Best Mattress for Heavy People

Choosing the best mattress for heavy people can be like trying to make a long-term commitment to someone that you have only just met. “Hey, you look nice. Want to move in together for the next ten years?” It doesn’t work with people, and frankly, it doesn’t work with mattresses either.

If you want to commit to anything for a long period of time, you need to know what you are choosing is the best option. When it comes to sleep, the best mattress is crucial. Unfortunately, for heavy people, finding the best mattress can be a challenge. Poorer quality mattresses often don’t support heavier individuals properly, leading to muscle pain, bedsores, lower back pain, spine and joint problems, and overall lack of sleep.

To help you avoid all of that, and to make the process of choosing the right mattress easier, Simply Rest editors created this short guide.

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A Short Guide to Buying a Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

Weight Limit of Bed Frame

Many luxury mattresses have a lower weight threshold. That’s why it’s important that you know the combined weight of you and your partner if you will be sharing the bed.

Another important point to remember is that your bed frame has a weight limit as well. Add your combined weight to the weight of the mattress, and make sure it doesn’t exceed the limit of the bed frame.

Quality & Durability

When it comes to quality, not every mattress is made the same. A lot of low-cost manufacturers use poor quality materials to keep the price down. These wear out very quickly, leaving you with a saggy mattress and a dent in your wallet.

But, as most can assume, luxury brands are quite expensive and oftentimes people don’t have that kind of money to splurge on a mattress.
Luckily, there is a middle ground— it’s what has come to be known as an affordable luxury.

Some companies combine modern technology with quality materials — that’s how they manage to keep the prices low and the quality high. However, keep in mind that even in the middle range you must be careful, as not every mattress is designed with heavy people in mind.

Bed Size

For those that are sleeping solo, it’s a good idea to go for a Full or a Queen-sized mattress. These are big enough to sleep comfortably, and getting in and out should be quick and easy. Anything bigger and you might find yourself stuck in the middle of the bed.

If you will be sleeping with a partner, a larger size would probably work best because the weight is distributed more widely across the mattress. This protects it from concentrated strain and reduces the wear and tear in the long run.

As for the height of the mattress, you want to keep it between 12 to 14 inches. Anything lower than 10 inches, or higher than 15 inches can cause difficulties when getting in out-out of bed.

Do keep in mind that if you have a box spring foundation, a 12-inch mattress is the tallest you should go for because the box spring will add additional height to the bed.


When you lay in bed, you want your spine to align into a straight line so it can stay relaxed through the night, letting you sleep comfortably.

If the mattress is too firm, your pressure points will not get the relief they need. When your shoulders and hips cannot sink into the mattress it adds stress to your spine, and after a prolonged period of time, result in pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, when the mattress is too soft, you will sink too deep into the mattress, your spine will have very little support, and your lower and upper back will have to stay tense all night. Over time, this can also result in pain, and possibly of causing long-term damage.

When choosing the perfect mattress firmness for heavy people, you must account for the extra weight; this is why you should always go for a firmer mattress that will provide you with the support you need.

What Type of Mattress is Best for Heavy People?

To choose the best mattress for yourself, you will have to learn a little about each option available.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is commonly known as the warmest option. However, thanks to modern technology, the foam can be developed from plant-based materials and have an open-cell structure, or be infused with gel beads. Both of these methods improve air circulation and reduce the heat trapped by the mattress.

As for heavy people, we would say memory foam mattresses are the best option. They offer plenty of support, good pressure point relief, and great motion isolation.


Latex mattresses are the most durable of the bunch, which makes them another good choice for heavy sleepers.

Since they are not as soft as memory foam, latex mattresses can be a little easier to move around in. But because latex is made from a natural product that is slow to harvest, these mattresses tend to be on the pricier side.

If you have money to invest in your night’s sleep, great; but for those who are on a tighter budget, this may not be the best choice.


Finding a good innerspring mattress for heavy sleepers is a challenge. Most coil types are not designed to provide enough support. For those who intend on purchasing an innerspring mattress, you will have to invest in a high-quality pocketed coil design. You should also ensure that there is a high count of coils, as this improves the durability, support, and comfort of the mattress.


The best hybrid mattress design for heavy people is made from memory foam and pocketed coils. The memory foam offers gentle contouring. And the pocketed coils provide pressure point relief, breathability, and support.

With all of these points in mind, let’s move on to the list of the best mattresses for heavy sleepers.

Top 6 Mattresses for Heavy People

The Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

Amerisleep AS2

What we really like about Amerisleep, and the reason it’s our pick, is that they innovated on “memory foam” and built their own material aimed at solving a lot of the issues people have had with memory foam. Namely, their material (BioPur®), is made of more porous material, so it’s more breathable and sleeps cooler — great for folks that find other beds being warm or downright hot at night.

Their material also bounces back faster — you don’t end up feeling “stuck” like with other memory foams.

Amerisleep also uses a process called Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF); this is the only manufacturing process that exceeds the Federal Clean Air Act which means their manufacturing process produces almost zero emissions.

Let’s have a look at the layers of the Amerisleep AS2 mattress:

  • The cover is made from Celliant® fabric that temporarily increases local blood flow and provides a cooling effect.
  • The Bio-Pur® comfort layer is extremely breathable. It allows better air circulation throughout the mattress, making it much cooler to sleep on. The Bio-Pur® layer is also more responsive, making it conform better to your body while you sleep when compared to ordinary memory foam.
  • The AS2 mattress’ HIVE® technology provides highly targeted support. We consider it to be one of the best features of Amerisleep mattresses.
  • The base layer Bio-Core® is made from dense, plant-based memory foam. This provides better stability and support to increase sleep quality.


The AS2 mattress is labeled as medium-firm on its official website. Medium-firm is a good level of firmness to provide adequate support and comfort to most heavy sleepers.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The HIVE® layer found in the AS2 mattress is made from hundreds of hexagonal-shaped cutouts. Grouped into five comfort zones, they provide targeted support to your head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet.

In the zones where you need more support (head, back, and feet) the cutouts are placed closer together. They become firmer under pressure and provide extra support.

In contrast, where you need the mattress to give just a little, these hexagonal cutouts are placed further apart, and this relieves pressure in your hips and shoulders.

A clinical study found the HIVE® system effective in reducing pressure points by 49%.

Motion Isolation

The foam layers inside the AS2 mattress control motion transfer very well. If your sleep used to be disturbed by a mattress’ movement prior, be assured this mattress will prevent you from waking up from your partner’s tossing and turning going forward.

Temperature Control

The AS2 mattress can compete with innerspring mattresses when it comes to breathability. Because of their breathable Bio-Pur® material and Celliant® cover, it is definitely the coolest choice on our list.


Coming at 12 inches in height, the AS2 mattress is a great size for any type of sleeper.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

As is the industry standard, Amerisleep offers a 100-night trial period and a 20-year warranty.


The Amerisleep AS2 mattress in Queen size is $1099.

Furthermore, the AS2 was rated their best mattress for lower back pain. If you’re commonly experiencing aches and pains in your back, we recommend finding a mattress that relieves pressure and supports your spine.

The DreamCloud Mattress


At 15 inches, DreamCloud hybrid stands tall and luxurious. Made from eight different layers, it combines the best of memory foam, latex, and innerspring designs.

Let’s have a look at the layers:

  • The quilted cover is made from cashmere and polyester blend. Extremely soft and very breathable, this is where the luxurious feel of the DreamCloud mattress comes from. It also has foam quilted into it, which feels plush to the touch.
  • The first layer of the mattress is a layer of gel-infused memory foam. Their memory foam contours your body nicely, while the gel infusion makes the mattress cooler.
  • Next, is a layer made from quilted memory foam; this foam layer is thicker than the previous one, adding an extra level of plushness.
  • Below that is a layer of natural latex, which provides bounce and support.
  • The next layer is made from high-density support memory foam, providing the mattress with deep contouring and pressure relief.
  • Underneath lies another layer of high-density memory foam.
  • Below these layers is a pocketed coil system. Individually wrapped coils provide targeted support right where your body needs it most.
  • The base of the DreamCloud mattress is made from very high-density memory foam.


The DreamCloud mattress is described as a medium-firm on its official website — a great level of firmness for heavy sleepers.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The high-density foams and the pocketed coil system provide great support and spinal alignment. This is regardless of what position you prefer to sleep in.

Motion Isolation

The many layers of the DreamCloud mattress absorb movement quite well. This provides the mattress with good motion isolation. If you share a bed with a restless partner, your sleep shouldn’t get disturbed by their movement on this mattress.

Temperature Control

The DreamCloud mattress provides good temperature control. Perhaps not on the level of an innerspring mattress, but definitely enough to sleep you cool.


The DreamCloud mattress is a giant that comes at 15 inches in height. This is above the sweet spot you should be aiming for, which means it may be difficult to get in and out of.
Also, the DreamCloud mattress’ size means it may not fit some bed frames.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

When you purchase the DreamCloud mattress, you get 365 days to test it out. After your sleep trial ends, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


The DreamCloud mattress is priced at $1299 for a Queen size.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress


The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress comes in three firmness levels. But the optimal choice for heavy sleepers is Luxury Firm. It provides plenty of support while allowing your body to gently sink in — a perfect combination for heavy people.

Let’s have a look at the layers:

  • The cover is made from cotton and polyester blend, which is quilted with 1.5-inch of gel-infused memory foam. The breathability of the fabric and the gel infusion keeps you cool during the night.
  • The comfort layer is made from 1.5 inches of TitanChil Endurance Foam®. Its wavy design provides cushioning and air circulation and its density ensures added pressure relief on the pain points.
  • Next is a 1.5-inch thick layer made from dense, slow-response memory foam. This layer provides the mattress with its firmness, which will prevent you from sinking too far into it.
  • The 1-inch poly foam transitional layer connects the memory foam top and the innerspring bottom. While this adds some amount of support, its main function is to provide a smooth transition.
  • The base layer is made from 8-inch tall individually-wrapped pocket coils. Their impressive height allows plenty of breathability and support.


The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress provides a choice of three levels of firmness:

  • Plush
  • Medium
  • Luxury Firm

As advised above, the most optimal firmness for heavy sleepers is Luxury Firm.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The foams combined with pocketed coils provides the sleepers with good support and proper pressure point relief.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation in the Alexander Signature hybrid mattress is not the best. When a lot of movement is produced, the tall pocketed coil system affects the foam layers above.

Temperature Control

While not the hottest mattress on our list, The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress can be a little hot. Especially for people who are sensitive to heat.


The Alexander Signature hybrid mattress measures 13.5 inches in height — right within the sweet spot for heavy sleepers.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Nest Bedding offers 100 nights to try out their mattress, along with a limited lifetime warranty.


A Queen-sized Alexander Signature hybrid mattress costs $1199.

The Layla Mattress

best mattress for adjustable beds

If you are not certain what firmness would work best for you, Layla has developed a special design: Flippable Firmness. This means the mattress has two different levels of firmness on each side.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, infused copper provides a very clean mattress from within; it reduces the number of allergens inside and helps to kill off bacteria while preventing mold.

Let’s take a look at the layers:

  • The cover of the Layla mattress is made from a soft polyester blend that is infused with gel. This material provides a pleasant cooling effect.
  • The soft side of the mattress begins with 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam. Classified as medium-soft, it is not the best firmness for heavy people. This layer will contour your body, allowing you to sink deep into the mattress. And since the mattress is infused with copper, it will also provide a nice cooling effect.
  • Next up is 2 inches of poly foam. This adds a little bit of support to the mattress’s structure but mainly acts as a smooth transition between the layers.
  • The high-density poly foam acts as a support layer. At 4.5 inches thick, it provides great support and response.
  • The last layer of the Layla mattress is a 1-inch thick copper-infused firm memory foam. This is the firm side of the mattress.


On its official website, the Flippable Firmness of the Layla mattress is rated as:

  • Soft – 4.5 out of 10.
  • Firm – 7 out of 10.

As mentioned above, the Firm side of the mattress is more suitable for heavy sleepers.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The copper technology found inside the Layla mattress works well in providing the necessary support. When pressed down upon, the copper cells interact with each other and become denser. This creates extra support where you sink in most while keeping it nice and soft where less weight is applied.
Because of this, the Layla mattress is great for sleepers whose weight is unevenly distributed on the bed.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation of this mattress is reasonably good. You are not likely to be woken up, even if you share your bed.

Temperature Control

While many memory foam mattresses are gel-infused, Layla decided to go with copper for theirs. Known for being one of the most conductive metals, copper attracts heat away from your body and out of the mattress, drastically reducing the heat within the foam.


Standing at 10.5 inches tall, the Layla mattress is relatively small. If you don’t have a tall bed frame, it may feel difficult getting in and out of bed.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Layla offers a 120-night trial period and a limited lifetime warranty for their mattress.


At a Queen size, the Layla mattress costs $799.

The Saatva Mattress


Saatva has established its name in the affordable luxury mattress genre. All of their mattresses are rated well by the users, and their flagship mattress, Saatva, is no exception.

The coil-on-coil design of the Saatva mattress provides bounce and targeted support. The three different firmness options offer potential buyers a good variety to choose from.

Let’s have a look at the layers:

  • The cover is made from a quilted euro-style pillow top; this helps to reduce pressure and feels nice and soft when you first lay down.
  • Under the quilted top is a thin layer of convoluted foam, and this layer encourages better airflow between the layers of the mattress. It also works as a transition between the pillow top and pocketed coils underneath.
  • Next, comes the pocketed coil system— these individually-wrapped coils have great targeted support and breathability.
  • The support layer is made from tempered steel coils; this second layer of coils provides more bounce and support.
  • The base of the mattress is made from high-density poly foam, providing great edge support and a durable base for the mattress itself.


On its official website, the Saatva mattress is offered in three levels of firmness:

  • Luxury Firm
  • Firm
  • Plush Soft

Of course, the best option for heavy sleepers would be Luxury Firm, with Firm being acceptable for some as well.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The coil-on-coil design provides great support and targeted pressure relief for your spine, regardless of what sleeping position you end up in.

Motion Isolation

When it comes to isolating motion, the Saatva is not the best option. Innersprings historically are not great at isolating motion, so a bed combining two coil systems is not the best option if you’re somebody who tosses and turns at night, or if you’re sharing the bed with a restless sleeper.

Temperature Control

What this coil-on-coil design loses in motion isolation, it gains in temperature control. The two layers of coils provide lots of empty space within the Saatva mattress, allowing for air to easily flow through and out of the mattress.


The Saatva mattress comes in two sizes: 11.5 and 14.5 inches.

Of course, heavy sleepers should go for the smaller size, as it’ll make it much easier to get in and out of bed.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Saatva offers a 120-night sleep trial. After that, if you decide that the Saatva mattress is a good fit for you, the company will provide a 15-year warranty.


The Saatva mattress comes at $999 for a Queen size.

The Zenhaven Mattress


The Zenhaven mattress is brought to you by Saatva, the same company that makes the Saatva mattress we discussed above.

Made using the Talalay method, this eco-friendly, natural latex mattress is another great choice for heavy sleepers.

Let’s take a look at the layers:

  • The cover of the Zenhaven mattress is made from wool-quilted organic cotton, which is naturally a flame-retardant. It adds extra softness, breathability, and wicks moisture away from your body.
  • Next comes a layer of 5-zoned, Talalay latex comfort layer. Designed to support the pressure points of the body, it maintains the natural alignment of the spine.
  • The next two layers of the Zenhaven mattress are Talalay latex support cores. Both vary in firmness and provide the mattress with its flippable design.


The Zenhaven is a Flippable Firmness type of mattress. The two differently-rated support cores provide a 2-in-1 solution.
One side of the mattress is described as Luxury Plush and is rated as 4-5 out of 10, while the other side is described as Gentle Firm, and rated as 8 out of ten.

Support & Spinal Alignment

The 5-zoned comfort layer provides great pressure point relief and spinal support. Its design places extra focus on the head, shoulders, spine, hips, and feet — the most important parts of the body.

Motion Isolation

As most latex mattresses, the Zenhaven mattress has poor motion isolation.

Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control, the Zenhaven mattress performs very well. The 5-zoned comfort layer allows air flow, and the two support cores provide a natural cooling effect.


The Zenhaven mattress stands at 10 inches tall. Definitely on the smaller side of the spectrum, which may make it difficult for heavy people to get in and out of.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

ZenHaven offers a lengthy 120-night sleep trial. This is one of the longer periods on our list. It provides you with more than enough time to make up your mind. Beyond the trial, ZenHaven has a 25-year warranty.


A Queen-sized Zenhaven mattress comes at the price of $1899.

Having a Great Mattress is Not Enough

Purchasing a great mattress is not the final step for heavy sleepers. The right bed frame plays a very important role too.

When choosing a good quality bed frame for heavy people, be sure to consider:

The Design

Try to look for a bed frame that has three legs on each side. This will provide extra stability in the mid-section.

Weight Limit

Add up the combined weight of you and your partner, and then figure in the weight of the new mattress. Make sure that the frame is able to support it.


Another good option is an adjustable bed frame. These are great for heavy people, as they help to elevate your legs and place you into a sitting position. Also, if you have a lower mattress, you can adjust the height of your bed.

Choosing a great adjustable bed can be tricky though, as you want to make sure that price, durability, and functions are in perfect balance. Both Amerisleep and Purple offer amazing adjustable bed frames, so be sure to take a look.

Conclusion of Finding the Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

Sleeping should be equally enjoyable by everybody, no matter the shape or size of your body. Finding the best mattress for you should most certainly improve your quality of sleep. As a result, both your physical and mental health will improve and make life more enjoyable.

If this is your first time buying a mattress online, be sure to check out our guide about buying a bed online to make sure you’re making the best choice.

48 thoughts on “Best Mattress for Heavy People”

  1. Melissa Hardy Townsend

    We’ve had an iComfort mattress set for less than a year and already it’s no good. My boyfriend is a big man (6’6″ and 350) and his side is like rolling off into a bowl. Apparently our mattress has an excellent memory! I hate that bed more than any I’ve ever slept on!!

  2. We have had the same experience as Melissa. We bought an iComfort mattress and in less than a year it has no support and large compressed spots. Lots of money for a horrible night sleep…

    1. What's The Best Bed

      Hi there!

      When you’re shopping for a mattress, pay attention to the factors affecting durability. If you prefer spring beds – choose a good coil count (500+) and lower gauge springs. The continuous and pocket coil types are seen as more durable. For memory foam mattresses, look for density over 4.0lb in memory foam layers, and over 1.8 lb in the core layer. Other things that might help: choose a moderately thick mattress (12-14″), opt for a firmer bed and use a topper that can be replaced as needed, and make sure you’re rotating your mattress often, especially the first couple of years (even if the manufacturer says it not necessary). Hope this helps start your search!

  3. Here I am again researching mattresses after 1-1/2 years. I bought the recommended top of line Stearns & Foster Estate line and it’s caving toward the middle. I bought this because of store recommendations and the company warranty. I’m concerned that it won’t pass their “string test”. . I’m 6-1″ / 300 and sleep alone. I like a firm mattress and rotated this mattress weekly. Now I’m back to checking specs trying to make the best decision I can make. Perhaps a 14″ stack of plywood with a 4″ topper? Crud

  4. Ever since getting a memory foam mattress I’ve been dealing with a pressure sore ( I’m diabetic) on my heel……But posts suggest m.f. is the best. What about diabetic issues? HELP!!

    1. What's The Best Bed

      Hi Shelly,

      Memory foam excels at pressure relief, but it’s medium and high density ranges that primarily offer this benefit. Lower density foams will not provide the same “buoyancy”, which is something to pay particular attention to. The upper layers of the mattress should also be fairly thick (3+ inches for larger-framed sleepers). If you’re not finding memory foam to your liking however, latex or a latex mattress topper might be something worth looking into. Natural latex foams can be even more buoyant than memory foam, and the materials also excel and prevent pressure points.

  5. WARNING: No to iComfort!! Prodigy- Spent $1800 (with base) I am 5’9″ 230 and my husband is 175. He has no issues, my side (even after rotating weekly) ends up sagging so bad – HUGE SLOPE-my neck, my back- shoulders- everything hurts. Hard to rotate cause its so heavy.
    Now in a warranty battle. Wish I got a natural latex instead. Worse mattress experience of my life. If replacement mattress doesn’t work out- I’m going to natural latex…

  6. I got a memory foam mattress, highest density, thickest core available with so-called cooling gel.

    It is a nightmare.

    1. Unbelievably hot to sleep in. The cooling gel is a lie. The thing traps and radiates body heat better than any thermal device I’ve ever encountered.

    2. Impossible to move in. Turning over, moving over, it’s like trying to move in wet cement.

    3. Sinks under my weight so that within an hour of going to bed my side is like a steep mountainside, and I feel like I have to hold on to stop from sliding off the edge.

    4. Very painful to sleep on. Has exacerbated back, hip, neck, and knee pain both for myself and for my average weight husband. I can’t tell you how much we both hate this bed.

    5. The thing gave off horrible plastic fumes for months.

    So, other plus size people – what mattress is actually good? I understand whatever I get I’ll have to replace often, but is there anything that can at least give me a couple of years of decent comfort? Cause, what’s the best bed person, memory foam is not it. I think the polls that I see in these types of sites must be getting their data skewed, because I have never known any plus size person to have anything good to say about Memory foam or latex.

    1. I got a Stearns and Foster adjustable. Eight inches memory foam over coil springs…a total of 15″. I have all the same complaints except for the fumes. Moving in wet cement is the best description I’ve seen yet. It hurts my lower back and hips severely. I immediately wanted it to go back…no doing…I refused to buy the mattress cover. I didn’t know it was a must for return and I thought having spent $2,500 was enough to get the cover free.

      1. I too bought one I did get the spill,liquid warranty for 160 more however you can not have multiple areas of any liquid on the bed or that invalidates the warranty or so they say . With that said I spilted wine on it and they sent a belligerent person who said I had other stains…NOT their excuse to deny my 3rd bed in two years. They sent an email the next day denying the claim and having been in the hospital with no internet access I miss the appeal date. However I called complained and they offered me half back. On a 2500 mattress set ( box springs free) two years old with a company that has a 20 yr warranty? that’s not fair but at this point it’s all I got. NO MORE STERNS AND FOSTER nor dealing with Macy’s Looking to purchase a Big Fig or STL mattress and an adjustable frame . That’s the best frame I have used and being partially disabled it’s also good for those who suffer with back problem..Just Saying

    1. check out the Big Fig mattress. Its built like a tank. I’m 6’3″ 300+lbs. my last two innerspring mattresses both got dips in them and sagged bad where I got in and out on the edge. I ordered a Big Fig online to try it out. I think the edge support is amazing. Its quite firm but feels amazing when I lay on my back. Unfortunately I can’t sleep on my back so I’m a side sleeper. Its a little to firm for me on my side and gives me a bit of shoulder pain. I thought about trying a latex topper on it but I think I’m going to send it back and try a latex mattress.

    2. WinkBed guarantees less than 2% sagging after 20 years of use. I’m very torn between the winkbed and dreamcloud at the moment. I’m 5’11” 225 pounds my wife is 5’1″ 100 pounds. The winkbed might not be great for her and the dreamcloud might not be great for me, but after all my research and reading consumer reviews on hundreds of mattresses and several types of mattress, those are the only two that seem like they would accommodate us both and be moderately cozy with minimal sag. My current, a tempurpedic posturepedic, has a horrible sag on my side after less than a year and $800 AFTER 40% off sale. Her side she says also has way too much give on her hips, which is where 90% of her body weight is concentrated. My search has primarily been for minimal sag with a bit of comfort in mind, those are the 2 that appeal to me after hours of research. Hope that helps

  7. Serta is a joke I’m 5’11” 190 lbsu have a perfect sleeper , Terrible money mistake.last week purchased a tempurpedic adjustable bed , another money mistake ,was recommend by salesman /physical therapist ,I’m in horrible pain ,because of it .

    1. Houston,
      I know it is a little over a year to respond. I had a Tempur Pedic which was a huge mistake with my lumbar-sacroiliac and hip problems, springs poking me on my side and back causing pressure points, I suffered for 10 years with a stiff back until my husband did listen to me and broke down to get another mattress that is all latex which relieved my problem. I love the latex, it doesn’t make you sweaty, you don’t sink into the mattress, you’re on top of the mattress, the mattress curves and supports.
      I hope you found the perfect mattress without springs for yourself.

  8. Def stay away from icomfort. We have been fighting our warrenty for two years and they finally have agreed to give a refund. Don’t give up fighting. We called every week FOREVER. Bed started becoming a sink hole after a few months

  9. Stay away from Sleep Number beds if you are heavy. I am 290 and since getting the bed over a year ago, it has broken down on my side several times. Just doesn’t hold the weight of a person over about 230 pounds.

    1. I have to disagree. I’ve owned a sleep number for 15 years now. Lightest I’ve been was 275lbs and heaviest was close to 400lbs (averaging 350 most of that time). The bed felt great up until the past year or two, which is the time frame of getting closer to 400lbs…so is it the bed or my physical de-conditioning? I had to replace the pump once during this time frame. I never had a problem with the air chamber. Two weeks ago the pump went out again. I’ve started to shop around to see what’s out there before buying another pump.

  10. I weigh about 450. I’m looking at an 11 inch ghostbed. I hear it’s rated to 750 pounds. I’m wondering if anyone has any feedback on ghostbed as a morbidly obese person.

    I also wonder if putting a thick pad on top of the bed would help (to get to that 14 inch happy place)

  11. As a 300lbs + person I like all the post of what not to get but I would love to hear of 1 Matress that was good enough for plus size peeps

  12. looking for a mattress that will support 650 lbs. If that’s not enough, my son’s room is not big enough for a bed bigger than a twin xl. Any suggestions? I already found a base that will hold 1250.

  13. We intend to purchase a bedframe for an obese person. Do we still need to have a boxspring under her mattress if we decide to purchase a 10″ mattress?

  14. We bought our Queen Serta dleepa Pillow top mattress set two yrs ago for,on sale,over $800 n change..n thats alotta $!!!anyway..after less then yr I noticed he loomed lime drooped off bed hen we were in bed??then changing bedding saw.. saw a “indent”where my hubby sleeps!!..sooo..cant flip mattress as its pilliwtop soo turneD it..soo..noT a solid fix butvhelp somewhat..not comfy for me aT all though by I am in hole side..and yeah hubby is bear..but really mattresses are crappy made!

  15. We sleep on a Queensized Sleepmaker Micro Coil, we’ve only had it for 10 months and it’s awful. I dread going to bed because I wake up in the morning feeling like I need to get a good nights sleep. It’s a medium mattress and quite thick with a built in topper. I’m 5 foot 9 and 120 kilos, and my partner is 6 foot 4 and 145 kilos.
    I get a sore back and sore hips and partner gets sore hips and legs with this mattress.
    I’m 51 and my partner is 55.
    Please let us know what we can sleep on to give us that great sleep.

  16. Help! I have been sleeping in a good recliner since my bed causes me lots of pain (hips, shoulders, and back). This week I threw it away and am searching for a good night of sleep. After reading all the comments I feel like there is not a good comfortable mattress for plus size folks. One option that looks good is latex…well I’m allergic to latex!!! Now I’m thinking another good recliner might be my only option. Help, I want to stretch out on a comfortable mattress. Suggestions?

  17. iComfort are total crap. 2.5 years in and so much back pain. Mines a fine queen mattress too. So sick of salespeople promises. Guy who sold it said he has had his for 10 years, he was a large man and claimed it never sagged. Commission much?? now I have this piece of garbage that I wake up everyday with sever lower back pain. I went from a Dormeo (same crap) to this thinking it would be better.

  18. Stay away from beautyrest too. Purchased a Vikings mattress and a year later it is getting compressed spots even with rotating the mattress. 10 year warranty not worth the paper it was printed on. Will NEVER buy a simmons again.

  19. Anyone hovering around 300lb ever find a mattress that works? I find my couch to be more comfortable, but I really want to be able to sleep on my bed. Anyone with a recommendation? Thanks

    1. if price isn’t a major issue get the Temperpedic mattress, I have had it for ten years and am only now looking for a new mattress, it was an amazing 10 years and if I can afford it I will get another one. and yes I am around 300lbs.

      1. Do not buy a Tempur pedic there are plenty of other beds you can look into we have a tempur pedic and they are bad for dipping do your research and they do not fully honor their warranties the beds are said to be good for 10 years not true

    2. I have a Stearns and Fosters mattress and it has been 7 years and I am just now thinking about replacing it and only because it slightly sinks in the middle when me and my husband are in it. I am the only one that can even notice it. He was surprised when I even was talking about replacing it. I got it on a good sale one year over at Sears. Best purchase I had made. I might just pay the hefty price tag and get a quality mattress.

  20. We had an adjustable Temper-pedic and it started to sag on my husband side after 2 years and he is not heavy. when I slept on my side my hips sank so much that my calves and feet where hanging in mid-air.

    Have a Sleep number King dual adjustable for 3 years and its not much better. My husband is disabled sleeps on his side and the foam has broken down and he sags on his side. Sleep number offered to fix it but we had to pay-the warranty doesn’t cover sagging-wft. In order to sleep on my side I have to have it too soft for my back-I have lost over 100 pounds and still have the same problems I did when I weight 300. Legs are suspended in mid-air.

  21. I bought a king size icomfort and it’s really good at the beginning. I had it now for 5 years and think it is the worst I’ve ever slept on. I can literally feel th box spring under it when I sit up. And I’m not heavy at 180lbs.

    So yea,not a fan at all. If you want a mattress that is expensive, good for 3 years tops and warranty that is void because the mattress has a stain, then this is the mattress for you.

    1. We had the same one and just had the furniture store come out and check it out for defects. They found it was sagging 1-2″ in spots. We got a 100% refund. We had ours for 3 years. If you can, maybe try calling where you bought it from? We were told this mattress has had some major issues!


    Looking for a good medium support mattress. Have a caul spring now and it sinks in the middle and hurts my back. I’m 234 lbs. was told to purchase a medium firm 12’ lucid memory form by one person and the other say to buy the 10 inch reversible latex memory form which is easier to get out than just memory form.

  23. My husband weighs 260+ lbs and I weigh 120 lbs. We’ve had a pillowtop mattress, Purple mattress and just purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress. I usually end up on the couch because I am so uncomfortable. His body weight causes me to roll into the center of the bed and sleep on an uneven surface. What mattress do you suggest for couples with a weight difference?

  24. Julie Tornes

    I’m looking at three different beds, I’d like to hear others experience with either the “WINKBED PLUS”, “DREAM CLOUD” or “BIG FIG”. My husband weighing in at 290lbs and I’m at 190. If anyone has any experience with any of these, or any other worth mentioning, please share. Thank you

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