Best Full Size Mattress

A full size mattress, also known as a double bed, makes a great option for those seeking a space-friendly sleeping solution. At 54 inches by 75 inches, the size of these mattresses are well-suited for single adults or children.

When shopping for a full-size mattress, there is a wide range of options available to consider. You will want to take factors such as firmness, production processes, durability, budget, and sleeping positions into account. Finding a mattress that aligns with your specific needs can have wonderful, positive effects on your comfort and quality of sleep.

This article will explain the different types of mattress materials, provide you with helpful tips to consider when shopping for your next bed, and highlight the best full size mattresses that are currently on the market.

Best Full Size Mattresses

Amerisleep AS3 Adapts to body types and sleep styles while reducing pain points $1349
Zoma Sleep Cooling, responsive, contouring to the body $599
Vaya Mattress Soft, breathable option $499
Tuft & Needle Original Great for those suffering from chronic pain and aches $495
BedStory 12-Inch Lavender Memory Foam Infused with lavender to promote relaxation $325.99
Aviya® Hybrid with three firmness levels for customizable comfort $949
Purple® Original Eliminates pressure-point pain and is motion-isolating to quiet movement $999
Muse Sleep Three levels of firmness to choose from $995
Nolah Signature 12-Inch 2 sides of firmness for versatile comfort $1369
Avocado Green Mattress An eco-luxury option made from organic materials $1399

1. Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 mattressAs Amerisleep’s best-selling mattress, the AS3 is tailored to adapt to most body types and sleep styles. It offers medium firmness and is designed to reduce pain points in the shoulders and hips, making it a particularly good choice for those who are side or combination sleepers. Plant-based Bio-Pur® materials are cooling, responsive, and pressure-relieving.

Depending on your preference, you have the ability to choose from two different options:

  • A memory foam mattress with HIVE® technology that creates a weightless feel and provides outstanding support for the body.
  • A hybrid mattress with foam and zoned pocketed coils that provide dynamic, targeted support to increase overall comfort.

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress comes with a risk-free, 100-night trial and a 20-year warranty.

Cost: $1349

2. Zoma Mattress

zoma mattressThe Zoma Mattress is a medium mattress originally designed with athletes in mind to help improve their performance while they sleep. Composed of gel memory foam, the cooling, responsive materials do a good job of wicking away warmth. It has a contouring feel that keeps the spine aligned and emphasizes support for the hips and shoulders. There is also a sturdy base layer to prevent sinkage.

This mattress is a great choice for back, side, and combination sleepers because of its medium firmness that comfortably accommodates a wide range of sleeping styles. Heavier sleepers, on the other hand, may find the 2 inches of memory foam feel a bit too thin and don’t provide adequate support for their pressure points.

Zoma offers a 100-night trial and free returns. Their mattresses also have a 10-year warranty.

Cost: $599

3. Vaya Mattress

Vaya MattressFor cost-conscious consumers, the Vaya Mattress is an excellent choice due to its affordability. At 12 inches tall, this all-foam mattress has a highly breathable design to keep sleepers airy and cool throughout the night. It boasts a breathable cover to prevent overheating, too.

This mattress is suitable for all types of sleeping styles, but people who prefer high firmness should be aware that the Vaya bed is considered a medium option.

Vaya has a “Pure Comfort Promise” that allows sleepers to try the mattress risk-free for 100 nights. Every Vaya Mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Cost: $499

4. Tuft & Needle Original

tuft and needle salesThis mattress’s adaptive foam and thick support layer work together to relieve pressure. It is a medium-firm bed, making it a great choice for back or stomach sleepers. Due to its heat wicking graphite and cooling gel, it is highly breathable, allowing hot sleepers to stay comfortable.

The company offers a 100-night sleep trial. In the event that you decide you want to return your mattress, they will provide a full refund and donate the bed to a local charity in need.

Cost: $495

5. BedStory 12-Inch Lavender Memory Foam

BedStory’s eco-friendly memory foam mattress feels medium in firmness, making it suitable for all types of sleep positions. Each of its layers serves a different function; 2.5 inches of contouring memory foam provides ergonomic support, 7 inches of airy foam promotes coolness, and the remaining 2 inches of high-density support foam forms the base layer.

The mattress is infused with lavender to keep the bed smelling fresh, increase relaxation, and promote a good night’s rest. Depending on the sleeper, this can be a pro or con; if you enjoy the slightly sweet scent, it can be very soothing. However, if you are sensitive to smells, you may want to consider other options.

BedStory’s memory foam bed is a budget-friendly option for those sleepers seeking a lower-cost mattress.

Cost: $325.99

6. Aviya®

The Aviya® full size mattress is customizable to each sleepers’ comfort preference because of its three different firmness levels – plush, luxury firm, and firm.

With premium innerspring coils and three layers of high-density foam, this mattress provides great lumbar support while allowing air to flow through. This helps to keep sleepers cool all night. It also features 3-inch thick high density foam casing around the edges of the bed. This helps prevent rolling off the bed and provides a 15% larger feel, allowing individuals to maximize the sleeping space and stretch out.

After purchase, Aviya® offers a “sleep perfect” guarantee. If, after 100 nights, you don’t enjoy sleeping on it, you will be issued a full refund with no hassle or penalty.

Cost: $949

7. Purple® Original

purple mattressPurple’s® Original mattress has a pressure-relieving medium-firm feel thanks to the signature Purple Grid™. Crafted from hyper-elastic polymer, the Purple Grid™ helps eliminate pressure point pain by conforming to the natural curvature of the body. Purple’s® mattresses, especially their original model, are ideal for back and side sleepers because of their firmness. Airflow technology and temperature-neutral materials keep sleepers cool.

It also does an excellent job of isolating motion. This is a particularly helpful feature for those who share their mattress with a partner, as it allows both sleepers to move around with very minimal motion transfer.

From the date of delivery, Purple® offers a 100-night sleep trial period during which you can return or exchange it for a different mattress. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty.

Cost: $999

8. Muse Sleep

With Muse Sleep’s full size mattress, you can choose between three different firmness levels: soft, medium, or firm. The multiple layers of gel-infused foam resist heat transfer which helps to keep sleepers cool and comfortable. It is also topped with a cover knitted from the world’s coldest yarn, Diamond Breeze, increasing its cooling ability.

The Muse Sleep bed consists of 6 inches of foundation foam, 2 inches of supportive transition foam, 2 inches of liquid gel memory foam, and 2 inches of cushioning comfort foam. The layers work together to provide excellent temperature regulation and pressure relief. Depending on your sleep position and preferred mattress firmness, there is a Muse mattress to suit your needs.

Sleepers can try Muse Sleep beds risk-free for 120 nights.  If it isn’t the right fit, you’re able to return it at no cost.

Cost: $995

9. Nolah Signature 12-Inch

Nolah’s Signature 12-inch mattress is unique in that it offers flippable firmness, meaning it has two sides with different firmness levels. The soft side is ideal for side, back, and combination sleepers. The firmer side works best for those who sleep on their stomach.

The soft side has 2.5 inches of AirFoam™ to provide excellent pressure relief and mold to the body. When flipped, sleepers who prefer firmness can enjoy 1 inch of AirFoam™ that offers just the right amount of support. Between these two layers is 1.5 inches of high-resilience foam for responsiveness, along with 7 inches of high-density foundation foam to reinforce the core’s durability.

Overall, this mattress is deeply supportive, keeps sleepers cool, and offers versatile comfort for every sleep style. Nolah offers a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee with every mattress purchase.

Cost: $1369

10. Avocado Green Mattress

avocado green mattressThe Avocado Green Mattress is considered an “eco-luxury” option. Environment and/or wellness-focused consumers will enjoy knowing it’s made from organic materials including GOTS-certified cotton and wool, as well as all-natural, GOTS-certified latex. Additionally, no polyester, polyurethane foams, or toxic fire retardants are ever used in the production process.

As a hybrid, it contours to the body’s natural curvature with 1,414 pocketed support coils, an attached pillow-top, and 2 inches of organic latex. This provides firm, yet gentle support. Side sleepers do particularly well with this bed because it prevents pressure points in the hips and shoulders and prevents the torso from sinking down into the mattress.

Avocado provides a 1-year free trial and a 25-year warranty for its organic mattress.

Cost: $1399

Shopping for a Full Size Mattress

There are several factors that go into choosing the best mattress. Are you someone who loves the feel of a soft mattress, or do you prefer firmer support instead? Do you sleep on your stomach, back, or side? How much are you wanting to spend on a new bed?

Regardless of your budget, sleep style, and comfort preferences, there are many mattress options to meet your specific needs.

Mattress Size

The size of your mattress will play a big part in your buying decision. As mattress sizes go up, prices will often increase. You should also account for how much space you have available for the bed in your home.

Full size mattresses are mostly used for people who will be sleeping alone, such as a single adult or college student. They may also comfortably fit two small children.

Due to the limiting size of double beds, they are not practical as a long-term sleeping solution for couples. Additionally, if you are a taller person, you may want to consider sizing up to a full XL or queen mattress since these mattress sizes offer 5 extra inches of legroom.

Mattress Types

There are four main types of mattresses available: Memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring. Below, we explain what each is made of and break down the key differences between them all.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are constructed from polyurethane foam with added chemicals in place to increase the foam’s density and viscosity. They are a popular choice because of their ability to soften and mold to contour to the body. Memory foam beds relieve pressure and provide neutral alignment for the spine. This helps to prevent neck and back pain.


Latex is a type of rubber that creates a durable, eco-friendly, buoyant mattress. Latex mattresses may contain only latex, be paired with other foams, or have latex foam on top of supportive coils. There are also different types of latex:

  • Synthetic: These beds are a blend of latex and fillers, like polyurethane, to cut down on production costs. Synthetic latex is less durable and stiffer than natural latex.
  • Natural: Natural latex is manufactured without the chemicals seen in synthetic latex beds, making it a healthier option. It’s also the most durable of all-latex beds. When shopping for a natural latex bed, be sure to check that the label states “100% natural”.
  • Blended: When companies combine synthetic and natural latex, a blended mattress is the result. They will contain fillers, since they are partially composed of synthetic latex. The packaging may read “50% natural” on these types of beds.


A hybrid mattress contains a combination of innerspring and cushioning foam layers. They tend to have a bouncy feel because of their innerspring systems, but are more heavily cushioned. The foam layers are placed above the springs for comfort. Side sleepers do very well on hybrid mattresses.


Innerspring mattresses are traditional beds with a foundation made from steel coils and a thin upholstered layer below the cover for comfort. Of all mattress types, innersprings tend to be the least durable and have the shortest lifespan. Coils wear down and break easily, leaving the sleeper with a sagging, uncomfortable bed.

Sleep Styles

People sleep in one of three positions: On their side, stomach, back, or a combination of them all. Here are the pros and cons of each sleep style:

Side Sleeper

Due to the layout of the heart and organs, sleeping on your side allows for better blood flow throughout the night. It may also help reduce heartburn. Side sleeping puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders, however. If an individual is experiencing shoulder pain, they will want to avoid sleeping this way.

Stomach Sleeper

Sleeping on one’s stomach often leads to neck and back pain because it flattens the spine’s natural curvature. For those who prefer to sleep in this position, sleeping with a pillow under the hips may help to avoid pain the next morning. It’s also recommended that stomach sleepers use firm mattresses to keep the spine as neutral and aligned as possible.

Back Sleeper

For those struggling with back pain, this is the recommended sleeping position. It is the most neutral option, allowing your spine to rest in its natural position. It can, however, exacerbate sleep apnea and/or snoring.

Combination Sleeper

This term refers to those who change their sleeping positions throughout the night. Medium mattresses are optimal for combination sleepers because they provide a perfect blend of support and comfort to accommodate most sleeping positions and body types .

Sleep Trial

With more and more beds being ordered online, risk-free sleep trials are more popular than ever before. Sleep trials beat the in-store mattress test run because they give you months to try your best out at home. These are also very beneficial for online mattress brands since they allow shoppers to test their beds before committing to keeping them.

The trial duration will vary from company to company, ranging from a few weeks to a few months, so it’s important to take note of this in the event that the mattress is uncomfortable for you.

During a trial, sleepers will want to pay close attention to sleep quality and duration, as well as any aches or pains. Mattresses do often take a while to “break-in”, usually about a month or so, so allow yourself some time to adjust before coming to a final conclusion.

Understand the Warranty

When purchasing a new bed, it’s important to understand what the warranty covers. If the mattress ever has a defect, broken coils, or begins to sag, for example, you will have peace of mind knowing how to quickly repair or replace it.

Key information to be aware of is the number of years covered, what the coverage includes, and if the policy is prorated meaning coverage decreases with time.


What mattress do chiropractors recommend?

There is no one mattress that works for everybody, so chiropractors will recommend one based on your specific needs for optimal spinal health. Generally, they will use these guidelines as a starting point:

  • Side sleepers: Soft to medium mattresses
  • Back sleepers: Medium to firm mattresses
  • Stomach sleepers: Firm mattresses
  • Combination: Medium mattresses

You may want to consider speaking to your own personal chiropractic doctor about mattress options that are right for you. He/she will be able to use their knowledge of your medical history in order to make a more tailored recommendation.

How do I choose a good mattress?

You will want to take the following factors into consideration when shopping for a mattress:

  • Firmness: Do you prefer a soft, cushiony feel or a more firm one?
  • Sleep Styles: Do you sleep on your stomach, back, side, or a combination?
  • Material and Construction: Do you have a preference between foam, spring, or adjustable?
  • Price Point: How much are you willing to spend on a mattress?

What mattresses do hotels use?

Types of mattresses will vary widely from hotel to hotel. Fairmont Suites, for example, uses mattresses with premium innerspring and a luxury pillowtop for softness. Rooms at the Ritz-Carlton have beds with cooling gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils.

If you experience an exceptionally comfortable sleep while at a hotel, you can ask a staff member for more specific details about the mattress and bedding.

When is it time to replace my mattress?

As a general guideline, you should replace your mattress every 7 to 10 years. However, this will vary depending on how you care for it, sleep on it, and how often you rotate it.

There are several signs that will indicate when it’s nearing the time to replace a mattress—if you notice frequent body soreness upon waking up or that the mattress surface feels lumpy, for example, it may be time to start researching and shopping around for a new bed.

It’s also important to note that each mattress type will have a slightly different lifespan. Latex beds, for example, last the longest. Innerspring mattresses usually have the shortest lifespan. Memory foam beds fall somewhere in the middle.

I’ve heard that the more coils a bed has, the better. Is this true?

A large number of coils does not make a bed better, so this is a myth. The thickness of coils varies greatly and because of this, they are not an accurate indicator of the bed’s comfort.

For example, if one mattress has 600 coils made of thick metal and another has 600 of thin-metal coils, the feeling will be very different between the two.

Not to mention, innerspring mattresses may begin to sag as the coils wear out, making them a less durable option than foam beds.


Full size mattresses are well-suited to average-sized, single sleepers. Their compact size also makes them a good choice for smaller spaces. If you’re thinking about investing in an upgraded bed, you can rest assured knowing that there are options available for every budget and sleeping position.

We hope that this guide will help you to navigate the mattress-buying process more easily and choose a double bed that you’ll enjoy sleeping on for years to come.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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