package deals, freebies, and free shipping of delivery.

Promotional Mattresses

Promotional mattresses are often available during the Black Friday sales event in limited quantities, and since the models may be part of a one-time-only deal, they can be difficult to research, compare, or find reviews. These mattresses could also be older models, so you may not find current information on a specific brand, especially if that company has since gone out of business.

Promotional mattresses also may have a weaker warranty or return policy than regular models. The company gives you a deep discount, but you may not be able to return the mattress. Be sure to ask about specifications (such as coil count or foam density) and compare the promo bed to other similar models.

Rebate Offers

Retailers are prohibited from discounting some brands, but may instead offer mail-in rebates for small savings after the purchase. Some may also seek to boost later sales by offering discounts and rebates in the form of store gift cards or future discounts with Black Friday purchases.

Once you receive your rebate, make sure to mail it to the company as soon as possible. You may otherwise forget and lose those savings since rebates come with an expiration date.

Package Deals

Package deals usually include the mattress with other bedding accessories at a discounted price. A popular incentive is a mattress with a mattress foundation or adjustable base at a lower rate. Separately, mattress foundations can range from $100 to $2,000, so a package deal can be a good value for shoppers who need a full bed set.


Freebies are small gifts, like free pillows, that can be included with the initial mattress purchase. Add-on items sweeten the deal, especially when these items cost $50 to $300 separately. However, if you don’t need the free item that’s being offered, this deal may not be such a great option.

Free Shipping or Delivery

Another popular value-added offer that will likely be found at many stores is free shipping and delivery, which could save buyers $100 or more. Online retailers may eliminate shipping charges or offer expedited shipping, while local stores may offer free delivery and old mattress removal. Some mattress retailers may also provide a White Glove Delivery Service, where professionals set up your new mattress, saving you the hassle and clean-up.

Online vs. In-Store Shopping

There are both benefits and drawbacks to online or in-store mattress shopping during Black Friday. Doing research ahead of time can give you an idea of where you’ll get the best deal. Online mattress companies offer extended sleep trials and lower prices, but in-store mattress retailers allow you to try out a model before you buy and can provide same-day or next-day delivery.

Online Shopping

Many online retailers participate in the Thanksgiving weekend sales, with offers beginning the week before and often lasting through Cyber Monday the following week.

Some online mattress companies may run deals several weeks in advance. Brands tend to mirror offers of their retail partners, but others may have exclusive deals and big discounts. Some retailers may also have online-only offers.

Online retailers tend to have a wider selection of options and sizes than physical shops. Plus, you can better enjoy the shopping experience without pressure to buy from salespeople. You may even find better deals online due to stiffer competition. Researching and comparison shopping may also be easier, and retailers may be more transparent.

In-Store Shopping

Traditional mattress retailers and department stores usually launch their Black Friday sales on the actual day or Thanksgiving.

Mattress stores put newspaper ads out, and deals are often announced up to two weeks before Black Friday weekend. National chains like Mattress Firm also tend to announce ads at least one week before Black Friday.


When is the best time to buy a mattress?

One of the best times to buy a mattress is during any three-day weekend or between February and May. Mattress companies offer excellent sales and package deals during three day weekends. Between February and May, mattress companies deeply discount older mattresses to make way for new models.

Is it better to buy a mattress in-store or online?

It depends on what you’re looking for. In some cases, it’s better to shop in-store because you can try out a mattress before you buy, plus there are salespeople to answer any questions. In other cases, online mattress brands can be a better option because companies offer comfortable bed in a box mattresses at lower prices. Plus, online mattress retailers provide extended sleep trials, so you have more time to try out a new mattress.

What is the best price for a mattress?

You may think that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a high-quality mattress, but the truth is you don’t. You can get a long-lasting bed for $1,200 on average. The cost can also depend on the materials and sleep technologies which might be included, like a zoned support system.

Is a firm mattress good for back pain?

A firm mattress can be good for back pain, but you don’t want the bed to be too hard. Otherwise, you may worsen existing pain. Your mattress should contour and relieve pressure while supporting your spine; that’s why many of the best mattresses for back pain are medium-firm.

What’s the best mattress type for side sleepers?

Memory foam makes for some of the best mattresses for side sleepers. Sleeping on your side places most of your body weight on your shoulders and hips, increasing the risk of pressure buildup. Memory foam conforms to the body, relieving that pressure, so you can sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed instead of sore.

Finding the Right Mattress

Don’t just buy any bed to get a good deal—compare quality and make sure the bed matches your comfort preferences and sleeping style. A study conducted by Research Triangle Institute showed the majority of people had difficulty choosing a comfortable mattress in a showroom setting.

Don’t base your decision on a 10-minute test. Spend time before the sale researching and trying beds. Look online for owner reviews to see what others have to say about the brand or models you are considering.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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