What’s the Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers?

While many people have a preferred sleeping position, some find themselves tossing and turning during the night— we call them combination sleepers. For combo sleepers, it’s exceptionally hard to find a mattress that provides the required support you need while changing sleeping positions throughout the night.

A good combination-sleeping mattress must quickly adapt to your changing positions, prevent heat build-up, and provide proper support for your spine.

To make things less complicated for you, our editors at Simply Rest created this guide detailing the common problems combination sleepers face, which materials adapt well for changing positions, and which mattresses are great for combination sleepers.

If you’re in a rush, skip ahead:

Type Firmness Price for Queen Sleep trial Warranty
Amerisleep AS3 Open-cell poly-foam Medium $1399 100 nights 20 years
Zoma Open-cell poly-foam Medium $850 100 nights 10 years
Vaya Open-cell poly-foam Medium $595 100 nights 10 years
Avocado Green Latex and pocketed coils hybrid Gentle Firm/Luxury Plush $1349 or $1799 1 year 25 years
Nest Bedding All Latex Dunlop Latex Soft/Medium/Firm $1799 100 nights Lifetime

The Five Best Mattresses for Combination Sleepers

The Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress is the company’s most versatile model. As a medium-firm mattress, it adapts to most sleepers. The AS3 is packed with innovative materials from top to bottom. Made from plant-based foam, it’s one of the coolest and most adaptive mattresses on the market.

Let’s take a look at the layers:

  • The cover is made with a soft, breathable cover designed to keep air moving throughout the mattress so you never have to worry about overheating
  • Underneath is a Bio-Pur® cooling layer. Made from plant-based materials, it’s more breathable than ordinary memory foam.
  • Below is a targeted support HIVE® layer. It provides very precise support right where your body needs it most.
  • Made with the same materials as the first layer, the Bio-Core® base provides sturdy support that helps the mattress last longer.

Support & Firmness

The Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy (HIVE®) layer is where all the support magic happens. It’s made from hundreds of hexagonal cut-outs, which recognize the weight distribution of the human shape. These cutouts are placed closer where you need more support and are spread out where you need it less. Meaning, this mattress should adapt very well to your body.


Because of the smart HIVE® layer and the sturdy base, the Amerisleep AS3 is not as slow in responding to movement as an ordinary foam mattress and has a response time of 3 to 4 seconds.

Motion Isolation

Because this is an all-foam mattress, the motion is fully absorbed by the foam layers; this means you can shift as many times as you want without your partner ever noticing any movement, making the AS3 ideal for couples that toss and turn during sleep.


The AS3 is a 12-inch mattress. A 12-inch mattress is compatible with all types of bed frames, including adjustable frames.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Amerisleep offers a 100 day trial period to decide if the AS3 is the right mattress for you. After that, it’s backed by a 20-year warranty.

The Zoma mattress

zoma mattress

The Zoma is classified as a sports mattress as it was designed with athletes in mind. The layers inside work to rejuvenate muscles and provide a cool and uninterrupted sleep. This makes the Zoma a great option for combination sleepers, as it’ll provide enough support no matter the sleeping position.

Let’s take a peek at the layers inside:

  • The cover of the Zoma mattress is a blend of mainly polyester with a bit of spandex. This creates a breathable and flexible fabric that enhances the benefits of the layers below.
  • The top comfort layer is Triangulex™. Made from breathable poly-foam, this layer is divided into three support zones. 
  • The second support layer is Reactiv™. This is a responsive poly-foam layer that is designed to work together with the Triangulex™ layer above. It allows easier movement when you sleep, which is a great feature for combination sleepers.
  • The last and thickest layer of the Zoma mattress is Support+. This is a high-density poly-foam layer that provides the mattress with a stable and supportive base.

Temperature Control

Although this is an all-foam bed-in-a-box, the Zoma is a relatively breathable mattress. It may not provide as good temperature control as a hybrid, as there are no pocketed coils. But the open-cell poly-foam design and the triangular cutouts make it cooling enough to allow comfortable sleep.

Support & Firmness

The Zoma is rated as a medium mattress when it comes to firmness. This suits combination sleepers best, as it’s firm enough to support pressure points in most sleeping positions, yet soft enough to ensure there are no pressure pains.

Also, the bottom and the top of the Triangulex™ layer hold hundreds of triangular cutouts. This provides the subtle support required for lighter pressure point areas, such as the head and lower legs. The middle of this layer is made from continuous foam to allow a more supportive base for the heavier pressure points, such as the hips and the back. Overall, Zoma is a very supportive mattress.


The Reactiv™ layer is responsive enough to allow easy movement, but it also helps the layer above to conform to the sleeper’s body. This allows the mattress to adapt easily, providing you with the support you need for good sleep. 

Motion Isolation

As most all-foam mattresses, the Zoma isolates all motion well. This is a crucial aspect for combination sleepers, especially the ones that will be sharing their bed. Combination sleepers move around in their sleep quite a bit as they change their sleeping position. The Zoma mattress can ensure that your partner will not be awakened as it’ll not allow the motion transfer far.


The Zoma is 10 inches thick. Made from three poly-foam layers, it’s a mattress that’s suitable for all bed bases. It’s not recommended to keep this mattress on the floor though, as the trapped moisture might encourage molding.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Zoma Sleep allows 100 nights to trial their mattress. If you keep it, you’ll get a standard 10-year long warranty.

The Vaya mattress

Best Affordable Mattress - Vaya Mattress

The Vaya mattress could be a good introductory option in the world of all-foam beds. It’s very budget-friendly, yet it’s made from high-quality materials to provide a good sleep. 

The Vaya mattress is currently only available on Amazon and eBay, and that’s partly how they manage to keep the cost of their mattress so low. But even though they do not have an official online store yet, they still offer the warranties and other guarantees any other reputable mattress companies do.

Let’s have a look inside the Vaya mattress:

  • The Vaya mattress is made from two layers, which are covered in a synthetic blend topper. This topper is plush, yet breathable. It’s designed to keep the sleeper’s body at a comfortable temperature. 
  • The first layer of the Vaya mattress is made from Vaya foam. This is an open-cell poly-foam design, that is more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam. 
  • The second and final layer of this mattress is made from high-density poly-foam. It’s supportive and stable.  

Temperature Control

The Vaya mattress doesn’t sleep hot. But it does not provide the coolest sleeping experience either. The open-cell poly-foam design helps with the temperature control, so if you don’t sleep hot you should be fine.  However, if you do tend to get pretty hot at night, going for another mattress on this list might be a better option for you.

Support & Firmness

The Vaya mattress is classed as medium on the firmness scale. It’s a great option for combination sleepers, as it suits their sleeping style well. No matter what position you’ll end up sleeping in at night, this mattress will be firm enough to support you and soft enough to “give in” where that’s needed.  

This mattress does not have a zoned support design, but the poly-foam still supports and relieves the pressure points. It conforms to your body but doesn’t make you feel trapped. 

Also, unlike traditional memory foam, you won’t feel “stuck” inside the mattress when you change your sleeping position at night.


The Vaya adapts to the shape of the sleeper’s body by conforming around the pressure points. This slight cushioning provides a comfortable sleeping environment by relieving the potential pain-points and keeping the spine aligned at all times. 

Motion Isolation

The Vaya isolates all motion surprisingly well. The foam layers absorb all movement, making it dissipate before it reaches the other side of the mattress. This makes Vaya a pretty good option if you won’t be sleeping alone. 


The Vaya mattress is 10 inches tall. Being made from only two layers, it’s an extremely versatile mattress that can be placed on slatted bed frames, platform beds, adjustable beds and many more.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

As mentioned at the beginning of the review for this mattress, Vaya Sleep offers a standard 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. This is great considering the mattress comes at such a low cost.

The Avocado Green mattress

avocado green mattress

The Avocado Green is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress made from latex foam and pocketed coils. The materials it’s made of hold GOTS and GOLS certifications, ensuring they’re all organic, natural and ethically sourced. This mattress is the most environmentally-friendly option on this list. However, it does come with a bigger price tag too. 

The Avocado Green is made from two or three layers, depending on the choice of firmness. The price is also affected by this choice, as the optional pillowtop comes at an extra $400. 

So let’s have a look at the eco-friendly parts:

  • The cover of the Avocado Green is made from 100% organic cotton. It’s naturally breathable and tends to wick away excess body heat.
  • Under the cover, we find the optional European-style pillowtop. It’s made from organic and ethically-sourced wool, which makes the mattress plush and comfy. The wool also helps further with temperature control and acts as a natural fire retardant.
  • Under the pillow (if you opt-in for one) comes 3 inches of organic latex foam. This layer conforms to the body and provides a response.
  • After the latex foam, we find 8-inch tall pocketed coils. These coils are separated into 5 ergonomic support zones, which ensures that combination sleepers get thorough support through the night.

Temperature Control

Avocado Green mattress is great at temperature control. The organic cotton and natural wool wick away moisture, while the latex provides a cooling effect. Also, the pocketed coils offer better airflow and breathability. This mix of well-designed materials makes this mattress a great choice for combination sleepers who also tend to sleep hot. 

Support & Firmness

The Avocado Green mattress comes with an optional European-style topper. It makes the mattress softer overall, rating it as a luxury plush. If you choose to not have the additional topper, the Avocado mattress is rated as gentle firm. However, essentially both options still contain the exact same mattress, which has zoned support. 

As mentioned above, the pocketed coils are split into five ergonomic zones. They’re focused on the head area, the shoulders, the back, the hips, and the legs. These are all main pressure points that require a different level of support. For example, the hips and the back will need a firmer surface to make sure the spine is aligned. While the head and legs can be placed on a softer surface to ensure there’s no pressure on them when you sleep.


Latex foam is a very adaptable material that conforms to the body shape of the sleeper. The pocketed coils underneath add additional targeted support, ensuring the sleeper’s pressure points are relieved and the spine is aligned. Overall, the Avocado Green mattress adapts to most sleeping positions with ease. And this is a crucial feature for combination sleepers.

Motion Isolation

When it comes to motion isolation, latex is known to transfer movement easier than poly-foam. This can be felt slightly when sleeping on the Avocado Green. But it’s worth mentioning that the motion transfer should not be severe enough to interrupt your sleep. Even if you are a combination sleeper and you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner.


The Avocado Green mattress is 13 inches thick with a pillowtop, and 11 inches thick without it. That’s a convenient size that is suitable for adjustable beds, slatted bed frames, and box spring bed bases. 

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Avocado offers a 1-year long sleep trial. That’s much longer compared to most other mattresses on our list, or in the industry in general. They also offer a 25-year warranty for their mattresses. So the mattress may be more expensive, but you’ll be covered for a longer time.

Nest Bedding All Latex mattress

nest bedding natural latex

Nest Bedding All Latex is another organic mattress on this list. Made from three layers, this mattress does not have pocketed coils like the Avocado Green above. Instead, it’s all foam. 

The Nest Bedding All Latex mattress comes in three different options of firmness. The layout of the layers might differ depending on your choice, but the overall structure of the mattress will be the same.

Let’s have a look inside:

  • The cover of the All Latex mattress is made from organic cotton. It’s removable but you should not remove it too often as it may be difficult to put it back on.
  • Underneath the cover is a layer of Eco-Flex Quilting Foam. This is a 1.5-inch thick comfort layer that is made from neutral poly-foam. 
  • Under the comfort layer, we find the first layer of Dunlop latex. It’s 6 inches thick and provides pressure point support to the sleeper. 
  • The last layer within this mattress is another 3-inch thick Dunlop latex foam, which is higher in density compared to the previous one. This is a base layer of the mattress, enhancing the stability and longevity of the structure.

Temperature Control

The Nest Bedding All Latex mattress is pretty good at temperature control. The organic cotton cover works to wick away moisture, while Dunlop latex keeps the mattress relatively cool. For an average sleeper, this mattress should do a good job of regulating the body’s temperature overnight. However, if you do sleep hot, this mattress might not be cooling enough for you. 

Support & Firmness

The All Latex mattress comes in three levels of firmness—soft, medium, and firm. As mentioned before, the layout of the layers might differ within each one, but the overall structure of the mattress doesn’t change.

For combination sleepers, we’d recommend going for the medium option. This is the most versatile and adaptable level of firmness that will support you in most of your sleeping positions. The soft version is best for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. While the firm is best suited for heavy sleepers and stomach sleepers.


The Dunlop latex within this mattress does not have a zoned support design. However, it still adapts to the sleeper’s body nicely, because of the nature of this material. It molds around the pressure points as you sleep, allowing sufficient support throughout the night. And most importantly, it does a great job of keeping your spine aligned.

Motion Isolation

The All Latex mattress is not the best at isolating motion. This means that if you’re a combination sleeper or a restless sleeper and you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner, one of you might be awakened by the motion transfer through the mattress. 


The Nest Bedding All Latex mattress is 10.5 inches tall. It’s not a big mattress, but it’s definitely heavy at 150 lbs for a queen size. Luckily, Nest Bedding offers a White Glove delivery service where they not only deliver the mattress but also set it up in your preferred room. To arrange this you’d have to give them a call prior to your purchase where they’ll quote you their price for this service too. 

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Nest Bedding offers a standard sleep trial of 100 nights. However, they outdo all other mattress brands on this list with their Lifetime Warranty. It’s important to note that it is “limited” though, so you’d have to read the fine print thoroughly to understand what is covered and what is not.

Important Facts About Combination Sleeping

Simply Rest defines a combination sleeper as a person that changes his or her sleeping position more than once during the night. Since modern mattresses are often made to support certain sleep styles, combo sleepers have a harder time finding a mattress that is right for them.

Common issues for combination sleepers are things like numb limbs, back pain, or neck stiffness. These issues can develop into more serious, long-term health risks.

In addition, restless sleep can be directly linked with depression, weight gain, and lack of focus.

What Type of Mattress is Best for You?

Choosing the correct material is another important decision you have to make when buying a new mattress as a combination sleeper. While some materials adapt very well to your changing poses, others might be too bouncy or sleep too hot.

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditional memory foams have a cradling effect. They can be hot to sleep in, but offer great relief for pressure points.

Gel-based Foam

To improve temperature control, ordinary memory foam can be infused with specialized gel beads to create a material that wicks excess heat away. Gel foam also has a quicker bounce-back rate than ordinary foam, making the mattress feel slightly firmer.

While gel foam performs much better than traditional foams, it’s also more expensive to manufacture. Because of this, it’s mostly used only as a top layer of either an all-foam or a hybrid mattress.

Plant-based Foam

This foam replaces a significant portion of petroleum-based components with plant-based materials. Not only does that make the plant-based foam more eco-friendly, but it also makes it more breathable, durable, and cooler to sleep in.

Although more expensive, plant-based mattresses are the most recommended type by Simply Rest.

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Latex foam is more bouncy and returns to its original shape faster than ordinary memory foam. It’s also naturally cooling and anti-microbial. While natural latex is the healthiest option, it’s also a more expensive one. To keep prices down, mattress manufacturers often use synthetic latex instead.

Synthetic latex is less breathable and slightly less durable. It’s made from petroleum-based components and is often found in lower-end mattresses.

Then, there is a blend of natural and synthetic latex. Its overall quality is better than that of synthetic latex, yet not as good as that of natural latex.


Inexpensive and widely available, innerspring mattresses have been on the market since the mid 19th century. While they provide good support and adapt to your sleeping positions, they are not so good if you’re sharing the bed with a partner because they tend to transfer motion.

Typically, innerspring mattresses are best when it comes to breathability because the extra space within the mattress allows good air circulation.

To find the best innerspring mattress, read our other guide.


Hybrid mattresses are relatively new on the market. Combining innerspring coils with other materials, they aim for the ultimate sleeping experience. Because they combine a lot of materials, hybrid beds are usually on the pricier side.

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Conclusion of The Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Sleep allows you to concentrate, and face a new day with enthusiasm. Most importantly, sleep keeps you healthy. Sleep is such a defining part of your life, it’s important you’re sleeping on the best mattress to meet your unique sleep needs. We hope our guide has helped you find the most comfortable bed to meet your sleep needs while you sleep in any position. If not, browse our other guides to find the best mattress for yourself.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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