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When hybrid mattresses first came into the mattress industry, they took it by storm. The combination of two great types of mattresses was instantly desired by consumers.

Today, hybrid mattresses remain a popular choice for many. The unique feel of foam and coil lulls many sleepers to sleep every night. And the cooling design provides better airflow, making sweaty evenings a thing of the past.

Naturally, more people are transitioning to hybrid mattresses, and for a good reason. But with so much choice available on the market, how can you make sure you get the right one?

The editors at Simply Rest examined different people’s sleeping needs and after careful review our Editors have selected the best mattress for each sleeping position.

Here are our top choices for every kind of sleeper.

Best Hybrid Mattress of 2020 – AS3h

as3 hybrid The AS3h is our favorite hybrid of 2020. It’s medium in firmness; suitable for side, back, and combination sleepers of most body types; and it features plant-based memory foams (meaning less off-gassing and more responsive comfort). Brought to you by Amerisleep, the AS3h is an off-shoot of their best-selling, all-foam AS3 model—the biggest difference between the two mattress models is the inclusion of pocketed coils in the AS3h.

The first layer of the AS3h is 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, a pressure-relieving, plant-based memory foam. Bio-Pur® is less-prone to off-gassing, and more responsive and breathable because it’s plant-based. If you’re a hot sleeper, you won’t have to worry about night sweats when sleeping on the AS3h.

Below the layer of Bio-Pur® is the 8-inch pocketed coil system. These coils isolate motion, give the bed some bounce, and provide targeted support. Amerisleep designs these coils to feel firmer under your torso for added support and softer under your shoulders and hips for improved pressure relief, so you’ll always wake up feeling refreshed. Plus, because these coils are pocketed, they allow for plenty of airflow through the bed—further preventing night sweats.

The last layer of the AS3h is a 1-inch layer of durable poly-foam. This base layer gives the coils a surface to rest on and offer added support. Like all Amerisleep mattresses, the AS3h also features a soft, breathable cover to promote more restful sleep.

The AS3h comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. Amerisleep also offers free shipping and returns with every mattress purchase.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers – The DreamCloud

 Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers — the DreamCloud in a bedroom setting.

The DreamCloud mattress is exactly what a side sleeper needs in terms of comfort and pressure point relief. With its eight layers, the DreamCloud mattress delivers a soft, yet supportive experience.

Inside, the DreamCloud mattress’s layers include:

  1. Their TrueTufted™ Cashmere Polyester Blend cover which provides a luxuriously soft feel.
  2. The second layer of The DreamCloud mattress is gel-infused memory foam. It provides a cooling effect and supports your body’s shoulders, hips, and weight.
  3. The third layer is quilted memory foam. This layer contours the body and improves pressure point relief.
  4. The fourth layer of this mattress is natural latex foam, which gives the mattress its bounce, and delivers added support.
  5. The fifth layer of the DreamCloud mattress is high-density memory foam. This is where most of the support and contouring happens.
  6. The sixth layer is a thin sheet of super-dense memory foam, which works as a transition between the foams above and the coils below.
  7. The seventh layer of this mattress is a pocketed coil system with five support zones. This layer provides pressure point relief, especially for a side sleeper.
  8. The last layer of the DreamCloud mattress is another thin layer of super-dense memory foam. This is what gives the mattress its good motion isolation.


The DreamCloud mattress comes in one type of firmness – medium-firm. According to their website, it is plush but highly supportive. On the scale where 1 is too soft and 10 is like a rock, it scores at 6.5.

As DreamCloud explains, this is the most optimal firmness for a side sleeper. It provides just enough support without letting you sink too deep into the mattress.

Pressure Point Relief

The DreamCloud mattress’s five-zoned, encased micro coils are designed to provide pressure relief where you need it most. Another reason why this mattress is a perfect choice for a side sleeper.

Spinal Alignment

The mixture of foams and micro-pocketed coils help maintain your natural spine alignment as you sleep. This means no pain in the neck, shoulder, or back (which are the most common problems side sleepers have).


The DreamCloud mattress is thicker than most mattresses. Its queen size stands tall at 15 inches and 94 lbs.

Free Trial

DreamCloud offers 365 nights for its free trial period —a whole year to decide if you like sleeping on the mattress or not. This is one of the longest free trial lengths in the industry.


Another bonus DreamCloud offers is a lifelong warranty. This means that as long as you use the DreamCloud mattress, you are able to replace it if major defects occur.


The price for the DreamCloud queen mattress is $1299.

What People are Saying:

Overall, the DreamCloud mattress is rated 4.8 stars out of 5.

Among the critics, one common disadvantage they stated was DreamCloud’s single firmness option. Some customers would have preferred a firmer bed or a softer bed.

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Best Hybrid Bed for Back Sleepers – Brentwood Cedar

 Brentwood cedar hybrid mattress for back sleepers in a bedroom setting.

The Brentwood Cedar mattress uses all natural materials, which makes it a very eco-friendly choice. Its specific hybrid design makes it great for back sleepers. The latex layers fill in the gap between the lower back and the mattress, which provides support to the spine.

Let’s take a look at its layers:

  1. The Brentwood Cedar mattress cover is made from organic cotton, and is quilted with natural wool. This works to wick away moisture and provide a soft, comforting feeling.
  2. The second layer is two inches of natural latex foam, making the mattress responsive and cooling.
  3. The third layer of the Brentwood Cedar mattress is also natural latex foam. However, this layer also provides extra support in specific areas.
  4. The fourth layer is pocketed coils, which are eight inches tall and provide targeted pressure point relief. These coils also make the mattress breathable.
  5. The fifth and final layer of the Brentwood Cedar mattress is one inch of coconut husk.


The Brentwood Cedar mattress is of medium firmness, which is preferred among many back sleepers. The coils provide support and responsiveness, while the latex contours the body when you sleep.

Pressure Point Relief

The 8-inch pocketed coils are designed with 5 support zones. This provides the mattress with extra support in the most important places – the pressure points.

Spinal Alignment

With the support of the pocketed coils, the latex layers in the Brentwood Cedar mattress maintain the natural spine alignment. As mentioned before, the latex fills in the gap between the mattress and the lower back when you sleep on your back. This is what provides solid support for your spine.


The Brentwood Cedar mattress is 13 inches tall and weighs 135 lbs. This is an average height for a hybrid mattress, but it is heavier than average since latex is a dense material.

Free Trial

Brentwood Home gives you a free trial of 120 nights.


For its warranty, Brentwood Home offers 25 years, which is more than the average 10-year industry norm.


The Brentwood Cedar mattress costs $1,949 for a queen. The price tag is higher than other mattresses’ because natural latex is an expensive material.

What People are Saying:

The Brentwood Cedar mattress has a 4.5 average rating on a 5-star scale. People love the quick delivery and absence of unpleasant smells. However, some customers have rated this mattress a little lower because it is firmer than they expected, so keep this in mind.

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Best Hybrid Mattress for a Stomach Sleeper – Tomorrow Sleep

 tomorrow sleep hybrid mattress as the best hybrid bed for a couple in a bedroom setting

(Note: Sleeping on your stomach can place additional strain on your neck compared to sleeping on your side or back. We advise our readers to avoid stomach sleeping if at all possible. Click here to read more.)

Tomorrow Sleep’s mattress is a great option for stomach sleepers because of its memory foam layers and pocketed coils. It provides excellent support for the hips, preventing them from sinking into the mattress and putting your spine in a bad position.

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress comes in two choices of firmness – medium-firm and medium-soft. For a stomach sleeper, we recommend the medium-firm model.

Here are its layers:

  1. The top layer of the Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a cover made from polyester and nylon, which makes it breathable.
  2. The second layer is 1 inch of memory foam. This provides you with gentle contouring and pressure point support.
  3. The third layer of the Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a thin layer of low-density gel foam, adding softness to the mattress.
  4. The fourth layer is 1.5 inches of Bounce Foam, which prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress — ideal for a stomach sleeper.
  5. The fifth layer of Tomorrow Sleep mattress is 6-inch pocketed coils. This is what provides the mattress with added breathability and pressure point relief.
  6. The bottom layer is high-density memory foam that gives the mattress support and stability.


The medium-firm Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a good level of firmness for a stomach sleeper.

Pressure Point Relief

The 6-inch pocketed coils ensure excellent pressure point relief. And the three layers of foam offer great support and contouring.

Spinal Alignment

The third layer of Bounce Foam prevents your hips from sinking into the mattress. This keeps your spine alignment natural and healthy.


The Tomorrow Sleep mattress stands at 10 inches tall and weighs 110 lbs.

Free Trial

This mattress comes with a 365 night free trial.


Tomorrow Sleep mattresses come with 10-year warranty.


The Tomorrow Sleep mattress in queen size costs $940.

What People are Saying:

Rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress is loved by customers for its great support and comfort. However, a small portion of customers have reviewed it as too firm.

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Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples – Helix

 Helix hybrid mattress in plain white background

The Helix is a customizable mattress. Before you are offered a mattress by Helix experts, you must complete a short survey that will provide you with the best personal match. This way Helix can custom-build a mattress that suits your sleeping style.

All Helix mattresses contain these layers:

  1. The top layer of the Helix mattress is 2 inches of Helix Dynamic Foam. This layer provides support and contouring.
  2. The second layer is high-grade poly foam — the layer that gets customized to suit the recommended firmness level.
  3. The third layer is a pocketed coil system, which works to provide pressure point relief and responsiveness.
  4. The bottom layer is another 4 inches of high-grade poly foam. It stays consistent in all Helix mattresses, and offers support for the whole bed.


The Helix mattress’s firmness gets customized to your preferences. This means it can range from soft to firm, depending on the results of your survey.

The best part of Helix mattress is the option of split firmness. This means that if you and your partner have different sleeping preferences, you can have your respective sides of the bed customized.

Pressure Point Relief

Every Helix mattress contains pocketed micro coils. That is what provides the mattress with its pressure point relief.

Spinal Alignment

The poly foam layers on top of the Helix mattress have exceptional support and adaptability. They help to maintain your spine in its natural alignment.


All Helix mattresses come at 10 inches tall. The weight is dependent on the density of the foam.

Free Trial

Helix Sleep offers customers 100 nights to decide if the mattress is the right fit for you.


Each Helix Sleep mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.


A Helix mattress in queen size costs $995.

What People are Saying:

Helix mattress has a rating of 4.5 on a 5-star scale. Buyers love the customization aspect, especially couples.

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Best Hybrid Mattress for Heavy People – Big Fig Mattress

 best hybrid mattress for heavy people big fig in a bedroom setting

Big Fig mattresses were created with heavy sleepers’ problems in mind. That is how a design with seven unique layers came to life.

But the biggest advantage of the Big Fig beds is that the foundation for the mattress is included in the purchase.

Here are the layers of the Big Fig mattress:

  1. The top mattress layer is a cover made from gel-infused material. It also has 1 inch of memory foam that provides extra support and pressure point relief.
  2. The second layer of the Big Fig mattress is gel-infused latex foam. This offers a nice cooling effect and gentle bounce.
  3. The third layer is three tiers of high-density poly foam, which prevent the mattress from sagging.
  4. The fourth layer is a 7-inch pocketed coil system that contains 50% more coils compared to an average innerspring mattress.
  5. The fifth layer is high-density Edge Foam. This layer provides the mattress with edge support.
  6. The sixth layer of the Big Fig mattress is 1.5-inch thick poly foam, that provides the mattress with stability and durability.
  7. The seventh layer is the foundation that is included in every purchase. It supports 5 times more weight compared to an average foundation.


The Big Fig mattress is medium-firm — perfect for heavier sleepers requiring more support.

Pressure Point Relief

The 6-inch pocketed coils relieve the pressure points of the body. The number of coils inside the mattress also control motion transfer, making it a great option for a heavy couple.

Spinal Alignment

The many layers of foam found inside the Big Fig mattress provide support to ensure your spine stays in its natural position.


Big Fig mattress comes with a foundation, available in two sizes – 5 inches and 9 inches. So, depending on the foundation you pick, a Big Fig mattress set is either 18 inches or 22 inches tall in total.

Together, a queen size Big Fig mattress and foundation weigh 210 lbs.

Free trial

Big Fig gives you 101 nights to decide whether you like the mattress or not.


Big Fig offers a 20 year warranty. Double that of an industry norm.


Big Fig queen mattresses come at a price of $1699.

What People are Saying:

Big Fig mattress is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buyers say their mattress provides great support and pressure point relief. The only real complaints center on the actual delivery of the mattress.

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Best Hybrid Bed for Back Pain – Alexander Signature Hybrid

 A couple laying on a mattress Alexander Signature Hybrid in a bedroom setting.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress comes with a choice of three firmness levels – plush, medium, and luxury firm. These options allow you to select the perfect bed to minimize, or even eliminate your back pain.

Let’s look at the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress’s layers:

  • The top layer is a polyester and cotton blend with 1.5 inches of quilted memory foam. It relieves the pressure off your back, and allows your spine to maintain its natural form.
  • The second layer of the mattress is 1.5 inches of convoluted foam. Its design allows the mattress to have better breathability and comfort.
  • The third mattress layer is the copper-infused Energex Foam. The copper provides a cooling effect, and the foam offers better response and bounce.
  • The fourth layer of the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is SmartFlow support foam. Being only 1-inch thick, it works as a transitional layer between the foam and the coils.
  • The fifth layer is 8-inch pocketed coils. These provide the mattress with great pressure point relief – a must for individuals suffering from back pain.


The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three different firmness levels – plush, medium, and luxury firm. Out of the three, the medium option is best suited for side sleepers.

Pressure Point Relief

The top of the mattress works to provide support for your back. And the pocketed coils have a support system that focuses on relieving the pressure points.

Spinal Alignment

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress does a good job of maintaining the natural spine alignment. That is why we recommend it as a great hybrid mattress for sleepers with back pain.


Every Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is 13.5 inches tall, and weighs 130 lbs.

Free Trial

The mattress comes with a 100-night free trial.


The company offers a lifetime replacement warranty for all their mattresses.


An Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress costs $1199 for a queen.

What People are Saying:

Customers rate the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress 4.7 out of 5 stars. Some less satisfied customers believe the mattress, at all firmness levels, is harder than they expected.

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Best Budget Hybrid Mattress – Saatva

 Hybrid mattress Saatva in a bedroom setting.

The Saatva mattress features a coil-on-coil design. Unlike other hybrid mattresses, Saatva contains a pocketed coil system as well as a Bonnell coil system.

Let’s have a closer look at its layers:

  1. The top of the mattress consists of an organic cotton pillow top cover.
  2. The second layer is memory foam, which provides extra support and comfort to the sleeper.
  3. The third layer is pocketed coils, which deliver motion isolation and pressure point relief.
  4. The fourth layer of the Saatva mattress is their steel support coil system. This gives the mattress better response and temperature control.
  5. The final layer of this mattress is their Dual Perimeter Edge Support System.


The Saatva mattress comes in three types of firmness – plush, luxury firm, and firm. You can pick the right level of firmness depending on your personal preferences.

Pressure Point Relief

The first layer of pocketed coils provides pressure point relief. And the second layer of steel support coils lends a hand at supporting the first layer. Both layers together work great at relieving the pressure points.

Spinal Alignment

The soft pillow top cover provides support for your spine as you sleep, no matter what position you prefer.


The Saatva mattress comes with two options for height: 14.5 inches and 11.5 inches. It weighs 110 lbs.

Free Trial

Saatva offers a 120-night free trial.


Each Saatva mattress includes a 15-year warranty.


A Saatva queen mattress comes with a price tag of $999.

What People are Saying:

The Saatva mattress is rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Users say the firmness is accurate, and the mattress provides great support and pressure point relief. However, some sleepers with partners complained about its poorer than normal motion isolation.

Best Eco-Friendly Hybrid Mattress – Avocado

 Green avocado mattress with a fresh flower arrangement.

The Avocado mattress is made entirely from 100% natural materials. Each mattress uses organic cotton, natural latex, and natural wool, which reduces their carbon footprint.

Here are the layers:

  1. The top layer of the Avocado mattress is made from organic cotton, and is quilted with natural wool. This ensures added comfort and extra pressure point relief to the sleeper.
  2. The second layer is 2 inches of 100% natural latex foam, making the mattress responsive and naturally cooling.
  3. The third and final layer is an 8-inch pocketed coil support system which offers pressure point relief.


Depending if you opt-in for an optional pillow top cover or the standard cover, the Avocado mattress rates at either gentle firm or luxury plush.

Pressure Point Relief

The zoned support of the pocketed coil system enables the mattress to deliver targeted pressure point relief. And depending on the choice of the firmness, the mattress is good for almost any kind of sleeper.

Spinal Alignment

The top layer of natural latex foam helps to maintain the spine’s natural alignment by supporting your back as you sleep. It is slightly firmer when compared to most foams, preventing uncomfortable sinking.


The Avocado mattress comes as either an 11-inch standard, or 13-inch pillow top. And it weighs 97 lbs.

Free Trial

Each Avocado mattress has a 100-night free trial.


A 25-year warranty is included with an Avocado mattress purchase.


The Avocado mattress costs $1,399 for a queen size.

What People are Saying:

The Avocado mattress is rated at 4.8 on a 5-star scale. The people who bought this mattress appreciate the lack of chemicals, lack of bad smell, and its overall eco-friendliness. As with most mattresses, the only real complaint seems to be that it’s slightly firmer than expected.

What Makes the Best Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is made from two different types of mattresses – foam and innerspring. It is designed to combine the best of both worlds, and provide a better sleeping experience as a result.

In the structure of a hybrid mattress, the foam always goes on top of the innerspring. This way the mattress offers balanced support and maximum comfort.

Now let’s see what kind of foam and coils can be found inside a hybrid mattress.

Different Types of Foam

Memory Foam

(ordinary and plant-based)

When it comes to the variety of traditional memory foam, there are two main types: ordinary and plant-based.

Ordinary memory foam is an inexpensive material that provides that slow-response feeling. It contours to the body and cuddles you as you sleep. However, it is also known to retain heat.

Plant-based memory foam is much more responsive and breathable. It is also much healthier, since a lot of petroleum-based materials get cut out of the manufacturing process.

Read more about memory foam mattresses.

Gel Foam

Gel foam is memory foam infused with gel particles. Though, in some cases the gel layer is evenly spread on top of the memory foam instead of being spread out through the foam.

Gel foam mattresses are known to be more cooling when compared to ordinary memory foam — and also more responsive.

Latex Foam

When it comes to latex foam, there are three different types:

  • Natural latex
  • Synthetic latex
  • Blended latex

Natural latex foam is manufactured from the sap of rubber trees. It is durable, eco-friendly, and comfortable. However, it can also be expensive.

Synthetic latex foam is a close replica of natural latex foam. But instead of being natural and eco-friendly, it is manufactured from petroleum-based materials. This type of foam is cheaper, but also less durable and comfortable.

Blended latex foam is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex.

Different Types of Innerspring Coils

As far as innerspring coils go, there are four main types:

  • Bonnell
  • Offset
  • Continuous
  • Pocketed

Bonnell coils are shaped like an hourglass with a rounded tops and bottoms. Bonnell coils are cost-efficient to produce, making them a popular (and affordable) choice. However, they are lacking in regards to comfort and durability.

Offset coils are very similar to Bonnell coils, albeit not as popular. They are slightly more durable, and therefore a little pricier.

A continuous coil is one long wire twisted into S shapes to fill the mattress. This type of coil is the least popular choice when it comes to innerspring mattresses.

Pocketed coils are individual springs wrapped in fabric. This is the most popular choice of coil in a good quality mattress. They are silent, durable, and comfortable, but they come at a more expensive price.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

While hybrid mattresses are definitely a clever combination of two quality materials, they do have both pros and cons.

Pros of a hybrid mattress:

  • The foam ensures spine’s alignment and support, helping it stay in a natural and healthy position all night.
  • The coils provide targeted pressure point relief.
  • The innerspring portion of the mattress offers added breathability.
  • Typically it comes with a vast choice of firmness levels.

Cons of a hybrid mattress:

  • They generally come with a higher price tag.
  • They are not as durable as other types of mattresses.
  • Hybrid mattresses are heavier than other types of mattresses.

Found the Perfect Mattress yet?

A hybrid mattress is no small investment, so it’s important to know what you are getting. We hope we were able to help you decide on the best hybrid bed that suits your sleeping needs. After all, sleeping well every night is crucial for both our mental and physical health.

Do you have any thoughts on hybrid mattresses or any tips you’d like to pass along? Let us know!

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