Best Queen Mattress

Are you searching for your next mattress? We’ve developed this guide on the best queen mattresses to help you find the perfect bed.

We’ve compared queen-size mattresses from across the market to bring you our Editors’ picks. These are in the running for the best queen bed for a variety of reasons. For some it’s their enhanced pressure relief, with others it’s their eco-friendly materials.

In this guide you’ll find our Editors’ picks of the best queen mattresses, along with our tips on how to make the right choice for you.


Type Firmness Price Sleep Trial Warranty
Amerisleep AS3 Open-cell polyfoam Medium $1399 100 nights 20 years
Zoma Mattress Memory foam Medium-Firm $750 100 nights 10 years
Vaya Mattress Memory foam Medium $599 100 nights 10 years
The Purple® Hybrid Premier Gel-polyfoam and pocketed coils Medium-Soft/Soft $2199 or $2999 100 nights 10 years
The Bear Memory foam Firm $800 100 nights 10 years
Oceano Luxury Hybrid Double pocketed coils Medium-Soft $1495 1 year 25 years
The Zinus Gel-polyfoam Soft to Medium $246-$392 100 nights 10 years
Avocado Vegan Latex foam and pocketed coils Medium/Medium-Firm $1349 or $1799 1 year 25 years
Tuft & Needle Mint Gel-polyfoam Medium-Firm $995 100 nights 10 years
Alexander Signature Polyfoam Medium/Luxury Firm $1599 100 nights Lifetime

1. Amerisleep AS3

amerisleep is a great mattress for back sleepersAmerisleep’s AS3 is a versatile mattress which offers a great level of comfort, while offering targeted support for pressure points.

The Amerisleep AS3 is a popular mattress thanks to its medium firmness level, which makes it suitable for most sleeping positions. It’s especially good for side and combination sleepers who need that extra comfort.

Stomach or back sleepers may prefer the slightly firmer AS2 mattress from the same brand. The Amerisleep AS2 was recently recognized by Business Insider as the best mattress for back pain.

Type of Mattress

The Amerisleep AS3 is a foam mattress. It’s partially made from plant-based materials, which gives it some advantages over traditional memory foam.

The mattress is more responsive to touch, so it “bounces back” quickly. It’s also more cooling as it doesn’t suffer from the same heat-trapping problems associated with memory foam.

Inside the Mattress

Amerisleep’s AS3 is made up of three high-quality layers of foam, finished with a soft fabric cover.

Up first is a Bio-Pur® layer that features an open-cell structure. The advanced structure helps make the mattress more breathable than a traditional memory foam bed. This extra-breathable cooling layer helps to wick away heat and keep you cool throughout the night.

Next is a second layer of foam which features HIVE® technology. This Affinity transition layer offers targeted support and comfort through five strategically-placed sections. It’s body-reactive, so gives you a good level of relief for pressure points.

The HIVE® layer offers a greater level of firmness around your head, back, and feet. It’s then softer and more cushioned around your shoulders and hips. This makes it great for side sleepers who need that gentle “sink” and cradling in these areas.

Amerisleep’s AS3 is finished with a strong, supportive base layer known as Bio-Core™. This layer extends the usefulness of your mattress as it’s durable and supports the active layers above.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial period. Shipping is free, as are returns. There’s a generous 20-year warranty available for the AS3, compared to the industry-standard 10-year warranty.


The Amerisleep AS3 is available in queen size for $1399.


  • Foam mattress
  • 12 inches thick
  • Made with plant-based materials
  • Excellent “bounce back” ability
  • Medium feel

2. Zoma Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress Online Under $1000 - Zoma MattressThis mattress has been designed with athletes in mind. It’s reported to deliver high levels of rest and rejuvenation, which is good for those with active lifestyles.

The Zoma Mattress is ideal for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or is looking for more active recovery. As it’s on the firmer side of medium, it could be a good choice for side or combination sleepers who want a firmer mattress.

Many mattresses appeal to a wide range of people. We’re all in search of a good night’s sleep, but Zoma has zeroed-in on athletes and their need for rest and recovery.

The Zoma Mattress is backed by a founder team with both industry experience and a strict fitness regimen, so they’re no stranger to the needs of athletic individuals. This, combined with research and testing, has led to a mattress that can help with muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Type of Mattress

Zoma’s mattress is made from three layers of foam, including a top layer of memory foam. The other two layers are made from a supportive poly-foam.

Inside the Mattress

This mattress features a breathable fabric cover. It’s designed to wick away moisture so you don’t wake up in a sweat. A breathable cover like this is a must for anyone who sleeps hot.

The first layer in the Zoma mattress is made from gel-infused memory foam with Triangulex™ technology. It’s split into three zones to offer you targeted support and relief. There’s a neck support zone, followed by a cushioning zone in the middle. Lastly, the hips and lower back zone ensures you get the right level of firmness to relieve pressure points.

Up next is a layer of foam known as Reactiv™. The poly-foam layer contours well to your body in response to your shape and movement. This gives you continuous support and contributes to active recovery. You’ll also experience little to no disturbance thanks to the minimized motion transfer it provides.

The final layer is the high-density Support+ base. It’s designed to complement the layers above and adds pressure relief for your hips and shoulders. The Support+ base also enhances the durability of the mattress.

Trial and Warranty

A 100-night trial is included with the Zoma Mattress. Shipping and returns are both free. Zoma offers a 10-year warranty with their mattress.


Zoma’s Mattress is available to buy for $750 for a queen size.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • 11 inches thick
  • Backed by years of research
  • Strategic comfort relief
  • Medium to medium-firm feel

3. Vaya Mattress

Vaya MattressThe Vaya Mattress is made in the USA with CertiPUR-US® foams engineered to keep you cool and supported all night. Thanks to its simplistic, minimal design, the Vaya delivers consist results every time you sleep.

Type of Mattress

The Vaya Mattress is a memory foam mattress made with a unique open-cell design to generate better airflow. The base foam is a high-density poly-foam.

Inside the Mattress

The topmost layer is called Vaya Comfort Foam. It contains open channels so air can move through it quickly and effectively. That way, your body heat won’t get trapped inside the foam and keep you awake through the night.

Next, Vaya Base Foam supports the soft upper layers and keeps them from sagging, so you won’t feel stuck or unsupported.

Trial and Warranty

The Vaya Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. The warranty protects against manufacturing defects and sagging greater than .75 inches.


The queen size Vaya Mattress is available for $599 and that price includes free shipping and free returns.


  • Breathable and responsive comfort foam
  • Sturdy base foam supports the spine
  • Consistent pressure relief and responsiveness
  • Medium feel appeals to many types of sleepers
  • Made with CertiPUR-US® foams in the USA

4. The Purple® Hybrid Premier

Best All-Foam Firm Mattress – The Purple MattressThe Purple® Hybrid Premier is an update to the brand’s popular original mattress. It has the same focus on delivering deep pressure relief as the original, with a new coil system for better comfort and durability.

The Purple® Hybrid Premier mattress is designed to give a “no pressure” feeling, similar to the Original Purple®. This makes it a great choice for anyone who struggles with pain or discomfort at night.

It’s not always easy to find a soft feel mattress, as they’re less popular than a medium or medium-firm feel. The Purple® Hybrid Premier offers two thickness options including a soft feel mattress. This would be an attractive option for people looking for a more cushioned sleep experience.

Purple®’s latest offering touts a customized experience, thanks to the ability to choose between two options—the Purple® Hybrid Premier with a 3-inch or 4-inch Purple Grid™.

If you prefer a firmer mattress, opt for the Purple® Hybrid instead with its 2-inch layer of Purple Grid™.

Type of Mattress

The Purple® Hybrid Premier mattress is a hybrid, meaning it features more than one type of technology. Here it’s the combination of poly-foam layers with a responsive coil base. This gives the mattress greater edge control, more bounce, and better airflow.

Inside the Mattress

This mattress features a breathable cover made from a stretchy knit fabric. The Premium StretchMax cover is designed to enhance the benefits of the layers below.

The first layer in the Purple® Hybrid Premier mattress is their patented Purple Grid™. It’s designed to flex beneath your pressure points—like your shoulders and hips—to give enhanced relief while you sleep. This open-grid system in this layer helps to dissipate body heat, keeping you cool all night.

Depending on the option you choose, the Purple Grid™ layer is either 3 or 4 inches deep. The thicker option gives you the potential for a greater “sink”, so is a good choice if you prefer a soft mattress.

Sandwiched between two layers of poly-foam is the responsive support coil system. This layer adds dynamic pressure relief and enhances the impact of the Purple Grid™ above. It also makes your mattress more durable.

Trial and Warranty

The Purple® Hybrid Premier mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Shipping, exchanges, and returns are free. The Purple® Hybrid Premier comes with a complimentary in-home setup and removal of your old mattress.


The Purple® Hybrid Premier Mattress is available in queen size starting at $2,199 with the 3-inch Purple Grid™, or $2,999 for the more plush 4-inch Purple Grid™.


  • Hybrid mattress
  • 12 or 13 inches thick depending on your choice
  • Enhanced pressure relief
  • Features zero motion-transfer technology
  • Choose from soft, medium, or firm feel

4. Bear

bear mattressThe Bear mattress is another great choice for those with active lifestyles. It uses a cooling graphite-gel memory foam layer to help you stay at an optimum temperature throughout the night.

Like the Zoma mattress, the Bear mattress was also designed with athletes in mind. The Celliant® cover harnesses your body’s natural energy to promote faster recovery.

If you’re an active person who would benefit from faster recovery, this could be one to add to your shortlist.

Bear’s mattress benefits from technology designed to help you stay cool. It features a layer of cooling graphite-gel memory foam which helps to disperse heat. The foam layers are also built with an open-cell construction, allowing more air to pass through.

The combination of the graphite-gel, positive airflow, and open-cell design increases cooling by up to seven times more than traditional memory foam.

Type of Mattress

The Bear mattress is a foam mattress. It’s comprised of a top memory foam layer, followed by two other foam layers.

Inside the Mattress

Bear’s mattress features a breathable Celliant® cover. The Celliant® technology has been proven to promote more restful sleep. It also helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night.

The first layer is made from cooling graphite-gel memory foam. This helps to disperse body heat and help you sleep cooler. Combined with the Celliant® cover, this makes the Bear mattress a good option for anyone who sleeps hot.

Beneath the top layer is a responsive transition foam, which contours to your body. This relieves pressure in key areas like your shoulders, back, and hips and helps your spine stay aligned.

The final layer of the Bear mattress is a high-density support foam. This thick layer of foam acts as a sturdy base for your mattress, making it more durable.

Trial and Warranty

The Bear mattress comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Shipping and returns are both free. For an additional fee, you can add white-glove delivery and removal of your old mattress.


The Bear mattress is available in queen size for $890.


  • Foam mattress
  • 10 inches thick
  • Features a graphite-infused gel for cooling
  • Responsive foam layers with good contouring
  • Medium-firm feel

5. Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress

The Oceano Luxury Hybrid is one of the four mattresses offered by Brentwood Home. It’s made from environmentally-friendly materials and holds a pretty unique design of two coil layers. 

The Oceano Luxury Hybrid rates as medium-soft, making it a great choice for lightweight sleepers and side sleepers. Lightweight sleepers will be sure to get proper spine alignment due to the design of the first layer of micro-support coils. And side sleepers will receive sufficient pressure point relief on their shoulder and hip thanks to the “give” this mattress provides. 

Type of mattress

Truly, the design of the Oceano Luxury Hybrid is very rare within the industry. It’s made from 7 layers, two of them being pocketed support coils. Aside from the coils, this mattress holds GOTS-certified wool and cotton, and their patented Serene Cool Air Luxe Foam™. 

Inside the mattress

The plush topper of the Oceano mattress is wrapped in a soft, partially plant-based fabric. It’s infused with Tencel to bring out natural moisture and heat-wicking benefits. Right under this breathable material comes organic wool. The wool acts as a natural fire retardant and helps further with temperature control.

Under the topper, we find a 2-inch thick comfort layer. It’s made from gel-infused swirl memory foam and it effectively provides a cooling effect. This layer is responsive yet conforming, which provides a comfortable sleeping surface.

Under the layer of gel-infused polyfoam, we find the first layer of pocketed coils. These responsive micro-support coils are 2.5-inches tall and work as initial pressure point support. Right underneath these coils comes Serene Cool Air Luxe Foam™. This is a 1-inch thick polyfoam that acts as a transition to another layer of pocketed coils.

The second layer of coils acts as the main pressure point support system within the mattress. It’s designed with 5 targeted support zones to provide adapted relief to all body parts that get pressured when you sleep. These pocketed coils are 8 inches tall, and there are 1130 of them in a queen-size Oceano Luxury Hybrid. 

Lastly, we find a 1-inch tall base layer made from high-density polyfoam. This layer is designed to keep the mattress in shape and ensure the two pocketed coil layers function as intended.

Trial and warranty

Brentwood Home offers a 1-year long sleep trial. That’s 365 nights to test the mattress and see how comfortable it is for you. This mattress also comes with a 25-year warranty. So if you’re worried about the double layer of coils giving out too soon, this should put your mind at rest. 


A queen-size Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress costs $1495. 


  • Double layer of pocketed coils
  • Breathable hybrid
  • Best suited for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers
  • Made from environmentally-friendly materials

6. Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Zinus MattressThis affordable memory foam mattress is infused with cooling gel technology for a cooler night’s sleep. It also incorporates green tea for odor neutralization.

If you’re on a budget or need to replace a mattress quickly, this could be a good option. It’s an affordable buy, with positive reviews from owners on Amazon.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this mattress from Zinus is the price. At just $246 for the 8-inch version, it’s one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses we could find. Even the more plush 14-inch version is affordable at $392.

Another feature that sets Zinus mattresses apart from other brands is that they’re infused with green tea. This helps to neutralize odor and promote a cleaner sleep.

Type of Mattress

The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress features between three and four layers of foam. With the 8-inch and 10-inch versions, you’ll find three layers, while the 12-inch and 14-inch versions have an additional high-density foam layer.

Inside the Mattress

This mattress features a knitted jacquard cool fabric. It’s stretchable and soft, made from a material designed to keep you cool. Zinus recommends that the cover remains on the mattress so it isn’t suitable for washing.

Up first is a 2-inch swirl foam layer, made with gel-infused memory foam. This layer uses gel to act as a cooling aid, which helps to transfer heat away from your body. In the thicker versions of this mattress, the height of this layer is doubled to 4 inches.

Next is a 2-inch memory foam layer. This poly-foam layer adds comfort and support. Following this, there are either one or two layers of high-density foam. This “peak and trough” style foam helps to allow air to flow through, which helps your mattress to stay cool.

Trial and Warranty

Zinus offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Shipping and returns are both free. There’s no option to add a white-glove delivery service to your order.


The Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress retails at $246-$392 for a queen size.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • Available in different thicknesses between 8 and 14 inches
  • Infused with cooling gel
  • Features green tea for a cleaner sleep
  • Soft to medium feel, depending on the thickness chosen

7. Avocado Vegan

avocado green mattressThe Avocado Vegan mattress is made with high-quality, eco-friendly materials. This hybrid mattress will appeal to those looking for a mattress that matches their vegan lifestyle.

The Avocado Vegan mattress is a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the enhanced temperature control that comes with a latex mattress. Organic latex sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam, so it’s a great option if you find you wake up too hot on a foam bed.

This mattress really stands out as a contender for anyone who lives a vegan lifestyle. Avocado uses latex foam certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) within their vegan mattress. It’s GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions, Certified Vegan, and PETA approved.

These vegan and eco-friendly credentials are integral to Avocado’s mattress. Not only are they positive for the planet, but organic cotton and latex are both naturally cooling and comfortable.

Type of Mattress

The Avocado Vegan mattress is a hybrid. Unlike many hybrid mattresses, this one features latex instead of a memory foam top layer. It’s also made with organic cotton instead of wool and features a pocketed support coil system.

Inside the Mattress

Avocado’s Vegan mattress features a cover made with organic cotton, which is free from polyester. It’s crafted by hand, with cotton yarn rosettes which help to hold everything in place securely.

The first layer is a 2-inch comfort layer of Dunlop latex. This organic latex sleeps cooler than memory foam and is naturally antimicrobial. It also provides a sleeping surface with some “push back,” which may offer more pressure relief compared to a traditional memory foam or innerspring mattress.

Beneath this, the core of the mattress features a pocket coil system with up to 1,414 individual 8-inch coils. This durable and supportive layer features coils arranged in five ergonomic zones. It’s designed to help with spine alignment, pressure point relief, and weight distribution. The steel-reinforced sides give enhanced edge support. There’s a further layer of latex in the support core, for added comfort and support.

If you’ve opted for the version with a pillow top included, this adds a top layer of latex rubber foam. This transforms the mattress from firm to more of a medium feel, ideal for side and back sleepers.

Trial and Warranty

Avocado offers a one-year sleep trial and a 25-year warranty. Both shipping and returns are free of charge. You can add an unboxing and removal service for $199.


The Avocado Vegan mattress retails for $1,399 for a queen size without the pillow top, and $1,799 with the Euro pillow top included.


  • Hybrid mattress
  • 11 inches thick, or 13 inches with optional pillow-top
  • Made with natural, organic materials
  • Certified Vegan and PETA-approved
  • Medium-firm to firm feel

8. Tuft & Needle Mint

tuft & needle mintThe Mint mattress by Tuft & Needle is a high-quality foam mattress that combines several materials for a cool night’s sleep.

Tuft & Needle’s Mint mattress is optimized for side sleepers. It gives a good level of comfort and pressure relief, thanks to its medium-firm feel and plush fabrics. Back and stomach sleepers may prefer the slightly firmer Tuft & Needle Original.

The Mint mattress was designed based on customer feedback following the release of the brand’s Original mattress.

Tuft & Needle added more graphite to the top layer, which enhances the cooling effect. Combined with cooling-gel beads, this makes the mattress a good option for anyone who finds they sleep hot.

Type of Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Mint is a poly-foam mattress, made from three layers of supportive foam. It doesn’t feature memory foam, and instead uses the brand’s signature Adaptive® Foam.

Inside the Mattress

This mattress features a cover made with breathable, plush knit fabric. It’s thick and cozy, without compromising on temperature control. You can remove the cover, but it’s not machine-washable. Instead, spot cleaning is recommended.

The first layer is a comfort layer of Adaptive® Foam. This is infused with graphite and cooling gel beads to help transfer heat away from your body through the night. It’s designed to be supportive and comfortable, without sinking in beneath you.

Next, there’s another, thinner layer of Adaptive® Foam. This has the same cooling and supportive properties of the top layer. It also acts as a gentle transition layer between the softer top layer and the firmer base layer.

The final layer of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress is made from a high-density poly-foam. It gives your mattress greater stability and enhances the effect of the layers above. Four inches of extra-firm foam has also been added here to improve edge control, so you won’t feel like you’re about to roll off the edge.

Trial and Warranty

Tuft & Needle offers a 100-night trial with their mattresses, as well as a 10-year warranty. Shipping and returns are both free. A white-glove delivery service, including setup and removal of your old mattress, is available for $150.


The Tuft & Needle Mint is available in a queen size for $995.


  • Foam mattress
  • 12 inches thick
  • Designed based on customer feedback
  • Features graphite and cooling-gel beads for temperature control
  • Medium-firm feel

9. The Alexander Signature mattress

The Alexander Signature mattress comes in two different levels of firmness at the same time—medium and luxury firm. Nest Bedding made this possible by combining the knowledge acquired over the years and designing a flippable mattress. 

The Alexander Signature is a great choice for back sleepers, average-weight sleepers, stomach sleepers, and potentially even heavy sleepers. The great thing is if you find the mattress too firm or too soft (depending on which way is placed), you can simply flip it and get the comfort you’re looking for.

Type of mattress

The Alexander Signature is an all-foam mattress, made primarily from modernized memory foam. The mattress is also wrapped in their CoolFlow™ Plush Quilting Foam which is a part of the cover. This specific polyfoam is designed to be breathable and responsive by having an open-cell technology. However, we still do not recommend the Alexander Signature mattress for people who tend to sleep hot. Foam is known to retain more heat, and one of the hybrids mentioned in this article would be a better option.

Inside the mattress

Let’s look inside the mattress with the medium side up.

As mentioned above, the cover is a duo design of quilted organic cotton and CoolFlow™ Plush Quilting Foam. This provides a slightly plush feel to the top of the mattress and allows it to conform to the body. Under the cover comes a 2-inch thick gel-infused memory foam, which is a comfort layer. The gel memory foam provides pressure point relief and ensures the correct alignment of the spine.

Under the comfort layer, we find 2 inches of transitional polyfoam. This is the center of the mattress and it ensures comfort and support to both sides. Under the transitional layer comes a 7-inch thick base layer made from high-density polyfoam. If this layer is at the bottom of the mattress, it provides it with stability and longevity. If this layer is used as the top of the mattress, it offers firm support to the sleeper.

Trial and warranty

Nest Bedding offers a standard 100-night sleep trial to its customers. As for the warranty, they offer a “Lifetime Limited Warranty”. This means that if your mattress sags by 1 inch or more, or if there are manufacturing faults, your mattress will be replaced free of charge. However, there is also a lot of Terms & Conditions that go with this Lifetime Warranty. Worth giving a read before making the purchase.


The Alexander Signature flippable mattress costs $1599 for a queen size.


  • All-foam mattress
  • Flippable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Not suitable for hot sleepers

Mattress Types to Consider

Many of the mattresses featured in our picks for the best queen mattress are memory foam beds or hybrids. There are plenty of other options to consider though, including latex and innerspring coil systems.

Here are some of the most popular mattress types and the pros and cons of each.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have grown in popularity since they were introduced in the 1990s. It’s not hard to see why—they’re versatile, supportive, comfortable, and pressure relieving. Most bed-in-a-box mattresses are memory foam as they’re easy to transport.

One of the reasons why memory foam is a popular mattress type is because it adapts well to your body. Memory foam contours against the weight of your body as you lie on it. This helps to relieve any pressure points and help your spine stay correctly aligned.

Most memory foam mattresses are traditionally made from poly-foam, but some newer versions are made with partially plant-based materials instead. This makes them more environmentally friendly to produce. They’re also more responsive to touch, so they “bounce back” more quickly.

It’s common to see memory foam mattresses infused with one or more cooling elements. The most popular include cooling-gel, copper, and graphite. Traditional memory foam is known to sleep hot. These materials help with temperature control for a better night’s sleep.

When shopping for a memory foam mattress, make sure it’s made with CertiPUR-US® certified foam. This ensures you’re buying a mattress that is durable, is made with high-quality materials, and produces low emissions.


  • Contours and cradles your body for added comfort
  • Supportive with pressure point relief
  • Affordable and luxury options available


  • Can sleep hotter than other materials
  • Less bouncy than innerspring or hybrid mattresses
  • Some people may feel too much “sink”

Latex Mattresses

Like memory foam, latex is a material that is sought after for its responsiveness and support. It has a gentle “push back” against your body which is especially useful for people with back pain or who need good pressure relief.

As a material, latex is naturally good at temperature control as it’s less conductive than some other materials. This makes latex a great choice for people who want a “memory foam feel” but find they sleep too hot on memory foam beds.

Latex mattresses are most often found at the higher end of the budget range. This is because they’re commonly made with high-quality, naturally sourced materials. Latex mattresses are considered luxury mattresses, so they come with a matching price tag.

The construction of latex mattresses makes them more durable than other types. They typically last longer than a traditional memory foam mattress, as the material is much denser. This means you get more use out of your investment.

Most latex mattresses are made using the Talalay or Dunlop process. It’s not uncommon to see a latex mattress that features layers of both. Talalay latex is favored as a support layer as it’s soft and contours well. Dunlop is often used as the support core as it’s a denser latex.


  • Above-average temperature control
  • Offers good pressure relief
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Less affordable than other mattress types
  • Slightly bouncy, which affects motion transfer
  • Typically heavier than memory foam mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are made from a layer of coils. These can be either grouped together or individually wrapped. They’re topped with a layer of foam or fiber, which acts as a comfort buffer between you and the coils.

Mattresses with individually wrapped pocketed coils are increasingly popular. With individual coils you get a more responsive mattress, which can give you greater support exactly where you need it. Individually wrapped coils also offer a great level of pressure point relief.

This type of mattress is favored for its firmness and support. Unlike memory foam and latex where you “sink” into the mattress slightly, you feel much more “on” the bed with innerspring mattresses. They’re also bouncier than other types of mattress.

Innerspring mattresses are often on the firm side, which makes them a good choice for back or stomach sleepers. Side and combination sleepers often find this type of mattress lacks the cradling support they need to relieve pressure.

When buying an innerspring mattress, ask how many coils feature within it. The more coils there are, the greater the level of contoured and targeted support.


  • More bounce and less “sink” than other mattress types
  • Easy to move around and rise from bed
  • Sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam


  • Not as good at motion isolation
  • May feel too firm for side and combination sleepers
  • Not the best at minimizing motion transfer

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more mattress types to bring you the benefits of both, with fewer downsides. They’re a great option for people who find they enjoy the feel of one material, like memory foam, but need extra firmness or durability.

It’s common to find hybrid mattresses that combine innerspring coils with memory foam or latex layers. You get the contouring comfort of the softer, more responsive materials combined with the firm support of a coil system.

One of the most popular reasons to choose a hybrid is for the added bounce that a coil system brings you. This is especially true for combination sleepers who change positions throughout the night. If you find it hard to move around on a traditional memory foam mattress, a hybrid will give you greater movement.

Hybrid mattresses are some of the most cooling available. Coil systems allow for air to flow through the mattress better than dense foam layers. When you combine this with a copper-infused or gel-infused memory foam you end up with a mattress with good temperature control.


  • Enjoy the benefits of more than one mattress type
  • Good balance of support and comfort
  • Enhanced cooling compared to traditional memory foam


  • May compromise some level of comfort/support to get a balance
  • Thicker than an all-foam mattress
  • Still too bouncy for some individuals

Mattress Budget

There’s a wide range of choices when it comes to all types of budgets. A mattress is a long-term investment, so it’s often a large purchase. You’re likely to keep your mattress for a good number of years, so the cost-per-use is relatively affordable.

At the affordable end of the scale, you can find high-rated all-foam mattresses around the $250 price point. These inexpensive buys are great for a quick purchase or when you want to furnish a guest bedroom for occasional use. The more affordable mattresses tend to be thinner, with less sophisticated materials, and shorter durability.

With a mid-sized budget, you have a lot of options. Most of the mattresses we’ve featured in this best queen mattresses guide are in this $850-$1,500 price bracket. Here you’ll find a range of mattress types including all-foam, innerspring, and hybrid. These mattresses feature higher-quality materials and advanced technology designed to enhance sleep.

At the luxury end of the market, it’s not uncommon to find mattresses that start at $2,500 to upwards of $5,000. These mattresses are often backed by years of research and technological developments. They’re made with high-quality materials that may be naturally sourced, ethically produced, or created in a way that makes them more expensive to produce. Luxury mattresses are associated with being plusher than others, as they’re often thicker with added comfort layers.

Your mattress shortlist is likely to be guided by your budget. A healthy budget for your new mattress is around $850-$1,500. For this price, you’ll find you have plenty of choices and will be able to find the best queen mattress for your needs.

Sleeping Position

We all naturally gravitate towards one sleeping position over another. You may find you always sleep on your right side, or that you prefer to sleep flat on your back or stomach. The way we sleep influences which type of mattress we should choose and how comfortable we are.

Side Sleepers

Around 47% of Americans sleep on their side in the fetal position, which makes it the most popular sleeping position. If you prefer to sleep on your side, try to sleep on your right side only. Sleeping on your left side can put a strain on your internal organs and feel less comfortable.

Side sleepers need extra comfort, so benefit most from a medium feel mattress. Look for a mattress with a good level of contouring, as you’ll want to “sink” into the mattress in a comfortable way. This will help your spine stay aligned and promote a healthy sleep posture. Avoid a mattress that is too firm, as you may find a lack of pressure relief around your shoulders and hips.

Back Sleepers

Some people find that sleeping on their back is their go-to position. This sleeping position means your spine is well aligned and your neck is in a more natural position—especially if you use a flat pillow.

Back sleepers tend to prefer a firmer mattress than side sleepers. A firm mattress gives you all the support you need to stay in a comfortable position all night. You won’t feel like you’re “sinking in” and you can feel supported yet comfortable.

Stomach Sleepers

For some people, stomach sleeping is the most comfortable position. Sleeping on your stomach can put additional pressure on your neck and back, so try placing a flat pillow underneath your head to reduce the effects of this.

Stomach sleepers, like back sleepers, often enjoy a firmer mattress. For some stomach sleepers, this may be a medium-firm, especially if you need more “sink” to align your spine correctly.

Sleeping Cool and Airflow

Temperature can play an important role in the quality of sleep, which is why so many mattress brands optimize for temperature control.

Your body temperature peaks in the evening and falls while you’re asleep. A cooler temperature is optimum for sleep, so you’ll want your mattress to help you stay cool. To do this, mattresses are often designed with cooling properties.

Traditional memory foam is known for sleeping hot, which is why many brands now use layers infused with other elements. Copper, cooling-gel, and graphite are all popular additions offering better temperature control. These materials are often infused as beads within the foam, although you can also find mattresses with a gel pad layer.

The construction of your mattress layers can also affect how cool it is. Mattresses with an open-cell system allow greater airflow. They’re also more effective at pressure relief, which helps you to stay comfortable. Together this promotes a cooler and more restful sleep.

Some materials, like latex, are naturally good at temperature regulation. If you have the choice between a traditional memory foam bed and a latex mattress, the latter is likely to sleep cooler.

If you find you sleep hot on most mattresses, try a hybrid. You’ll get the benefits of greater airflow through the coil system and the cooling properties of the foam or latex layers above.

Common Questions

Which Is the Most Comfortable Mattress?

It’s hard to pinpoint any one mattress as the most comfortable. Even with all the top mattress reviews online, there’s no clear standout as the most comfortable mattress.

We all sleep differently and have unique needs when it comes to comfort, firmness, pressure relief, and sleep style. What’s comfortable for a side sleeper is likely to be uncomfortable for a back sleeper. Some prefer a firm and bouncy mattress, while others like a mattress which cradles them softly.

The best way to find the most comfortable mattress is to identify your needs and personal preferences. Once you know these, use our guidance and tips above to build a shortlist of mattress picks.

What Type of Mattress Lasts the Longest?

As a rule, latex mattresses tend to last longer than other mattress types. You can expect a high-quality, 100% natural latex mattress to last around 12 years. Natural latex is the most durable over time, followed by a blended latex bed.

High-quality memory foam mattresses typically last between eight and 10 years, with the higher-density foam beds performing best. All-foam mattresses made from low-density poly-foam are less durable, with some lasting closer to five years.

Innerspring coil mattresses are less durable than all-foam and latex beds. Mattresses with individually wrapped pocket coils can last for up to eight years. The more traditional Bonnell coil systems are less hard-wearing, lasting around five years.

If you want a mattress that is durable and long lasting, opt for latex or a high-density memory foam bed.

What Is the Most Comfortable Mattress for Back Pain?

It can be hard to fall asleep and stay comfortable at night if you struggle with back pain. For people with back pain or neck pain, finding the right mattress can be transformative. You can reduce discomfort and rest more soundly with a correctly supportive mattress.

When considering a mattress to help ease your back pain, look for one which feels medium-firm to you. Research has shown medium-firm is more beneficial than a firm or orthopedic mattress for people with back pain.

Like with any new mattress, you’ll want to pick one which offers you the right support. Look for mattresses featuring targeted or zoned support, as these will give you a greater level of pressure relief. If you find yourself waking in the night too hot, make sure your new queen-sized mattress has cooling properties so you stay asleep longer.


We hope you’ve found this guide useful in your search for the best queen size bed. Now that you’re familiar with what to look for and the benefits of different mattress types, it’s easier to build a shortlist of your favorite picks.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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