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Amerisleep Mattresses in Mesa, Arizona

While walking around the beautiful outdoor paths of SanTan Village, your eye might be drawn in by a bright store with transparent glass displays and lights shining down on mattresses and pillows. It’s the Amerisleep showroom at SanTan Village, a modern mattress shopping experience. Tablets display information about each mattress model, and you can rest and relax in a dimmed napping room to get firsthand experience sleeping on an Amerisleep mattress.

All Amerisleep employees are qualified sleep coaches. So while they’re no replacement for your doctor, they can answer any questions you have about recent sleep difficulties and explain the latest in sleep theory and mattress technology. They can even take into account your favorite sleeping position, comfort preferences, body weight, and medical conditions to give you a personalized mattress recommendation.

You can find the showroom at 2150 E Williams Field Road in Gilbert, Arizona, right off the 202 for convenient access. The Amerisleep showroom serves not only Gilbert but the surrounding cities, including the zip codes 85009, 85234, 85298, 85249, and 85248.

And don’t just make Amerisleep your only stop in SanTan Village. Relax before bed with a warm bath and your purchase from Bath and Body Works. Stock up on entertainment at Best Buy, or check out the books at the two-story Barnes and Noble. Enjoy a meal from the many restaurants, or snack on a pretzel or a cold treat.

How Amerisleep is Helping Mesa Sleep Better

Everyone has different sleep needs thanks to their varying body types, preferred sleeping positions, and overall health. Side sleepers need a thicker mattress than stomach or back sleepers to relieve pressure. Heavy sleepers need a firmer mattress to provide support.

There is no best mattress for everyone, which is why Amerisleep offers five firmnesses—soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-firm, and firm. Each firmness is best for a different sleep style, letting Amerisleep serve a wide range of people.

Amerisleep’s firmest memory foam mattress is the AS1, which is best suited for stomach, back, and overweight sleepers. Their softest option is the AS5, an excellent choice for side sleepers who want to sleep on a soft mattress. Most sleepers choose the AS3 model, since its medium feel is perfect for side sleepers and combination sleepers (the two most popular sleeping styles).

And Amerisleep now offers more than just memory foam mattresses. You can try hybrid versions of the AS2, AS3, and AS5 models—known respectively as the AS2h, AS3h, and AS5h. Hybrid mattresses contain innerspring coils in the base for better airflow and a responsive bounce, although Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses contain various foams that adapt to your movements.

Bio-Pur® foam is the first layer in every Amerisleep mattress. The foam is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam. That’s because Amerisleep replaces some of the petrochemicals in foam with eco-friendly castor oil. You can enjoy a cool night’s sleep on Bio-Pur®.

All memory foam mattresses contain the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology, save for the AS1. HIVE® technology provides five zones of targeted support though hexagonal cutouts. The layer compresses more under your shoulders and hips for pressure relief while remaining firm under your head, torso, and feet.

A layer of Bio-Core® forms the base of every memory foam mattress since it’s a supportive material that deters sagging.

Amerisleep replaces the Affinity and Bio-Core® layers with pocketed coils in its hybrid mattresses. The coils are individually wrapped to isolate motion.

Every foam has a CertiPUR-US® certification, which means the mattress was made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP. Amerisleep mattresses also contain low amounts of VOCs, to minimize the off-gassing that causes memory foam’s “new mattress scent.”

You can customize your mattress with Amerisleep’s adjustable base. Adjustable bases come with  a remote or an app to raise and lower the head and foot of the mattress, which can make it easier to live with a chronic health condition. You can sit up to make it easier to get out of bed, elevate your legs for better blood circulation, and raise your head to alleviate snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux.

Amerisleep’s adjustable base also includes two full-body massagers, letting you unwind after a long day; under-bed lighting to make it easier to use the restroom at night; Wallhugger® technology that keeps your nightstand within reach no matter how you position your mattress,  and 8 USB charging ports.

Best Mattress Sales in Mesa, Arizona

Amerisleep in SanTan Village is currently offering $250 off of mattress sets (a mattress and your choice of foundation), $250 off single mattresses, and 25 percent off of bedding. Outfit your new mattress with breathable sheets and cloud-like pillows.

Select mattress models are available for in-store pick-up, so you might be able to take home your mattress and sleep on it that night. If the store doesn’t have your favorite mattress, no worries. Amerisleep will ship your purchases for free to anywhere in the continental U.S.

While it’s always good to try out a mattress before you buy, Amerisleep also offers a 100-day sleep trial on all its mattresses and pillows. If you bring a mattress home and find it just isn’t what you want to sleep on every night, you can ask for a full refund.

A 20-year warranty comes with every Amerisleep mattress, which is 10 more years than a standard mattress warranty. Amerisleep covers all manufacturing and quality defects for the first 10 years. During the second half of the warranty, you bear partial financial responsibility and will pay a portion of the original cost for any repairs or replacements.

When you need a new mattress, or you want to upgrade to an adjustable base, drop in at Amerisleep in SanTan Village. Every staff member can answer your questions and help you improve your sleep quality.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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