What’s the Best Latex Mattress?

Latex mattresses are known for their natural cooling effect and great durability. Therefore, they’re a great option if you’re considering replacing your current mattress. With a wide variety of latex mattresses on the market, it can be hard to find the best latex mattress.

That’s why the editors at Simply Rest had a look at the best full, and part, latex mattresses to suit specific individual needs. We’ve taken a look at what people look for most in a mattress, and chose mattresses that would check all of the boxes.

No matter what type of a sleeper you are, here are the latex mattresses that will provide what you are looking for.

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Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers – the LUCID 16-inch Plush Latex & Memory Foam

Source: lucidmattress.com

The Lucid 16-inch Plush Latex & Memory Foam Mattress is known as one of the company’s best products. Although they do offer a full-latex mattress as well, the Lucid 16-inch Plush design is more adaptive and supportive, and this makes it ideal for a side sleeper.

Let’s look at the layers inside:

  • The cover is a soft Tencel blend cover, called Premium Tencel®, designed to be breathable and promote a cool sleeping experience.
  • The first layer is blended bamboo and charcoal foam. It’s designed to wick away moisture, fight odors, and regulate body temperature.
  • Next, is 3 inches of supportive memory foam, designed to provide pressure point relief and comfort.
  • The third layer is 2 inches of natural latex, designed to respond quickly to your body weight and movement.
  • The base layer is a 10-inch thick support base, in place to support the layers and sleeper above.


On its official website, the Lucid 16-inch Plush mattress is rated 5 out of 5, making it the softest mattress they offer. But the latex and the memory foam should still offer enough support and pressure point relief to take the pressure off your shoulders and hips.

Pressure Point Relief

Memory foam is known for providing great pressure point relief for side sleepers. It conforms to your shoulders and your hips, helping your spine stay in its natural alignment.

The Lucid 16-inch Plush mattress has 3 inches of memory foam. But, since it is the second layer in the mattress, sleepers with a smaller build may not be heavy enough to get its full pressure relieving benefits.

Temperature Control

Latex is a naturally cool material, but memory foam can sometimes sleep hot. Lucid addresses these concerns by putting its memory foam beneath the top layer of charcoal-bamboo foam, and this design helps to regulate the temperature.


The Lucid 16-inch Plush mattress stands at 16 inches tall – the tallest mattress choice on our list. Keep this in mind when thinking about your current bedroom accessories. Will this mattress sit too tall on your current foundation or bed set? Will your sheets fit?

The Lucid 16-inch Plush Latex & Memory Foam mattress weighs around 115lbs (based on the Queen size).

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

The Lucid 16-inch Plush does not offer a sleep trial, but returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Lucid does offer a 10-year warranty, but there is no information online about what is covered and what is not.


The Lucid 16-inch Plush Latex & Memory Foam Mattress is $900 for a queen size.

If you’re not sure the Lucid 16-inch Plush mattress is for you, check out our other guide to find the best mattress for side sleepers.

Latex Mattress for Back Sleepers – the Avocado Green

Source: avocadogreenmattress.com

The Avocado Green mattress comes in three choices – the standard Avocado Green mattress, the Avocado Green mattress with an extra pillow top, and the Vegan Avocado Green mattress (same as the Avocado Green mattress but made without wool).

For back sleepers, the standard Avocado Green mattress would be your best choice. Here are its layers:

  • The Avocado Green cover is made from organic cotton and natural wool, designed to naturally wick away moisture.
  • The first layer is 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex; this layer has small ventilation holes to increase breathability.
  • The second layer of the Avocado Green mattress is 8-inch tall pocketed coils, providing the mattress with its bounce and support.


On its official website, the standard Avocado Green mattress is described as gentle-firm— a great level of firmness for back sleepers. If you like to sleep on a softer surface, you can always order the pillow top attachment and add it to your mattress at any time.

Pressure Point Relief

The Avocado Green mattress addresses pressure point concerns with a zoned support system.

Temperature Control

Natural latex added to an innerspring support system makes the Avocado a mattress with minimal heat retention risks.


The standard height of the Avocado Green mattress is 11 inches and the pillow top mattress height is 13 inches.

The Avocado Green mattress weighs 97 lbs in a queen size.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Avocado offers a 100-night sleep trial to decide if their mattress is suitable for you. If you decide to keep it, it comes with a 25-year warranty.


The Avocado Green mattress comes at the price of $1399.

To find the best mattress overall, check out our article on the best beds available now.

Latex Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – the GhostBed Luxe

Source: ghostbed.com

The GhostBed Luxe mattress is all about sleeping cool. The mattress is designed with two innovative cooling technologies, giving the mattress maximum temperature control and breathability.

Let’s take a look at what it’s made of:

  • The Ghost Ice Fabric cover is made with a blend of a phase-change material designed to absorb and remove heat, 0.5 inches of cooling fiber, and 1 inch of gel memory foam. All these materials together create an effective, temperature-controlling cover.
  • The first layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam, designed to dissipate heat and relieve pressure points.
  • Then, lies 2 inches of the Ghost Bounce Foam; this layer is responsive like latex, yet contours like memory foam.
  • The base layer of the GhostBed Luxe mattress is 7.5 inches of high-density poly foam— it’s designed to provide the mattress with stability and longevity.


The GhostBed Luxe mattress comes as a soft medium firm at 5.5-6 out of 10, as described on their official website, a good level of firmness for most stomach sleepers. However, those with a larger build may need a firmer mattress.

Pressure Point Relief

The mixture of gel memory foam and Ghost Bounce Foam aims to create a healthy environment for the shoulders and hips. Also, by using memory foams contouring and support, your pressure points get the relief they need.

Temperature Control

The first stage of their Two-Stage Cooling design is their cover. It’s improved with a Japanese technique of weaving the cooling properties directly into the yarn, creating a material designed to be cool to the touch.

The second stage is their Phase Change Material (PCM) placed on top of the gel memory foam layer. It’s designed to attract and dissipate excess body heat without warming up the rest of the foam layers.


The GhostBed Luxe mattress is 13 inches tall – an average height for a mattress. It weighs 122 lbs for a queen size.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep trial.

As for the warranty, GhostBed offers a 25-year warranty. While longer than average, potential buyers should know the warranty mainly covers sags of 1 inch or greater.


GhostBed Luxe mattress comes at $1475, a higher price than most mattresses on our list.

Additionally, be sure to check out our other guides to find the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

Latex Mattress for Couples – the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams

Source: dreamfoambedding.com

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Total Latex mattress is the only 100% latex mattress one on our list. It’s a great option for couples because each side can be customized.

This means the mattress can be tailored to suit you and your partner’s individual needs. By going through a questionnaire with one of Dreamfoam’s experts, you can have a mattress with two personalized sides.

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress comes in these layers:

  • The top layer of this mattress is a natural bamboo cover, quilted with organic wool. This design promotes a cool sleeping environment, and poly-foam offers support. Overall this creates a comfortable and breathable transitional layer between your body and the latex below.
  • The first layer is 3 inches of blended Talalay latex foam, designed to provide pressure point relief and contouring.
  • The final layer of the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress is 6 inches of latex core (Talalay or Dunlop). This provides the mattress with stability and longevity.


The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress is definitely the most customizable mattress on our list— Dreamfoam representatives call you and ask about your preferences, then they build a personalized mattress to meet your individual sleep needs. As we mentioned above, if you share the bed with a partner, Dreamfoam will design a bed with different firmness levels for either side.

Pressure Point Relief

Latex in itself has a natural way of relieving pressure points. In this mattress, the top layer of blended latex specifically focuses on this part of the job, whereas the bottom part works as a support layer.

Temperature Control

The top layer uses organic wool, known for its minimal heat retention. This, added to the cooling effect of latex, makes this a mattress that has very minor concerns of sleeping hot.


A queen-sized Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress comes at around 150 lbs and 10 inches.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Dreamfoam is happy to exchange a part of the mattress if the firmness is not accurate, as long as it is done within their 120 nights of sleep trial. However, customers must keep it for 30 days first, which is pretty standard. After the sleep trial is over, Dreamfoam offers a 10-year warranty.


The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams mattress comes at $1399 for a queen size.

Latex Mattress for Heavy Sleepers – the Zenhaven

Source: zenhaven.com

The Zenhaven mattress comes as a 2-in-1. Meaning, it’s a flippable model that adapts to most sleeper’s needs.

We chose this bed as our top choice for heavy sleepers because it offers exceptional support and has a firmer feel.

Let’s take a closer look at its layers:

  • The cover of the Zenhaven mattress is made from 100% organic wool; this provides comfort, adds breathability, and wicks away moisture.
  • The first layer of the Zenhaven mattress is made from natural Talalay latex. It contains a breathable 5-zone support design and provides great pressure point relief and spinal support.
  • The second layer is also made from 100% natural Talalay latex, and this provides the mattress with better motion isolation and support.

Then, the mattress’ layers begin repeating in reverse.

  • The third layer is 100% natural Talalay latex, promoting motion isolation and support.
  • The fourth layer is natural Talalay latex with a 5-zone support design.
  • And the bottom, same as the top, is a layer of 100% organic wool.
  • To finish off, the whole mattress is wrapped in organic cotton cover (as mentioned at the top of the list).


The soft side of the mattress is described as Luxury Plush, and the firm side of the mattress is called Gentle Firm. The latter side of the Zenhaven mattress is the one Simply Rest recommends for heavy sleepers.

Pressure Point Relief

There are two layers in the Zenhaven mattress that have a 5-zone pressure point relief system, providing great support for your pressure points and spinal alignment.

Temperature Control

The Talalay latex layers found in the Zenhaven mattress all have an open-cell structure; this means the air can circulate through the mattress well as you sleep. Also, natural latex is known for its cooling properties. These two elements working together make the Zenhaven mattress a cooling one.


The Zenhaven mattress is 10 inches tall and weighs 125 lbs.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Saatva offers 120 nights to decide if the Zenhaven mattress is a good fit for you. During this period, you can try to sleep on both sides of it and see if any one of them suits your needs. If you decide to keep the Zenhaven mattress, you will get a 20-year warranty. Which is actually longer than the industry standard.


The Zenhaven mattress comes at $1899 for a queen size.

Latex Mattress for Sleepers with Back Pain – The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress

Source: nestbedding.com

The Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress combines latex foam and pocketed coils. This provides the most optimal support and pressure point relief for sleepers with back pain. The latex molds around the body shape and fills in the gap in the lumbar region to ensure the spine’s natural position is maintained. Additionally, the coils provide zoned support to the latex above. Together, these layers create a very supportive and breathable mattress.

Let’s look at its layers:

  • The cover of the Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress is made from organic cotton and natural wool batting. This provides the mattress with better temperature control.
  • Then follows a 1.5″ layer of either Eco Flex Quilting or Certified Wool batting for more comfort.
  • The second layer is 3″ thick Dunlop latex foam.
  • The third layer is 7″ tall pocketed coils. The coil system offers enhanced zone support and better airflow.
  • The base layer of the Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress is either transitional foam, or a latex base – depending on the firmness of the bed.


The Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress comes in four levels of firmness:

  • Soft with Topper – rates at 10 out of 10.
  • Plush – rates at 6.5-7 out of 10.
  • Medium – rates at 5-5.5 out of 10.
  • Firm – rates at 3.5-4 out of 10.

For sleepers with back pain, Simply Rest recommends going for Plush because it won’t be too firm on your back, and will still provide enough support for your spine.

Pressure Point Relief

The Dunlop latex and the pocketed coils work together to create great pressure point relief— a big advantage for people suffering from back pain, as the lumbar region is one of the most supported areas in the mattress.

Temperature Control

The Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress sleeps nice and cool. The latex’s natural cooling effect added to the breathability of the coils provides great temperature control.


The Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress comes at 13 inches tall.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Nest Bedding offers a 100 night sleep trial to see if this mattress is a good fit for you. If you decide that is it, Nest Bedding will provide you with a limited lifetime warranty.


The Nest Bedding hybrid latex mattress costs $1299 for a queen size.

If you’re still undecided, check out our other guide to find the best mattress for back pain.

The Best Budget-Friendly Latex Mattress – the Roma Latex

Source: sleepez.com

The Roma Latex mattress is another 2-in-1 design on our list. Similar to the Zenhaven mattress, the Roma latex is a flippable mattress. One side is firm, one side is soft.

Let’s take a look at its layers:

  • The cover of the Roma latex mattress is made from organic cotton that is quilted with 1.5″ thick layer of foam, giving the mattress more comfort and is found on both sides.
  • The main layer is 6″ thick layer of Dunlop latex, which offers a great bounce rate and support.


One side of the Roma Latex mattress rates Medium-Plush, and the other rates Firm.

The Medium-Plush side is excellent for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or sleepers with lower back pain; while the Firm side works great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

Pressure Point Relief

The Roma latex mattress naturally provides good support, allowing you to sleep in a very neutral position. The latex conforms to your body shape and provides a good foundation for your spine’s natural alignment.

Temperature Control

Seeing as organic cotton and natural latex are both naturally cooling materials, the Roma latex mattress does not sleep hot. In fact, most sleepers review it as a surprisingly cooling mattress.


The Roma latex mattress comes at 9 inches tall— a little thinner than most mattresses on the market.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Sleep EZ offers 90 days to test their mattress out, and after the sleep trial ends, offers a 10-year warranty.


A queen-sized Roma latex mattress costs $750.

The Most Eco-Friendly Latex Mattress – Spindle

spindle mattress
Source: spindlemattress.com

The Spindle is a 100% natural latex mattress that comes in three layers. These layers come in three separate boxes and have three different levels of firmness. They need to be assembled before use and can be rearranged to get the most suitable level of firmness.

Here are the layers:

  • The cover of the Spindle mattress is made from organic cotton and natural wool batting. The cotton provides the mattress with better temperature control, and the wool wicks away the moisture.
  • Then come the three layers of natural Dunlop latex. Each one is 3 inches thick, and each one’s firmness depends on your preferences.


The firmness of the mattress is determined after you complete a short quiz detailing your sleep habits and mattress preferences. Depending on your results, they send you three layers of natural latex in different levels of firmness. Once you receive the layers, you’re responsible for building the layers into a bed.

Pressure Point Relief

The Spindle mattress has great pressure point relief. The three layers of natural Dunlop latex foam can be rearranged many times until the perfect fit is found.

Temperature Control

The natural wool and natural Dunlop latex provide a great cooling effect. Although it may not be as breathable as many innerspring mattresses, the Spindle mattress is still relatively cooling.


The Spindle mattress comes at 10 inches in height, which fits just about any bed frame. However, at 150lbs, it is not a mattress you will be able to move and assemble alone.

Sleep Trial & Warranty Information

Spindle offers a 365-night sleep trial During this time, you can swap the layers as many times as you need to find your perfect firmness.

Once satisfied, your mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.


A queen-sized Spindle mattress comes at the price of $1349.

What Makes the Best Latex Mattress?

To understand what makes a good latex mattress, we first have to understand the different types of latex in the market.

There are three main types of latex available on the market. Each one is different and holds its own pluses and minuses. But, they all serve only one purpose – to provide quality sleep.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is made from petroleum-based materials. It’s the cheapest type of latex, and it’s also the least durable and breathable. Synthetic latex is a great option if you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress because it is usually less expensive than traditional memory foam beds.

Natural Latex

100% natural latex is an expensive material, explaining why there aren’t too many manufacturers offering natural latex mattresses at an affordable price.
The reason this material is so expensive is partly due to how it’s acquired and manufactured. Natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees. It’s completely organic, hypoallergenic, and extremely durable. It’s also naturally cooling and produces no odors whatsoever.

Blended Latex

Blended latex is a mixture of natural latex and synthetic latex. It’s not an ingredient you will often find in mattress descriptions. Mainly because many budget-friendly mattress companies will refer to it as “natural”, even if it’s only partly so.

Blended latex is more durable than synthetic but less durable than natural. It’s more cooling than synthetic, but less than natural. It’s eco-friendlier than synthetic but less eco-friendly than natural. You get the gist – it’s a mix of the two, and therefore its specifications are as well.

What Type of Latex is the Best?

Simply Rest recommends natural latex as the best material to have your latex mattress made from. It’s a lot more durable, cooling, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.

In second place is blended latex— although not nearly as good as natural, it is still better than synthetic.

The least favorite type of latex is synthetic. It is not as durable, it’s quite unhealthy for the environment and the user, and it sleeps pretty hot.

Different methods of producing latex foam

Now that we discussed the types of latex available on the market, let’s take a look at the two main methods of manufacturing— Dunlop and Talalay.

The Dunlop Method

The Dunlop method has been around since 1929. It’s the simpler method of the two, and it produces slightly firmer foam.

The Dunlop method works by taking the latex in its liquid form and slowly injecting it in layers into the mold. Once the latex sets, you are left with a latex foam that’s naturally denser on one side than the other. Using this method does not affect the overall quality of the mattress, it only makes it so it’s slightly firmer on one side.

The pros of using the Dunlop method are:

  • More cost-effective than the Talalay method
  • Firmer
  • Longer lasting
  • All-natural

The downfalls associated with the Dunlop method are:

  • Less breathable
  • Can be too firm
  • The firmness of the two sides is uneven

The Talalay Method

The Talalay method of manufacturing latex foam is a lot more complicated when compared to the Dunlop method. It was invented in 1950s, and it is still widely used today.

The Talalay method works by taking the liquid latex and filtering out any particles. Then, it gets poured into large molds and emulsified with water and air bubbles. The next step is to flash freeze the latex and then to vulcanize it. This produces a softer and more breathable latex foam.

The pros of using the Talalay method are:

  • More breathable
  • Softer
  • Even on both sides

The cons associated with Talalay method are:

  • More expensive
  • Not as natural

Pros and Cons of a Latex Mattress

Let’s take a look at the advantages a natural latex mattress holds:

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process and materials
  • Natural cooling properties
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable

The disadvantages of natural latex mattress are:

  • Very heavy
  • Sometimes too firm
  • Very expensive

Getting the best latex mattress involves considering a number of factors, from the construction of the foam, to the cover, and everything in between. Of course, personal preferences and needs like back pain play a big role as well. While there are several aspects that shoppers should focus on, the process can be broken up into a simple list that is manageable and helpful. Here, we will discuss each thing that buyers should be conscious of as they are scouring the market for the most suitable latex bed.

Steps for Getting The Best Latex Mattress

Follow these simple steps to make purchasing a new latex mattress as simple and smooth as possible.

1) Create a Budget

As with most purchases, it is absolutely critical that consumers create a budget before they even start looking for the best latex mattress. This will not only help narrow down the search, but will also make sure that the shopper is able to stay within the confines of affordability.

Consider mattress options that are affordable, but do not sacrifice comfort and support. If you think about it, you likely spend more time on your mattress than on any other piece of home furniture so budgeting in order to afford a quality bed can be a worthwhile investment in health. Mattresses are big purchases; you want to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice.

2) Research Online

Statistics indicate that consumers are 20% more satisfied when they buy latex mattresses online compared to shopping in a store (see this BestMattress-Reviews.org article on buying a mattress online for the full report). Shoppers should use this to their advantage.

First, because latex is considered a specialty mattress, local showrooms often have limited selections that are often not even all latex. There are many more beds available online, without the hefty price mark-ups.

When you shop online there is no sales tax or sales pressure. Instead, you can take as much time as you need to find exactly what you are looking for. In a store, people often feel rushed or that they need to make a decision before leaving the store. That is what salespeople want you to feel. Rushed consumers are more likely to make a regretful purchase and spend more than necessary.

There are a number of mattresses sold only online and you should not be afraid to try these out. Most retailers offer really great return policies as well as warranties. Often, online mattresses come with a much better backing than the ones sold in stores.

Beds and mattresses from retail stores are nearly always overpriced. Experts recommend negotiating with salespeople in brick-and-mortar stores. Mattress manufacturers have a minimum price for their products and generally retail stores will set their price much higher to cover commissions for salespeople and operating costs. Online retailers typically have much less overhead and can pass the savings on to their customers.

There are many different sites dedicated to reviewing all types of mattresses and bedding-related products. Take your time and read what experts and customers have said about the specific products you are considering. You will likely read something that will influence your decision and increase the probability of feeling satisfied with your purchase.

3) Check Composition

The composition of a latex bed speaks volumes about how comfortable it will be. What appears to be most important is what the latex foam is made of: natural, synthetic or a blend of both. 100% natural latex mattresses rate better in many aspects of satisfaction, comfort and durability, and they are also more environmentally friendly. Unglued layers further reduce chemicals in the sleeping environment and allow you to tailor the mattress to your needs.

The other aspect is how the foam is made. Talalay latex is often touted as better than Dunlop since the two added steps yield more control over manufacturing. Dunlop is more widely available, while Talalay is typically more expensive. How the latex is made appears to have less of an impact on owner satisfaction than what is made of, so if price differences are significant, Dunlop may indeed be the better value.

All layers should be accounted for within the mattress – meaning the manufacturer should be able to tell what each layer of the bed is made of, including the core, padding, and fabrics. You will be spending a lot of time lying on this mattress. Know what you’re getting into. Beds made with only latex foam (without poly foam or spring layers) rate significantly better among owners.

4) Examine Fire Barrier

It is critical that the consumer understand what the flame retardant in the mattress is comprised of. All mattresses are required by law to pass certain flammability standards, in an effort to protect sleepers from fire. However, fire retardants can be made with a number of harsh chemicals, from formaldehydes to other carcinogens. This tip goes back to making sure that the mattress is 100% natural. The best option is 100% natural wool with 100% natural latex.

One amazing aspect of latex is that it is naturally flame resistant. There is no need for heaps of chemical flame retardants, and several brands use natural wool. Many flame retardants have been associated with various health effects including adverse effects on fetal and child development, cancer, immunotoxicity and reproductive toxicity. Experts in health and wellness fields typically advise avoiding these chemicals as much as possible.

5) Check Cover

The cover of the mattress essentially protects the bed and determines how comfortable the sleeper will be. An unbreathable cover could make the mattress hot. Look for a 100% cotton cover, preferably organic to avoid the pesticides and other chemicals on traditional cotton. Often, these types of covers will feature an integrated wool barrier. Non-woven fabrics are also superior for their greater durability.

6) Determine Firm/Soft

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to firm or soft mattresses. A good rule of thumb is your current mattress firmness level, though latex can feel a little different. There are beds in the market that do offer customizable levels of firmness and this is ideal for people who do not fit the often firm feel of latex. If you are new to latex, look for a retailer who offers a variety of firmnesses just in case you end up needing to exchange for a softer or firmer model.

7) Check for Certifications

Sometimes, beds can include misleading information about the makeup of the mattress.  If a manufacturer calls a product organic, make sure the organization that certified the product is named. Any item legally allowed to be called organic must be certified. This will only apply to the covers and latex used to make the foam, as fabrics and agricultural goods are currently the only items certified organic. Finished latex foams can be produced using organic latex to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). Oeko-Tex and Eco Institut are other great certification to see, as they test to ensure the materials used do not contain hazardous materials.

8) Check the Guarantees

Finally, you should check the warranty and trial periods. On an all latex bed, the warranty should be no less than 20 years as this is one of the most durable materials on the market. Trial periods will vary, but should be a minimum of 30 days, preferably longer, so you have time to adjust to the new bed. If a retailer doesn’t meet both of these guidelines, that means they may not be confident in their product. If they aren’t, there is no reason you should be. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on an unsatisfactory mattress and then not be able to return it or have it replaced.


The following charts borrow information from BestMattress-Brand.org’s recent post on latex mattress satisfaction and features of popular brands.

All-Latex Matresses vs. Blended Latex Over Foam

 100% Natural LatexLatex Blend over Foam
Owner SatisfactionAC
Relieving Back PainAD
Sleeping CoolAC
Natural MaterialsAC
No Off-GassingAD
Life SpanAB
Return PoliciesAC
Avg. Queen Price$2,500 $1,500

Latex Mattress Brands Compared

Latex Mattress CompanyType of LatexCoverOrganic CertificationsFlame RetarderntAdjustable LayersGlueWarrantyReturn PolicyWebsite UsabilityVerified ReviewsStarting Price
AstrabedsNatural DunlopOrganic CottonYesWool (no chemicals)YesNo2590AYes$1799
FlobedsBlended / Natural TalalayRegular or Organic CottonSomeWool (no chemicals)YesNo20100CNo$1779
Habitat FurnishingsNatural Talalay / DunlopBlend or Organic CottonSomeWool (no chemicals)NoYes20365DYes$1599
Life KindOrganic Dunlop or Natural TalalayOrganic CottonYesWool (no chemicals)YesNo2090BNo$2495
Sleep EZBlended Talalay, Natural Talalay/DunlopRegular or Organic CottonSomeFR Barrier / RayonYesNo20120DNo$1195

Latex Mattress Shopping Made Easy

The tips and charts above will help you to find the best option and avoid getting stuck with a chemical-laden, unsatisfactory bed.

These tips go to show that choosing the best latex mattress does not have to be a difficult or impossible venture when you know what to look for. Review the various points we’ve highlighted here and compare the mattresses priced within your budget accordingly. The right mattress will make your bedroom a much more inviting space without breaking your budget.

Choosing the best latex mattress is no joke; with such a variety of materials and combinations, you really have to understand what your body needs. If you are still unsure if you found the right one, perhaps it’s worth having a look at other types of mattresses. After all, there are other materials used in mattresses that may be a more comfortable option for you.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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