The Best 4th of July Mattress Sales of 2022

Independence Day is one of the best times to shop for a new mattress and save big. You’ll find great bargain prices almost everywhere. Mattress Firm, Amerisleep, and a host of other retailers will all be offering deep discounts. This includes physical shops and online mattress brands alike.

The only problem is that these discounts won’t last long. Like the Fourth itself, these summer sales come and go in a flash. It’s easy to jump the gun and feel like you need to buy the first bed you see. Chances are, you won’t be landing the best deal. That’s why we tracked down the best Fourth of July mattress offers ahead of time and created this how-to guide to help you navigate this frenzied sales period.

Our Recommended 4th of July Mattress Sale: Amerisleep

Amerisleep mattress in a bedroom settingAmerisleep is an online bed in a box mattress brand that also has showrooms throughout the US. If you have an Amerisleep store near you, that means you can see and feel the mattresses in real life before making the purchase. If not, that’s okay too, since Amerisleep offers a risk-free 100-night sleep trial with every mattress. 

Amerisleep built its reputation with its high-quality, partially plant-based memory foam mattresses. They now offer eight different models that range from soft to firm and can come as all-foam beds or hybrids. And this Independence Day all of the models come with a $300 discount. You can also save with up to $239 in free accessories.

The most popular customer choice is Amerisleep’s AS3 memory foam mattress. It consistently earns higher customer satisfaction reviews compared to other similar models made by other brands. The AS3 is a medium bed that’s designed to suit most types of sleepers.

Another top-rated Amerisleep mattress is their AS5 Hybrid, a soft but bouncy bed for side, combination, and back sleepers alike. We love their AS5 because it’s a soft bed for sleepers of all body types. Many plus-size sleepers have trouble finding soft but supportive beds, but the AS5 is perfect for sleepers of any height and weight. Amerisleep’s hybrid mattresses combine pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® and responsive pocketed coils to offer a unique sleeping experience.

Here are some other features that made this mattress our recommended choice:

  • Open-cell memory foam. Amerisleep’s partially plant-based Bio-Pur® foam is designed to offer maximum support, proper contouring, and great temperature control.
  • Versatile firmness level. It’s just right for most sleep styles and positions. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper, look into AS1 or AS2. And if you’re a strict side sleeper, AS4 or AS5 will suit your needs better. 
  • Targeted pressure relief within the Affinity layer. The HIVE® technology design features hundreds of diagonal cutouts. This allows it to focus on all pressure points individually.  
  • Zero motion transfer. You won’t get disturbed if your partner gets up or changes positions during the night.
  • Breathable mattress cover. The cover is made of soft fabric that’s designed to keep air flowing throughout the mattress.
  • A generous 20-year warranty. This is double compared to what other memory foam brands offer.

Other deals from Amerisleep this Fourth of July include up to $3000 off an adjustable bed bundle set. You can also save as much as 25% on numerous bedding items, including pillows, sheets, protectors, and duvet cover sets.

Other 4th of July Mattress Sales 

Although Amerisleep is Simply Rest’s recommended Independence Day deal, we have also compiled a list of other great offers that will happen this Fourth. We’ve organized these listings in a table to make it easy to navigate. Each mattress is offered by a reputable company that produces high-quality beds. Have a look through and you’re sure to find something that will tick all of your boxes.

We’ll also be adding more brands as the month of June draws to a close. So check back early and check back often. You don’t want to miss when a new price cut gets posted.

Mattress Specs Sale Price for Queen Retailer Sleep Trial & Warranty
Amerisleep AS3 12” profile & medium feel $1399 Amerisleep 100-night sleep trial & 20-year warranty
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid 14” profile & soft feel $1679 Amerisleep 100-night sleep trial & 20-year warranty
Zoma Mattress 11” profile & medium feel $750 Zoma Sleep 100-night sleep trial & 10-year warranty
Vaya Mattress 10” profile & medium feel $595 Vaya Sleep 100-night sleep trial & 10-year warranty
Sleepy’s Relax 10.5” profile & medium feel $549 Sleepy’s  120-night sleep trial & 5-year warranty
Tulo 10” profile & medium feel $699 Mattress Firm 120-night sleep trial & 10-year warranty
Bear Original 10” profile & medium-firm feel $796 Bear 100-night sleep trial & 10-year warranty
Layla Mattress 10” profile & soft and firm feel $949 Layla 120-night sleep trial & lifetime warranty

We already talked about our recommended brand to shop with this sale season, Amerisleep, but they’re not the only ones offering great savings. Before diving into tips and tricks for navigating different mattress sales, let’s talk about a few more of these top brands to consider this Independence Day.


Zoma Adjustable Base

If you’re a hot sleeper, somebody with back pain, or an athlete looking to up your performance, then you’ll absolutely love the Zoma Mattress—engineered with zoned recovery technology and gel infusions to totally enhance your night’s rest. Designed with an even balance of comfort and support, the Zoma’s medium feel appeals to side, back, and combination sleepers most. (Stomach sleepers usually prefer firmer mattresses and are cautioned against purchasing the Zoma.)

Zoma’s medium memory foam mattress contains a 2-inch comfort layer of gel memory foam to contour to your body and wick away excess heat. It feels cool-to-the-touch to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Within the comfort layer of this high-tech mattress is Triangulex™, a dynamic support system to keep the torso lifted and the shoulders and hips cushioned. Many worry about sleeping on memory foam because it can cause uncomfortable sinkage, but Triangulex™ effectively maintains alignment and keeps you in a comfy position.

Another sleep-enhancing layer in the Zoma is Reactiv™, a latex-like buffer between the gel memory foam comfort layer and the durable core layer. Reactiv™ helps to further prevent pressure points by distributing your weight across the mattress. This also prevents sagging and premature wear and tear because it prevents pressure buildup in one particular area of the bed.

The core of the Zoma is durable Support+ to reinforce the layers above and keep the sleeper lifted in a neutral position. Zoma is so confident in their sturdy core foam they offer a 10-year warranty covering sags as small as .75 inches. (Most warranties only cover sags once they exceed an inch thick, so Zoma guarantees your comfort with their generous coverage.)

Zoma sells their mattress online-only, so they offer free shipping (and free returns if needed) and a 100-night sleep trial with every purchase. If you don’t absolutely love the Zoma after trying it out for a month, they’ll arrange a full refund. During their Independence Day sale, Zoma is offering $150 off mattresses and as much as $540 in free bedding accessories!

Zoma is also promoting their adjustable beds with a $300 off deal, along with a buy one, get one 50% off deal on their pillows.


Vaya MattressEverybody’s looking for the best deal with navigating 4th of July mattress sales, so if you’re looking for the best bed for the lowest price, check out the Vaya Mattress. Vaya Sleep makes and sells one universally-comfortable, budget-friendly bed to suit all sleep needs. Whether you’re a hot sleeper, light sleeper, side sleeper, or sleeper with back pain, you can get comfortable sleep on the Vaya.

Featuring two proprietary foams, the Vaya Mattress stands 12 inches tall and contains a 3-inch comfort layer and a 9-inch core. The Vaya Comfort Foam in the top layer is thick enough to cushion the shoulders and hips, but not so thick that it causes you to sink down. Plus, we love this Vaya Comfort Foam because it combines the best of latex and memory foam—it’s contouring like memory foam but breathable and bouncy like latex.

Even better? Both Vaya Comfort Foam and Vaya Support Foam are designed to resist wear and tear for at least 7 to 10 years, so you can rest assured the Vaya will last you for years. And, Vaya backs their budget mattress with a 10-year warranty, so even if your mattress does develop an uncomfortable sag, Vaya will make it right.

Vaya sells its mattress online only and offers a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, and free returns with every purchase. Score $300 off with a free pillow this 4th of July!

Understanding July 4th Mattress Sales

When it comes to the Independence Day discount event, each brand tends to offer a different deal to win over your business. Some lower their prices with the use of a unique code, others add free sleeping accessories to your purchase. Just as with any marketing technique, as a customer you can win big or you can lose out. 

Let’s have a look at what potential offers you might encounter and discuss whether it’s worth your while. Keep in mind, that a combination of below deals can also be a possibility. 


Freebies are usually less expensive items that the retailer can offer with your mattress purchase. This can be bed sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, or even an additional mattress. A freebie can also be a service, such as White-Glove Delivery or the Next Day Delivery.

A free gift can be great but you must be smart about what’s being offered. A bed’s quality or value won’t improve just because it comes with a free sleeping accessory. Be sure to estimate the value of the freebie and calculate what you’re paying for before committing. Consider whether you actually need the free item or service too. If you don’t, it’s not really a great deal.


Discounts are price cuts taken off at the register or applied to your purchase using a discount code when shopping online. Just remember that retailers might bump up prices before discounting them to make the new prices seem more impressive. 

In general, you should be wary of sales that claim huge markdowns. Anything over 50% should be considered a potential scam and the best way to check is to compare prices across multiple retailers. 


Unlike discounts, rebates are dollar amounts taken off after you’ve paid the full price. Some stores will issue shoppers an actual check to pay back the discount. Others will give you a gift card. 

Most shoppers redeem rebates by mailing their receipt to the retailer or manufacturer. But getting your money back can take several weeks or even months. We believe that going for a discount is always better than for a rebate. So unless you find an incredible deal that’ll make it worth the wait, don’t focus on deals that offer rebates. 

Promotional Mattresses

Some retailers offer mattresses for very low prices as a promotional strategy or as “doorbuster” items. It can be tempting to take advantage but be warned that these models are often very low quality. It’s unlikely that they’ll deliver on comfort or durability. 

Simply Rest recommends skipping out on these promotions altogether. Paying a little more for a high-quality bed up front will most likely help you save in the long-run.

Online Offers vs Instore Offers

If you’re headed to a store or showroom, be sure to do a price comparison online before you buy. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a better offer on the Internet. Don’t forget about online-only brands either. These manufacturers don’t usually sell their models in showrooms. Sticking only with physical stores could mean missing out on a great discount and a broader selection.

What to Know Before You Shop 

A lower price can sometimes come with some unexpected fine print attached to it. You might find out that your amazing deal comes with a little-to-no warranty, limited quantities, or questionable mattress quality. You also might not be able to return the bed if it isn’t the right fit. 

That’s why it’s important to research and thoroughly compare your options. Be mindful of the return policies and specifications of the warranties. Always do your research before pulling out your credit card, no matter how tempting the price is. 

Navigating 4th of July Mattress Sales

Not all discounts and offers are equal. You need to be able to tell apart the good deals from the bad. Here are some important points to look out for when shopping during this year’s 4th of July sales:

  • Lack of disclosure: Sometimes ads will omit specific details about a retailer’s products or services. This should serve as a big warning sign to consumers. If a company won’t tell you what’s in their product or what’s covered by the warranty, you probably don’t want to know. Stick with retailers who put their information upfront and make it easy to find.
  • Fine print: Get your magnifying glass out and comb through the details of your purchase. You never know what you may find. Rebates may be offered for an in-store credit only. Or you may need to redeem them very quickly—within just a few days. Take your time and inspect all aspects of an offer before committing.
  • Bogus discounts: Sometimes retailers will mark up their original prices in order to make discounts seem bigger. Your job is to compare prices from different retailers to avoid the bogus discount blues.
  • Warranties and returns: You should have at least 30 days to decide if you want to keep the mattress or not. Ideally, the returns would also be free-of-charge. As for the warranty, we recommend not going for anything less than 10 years. Do not forget to check the fine print for terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to buy a mattress?

Mattress brands offer major savings during long weekends such as Labor Day and Memorial Day and events such as Black Friday and Fourth of July. However, online mattress brands also run sales year-round, so you don’t have to wait for a sale weekend to score big on a bed in a box. Waiting for a sales weekend does help you save even more on these mattresses, though.

Who is having the best mattress sale?

Countless brands are offering notable sales this 4th, but we want to highlight the Amerisleep brand because they’re offering their best discounts ever. In past years, we’ve seen them offer free pillows or $250 off mattresses, but this year they took the savings a step further, offering $300 off mattresses and accessories. Their bed bundles are pretty hard to beat, too, as they’re offering savings on both their mattresses and adjustable bed frames.

Why do mattresses go on sale on the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is a major sales weekend for many industries—car dealerships, department stores, and technology brands offer big savings on their products before rolling into the fall season. And mattresses are no different. Mattress brands, both online and in-store, follow suit and offer discounts on their products, too.

What is the best mattress for 2022?

While many brands market their mattresses as being the best, only you can choose which mattress is best for you. We all have unique sleep needs, so what works best for a friend may not be what works for you. Consider how you sleep, your preference for firmness, and your body type when choosing a good bed. Also, don’t forget to take into consideration any aches or pains you’re looking to relieve.

What type of mattress is used in 5-star hotels?

Many hotels use innerspring mattresses with pillow or Euro tops because they offer luxurious comfort and are inexpensive. These mattresses don’t last as long as memory foam or other mattress types, but they’re easy to replace, so hotels aren’t spending an arm and a leg to keep their beds comfy. Some hotel brands have transitioned to using all-foam mattresses such as memory foam and latex mattresses, but you’ll primarily find pillow-top mattresses in hotels.

Many people love hotel mattresses because the pillow tops of these mattresses offer soft, cushioning comfort without letting you sink, but it’s worth mentioning these beds have the shortest lifespans, so they’re not the best long-term investment for your bedroom at home.

When Do the Independence Day Discounts Start?

Wooden bedframe with a vase on the bedside table

Our advice is to start looking as soon as the sales start. The more time you have, the better. Some deals may only be available for a few days. And retailers might have limited quantities.

Prices usually start to drop at the very end of June and stay low through to the Fourth. Some retailers may even extend their sales for several days beyond the Fourth. The goal is to give shoppers plenty of time to buy. Even if they might be spending time on vacation or celebrating with family and friends.

Also, brands and stores usually start advertising their discount events well in advance. They want to give you a heads up to encourage you to spend. Your job is to pay attention to what’s being offered. Keep your eyes peeled early so you have some time to comparison-shop. Remember, diligent shoppers tend to score the best prices.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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