Best Mattress Store in Friendswood, Texas

Amerisleep Mattresses in Friendswood, Texas

Amerisleep’s signature modern design, featuring sleek blue lighting and a simple setup, enables a relaxing atmosphere. Customers can roam the store and check out each mattress model. Electronic tablets are set up for easy convenience, detailing each model’s special features and construction.

Every Amerisleep employee is a certified sleep science coach—meaning, they have background knowledge on how you can achieve better sleep. They can also provide personalized recommendations based on sleeping positions, body weight, and other factors, like medical conditions and lifestyle, helping you find your best mattress.

The Amerisleep Friendswood, Texas showroom also features nap rooms, where customers can lay on a mattress and view an overhead screen with ambient sounds to relax.

Located Southeast of Houston, Texas, the Baybrook Mall hosts a variety of department stores and includes “The Lawn”—a vast stretch of grass to hold events, like outdoor movies and concerts. The Friendswood showroom is located on the first floor of the Baybrook Mall near Macy’s.

Nearby Counties and Cities:

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How Amerisleep is Helping Friendswood Sleep Better

Amerisleep offers five memory foam mattress models and three hybrid mattress models, ranging in different firmness levels, from soft to firm. Each firmness level is designed to fulfill specific sleep needs and body types, and may also address certain conditions, like chronic back pain—the best mattress will address all of these factors to help you achieve better sleep.

Of all Amerisleep’s memory foam mattresses, three stand out the most—the AS2, the AS3, and the AS4. The AS2 is best for those with back pain. The medium-firmness supports the spine and relieves pressure points. The AS3 is Amerisleep’s most popular model with a medium feel, perfect for side and combination sleepers who need a balance of comfort and support. The AS4 is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The medium-soft surface provides enhanced pressure point relief in the shoulders and hips.

Every Amerisleep mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning all foams are manufactured without harmful chemicals, like ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or PBDEs.

All Amerisleep mattresses contain a comfort layer of Bio-Pur®—a plant-based memory foam, breathable and more responsive than traditional memory foam. Bio-Pur® conforms to the body’s natural curves, relieving pressure points without the sleeper feeling stuck.

With the exception of the AS1, each mattress also contains an Affinity foam layer. In the memory foam models, Affinity incorporates HIVE® technology—hundreds of hexagonal-shaped segments form 5 zones of support for targeted pressure relief and spinal alignment. In the hybrid models—the AS2h, the AS3h, and AS5h—the targeted support system is shifted to the pocketed coil support layer.

Both mattress types are built to relieve pressure points in heavier sections of the body (i.e., shoulders and hips) and consistently support the spine.

Customers can also try out the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed. This electronic base allows sleepers to elevate and lower their head and legs, which could alleviate symptoms of specific medical conditions, such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, and snoring. It also allows sleepers to find a more comfortable position for a good night’s sleep. The adjustable base also features USB ports, under-bed lighting, full-body massage, and Wallhugger® technology to keep the mattress in place.

Other products that the Amerisleep showroom features are their Comfort Classic Pillows and sheet sets, in both cotton and Tencel.

Best Mattress Sales in Friendswood, Texas

The Friendswood showroom currently has special offers in-store only, including $250 off any mattress, $250 off any mattress sets (mattress plus corresponding foundation), and 25% markdowns on accessories, including pillows and sheet sets.

Unlike other mattress brands, Amerisleep’s beds don’t need box springs—they work perfectly on top of any foundation, as long as the slats are 3 inches or less apart. An Amerisleep mattress is built to last up to 10 years, much longer than the 5 to 7-year lifespan of an innerspring bed.

Amerisleep includes a 100-night sleep trial with the purchase of any bed—customers can try out a new mattress within the comfort of their own home. If the customer doesn’t like the mattress or would like to try out a different model after a month, Amerisleep will issue a full refund.

Each Amerisleep mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, one of the best in the mattress industry. During the first ten years, Amerisleep takes full financial responsibility for the repair or replacement of the mattress, including sagging greater than 0.75 inches. During the last ten years, Amerisleep will choose to repair or replace the bed at a prorated charge to the customer.

If you’re looking to replace an old mattress or wanting to try something new, head on over to the Friendswood Amerisleep store. Helpful staff are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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