Queen VS. Twin XL – What’s The Difference?

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives. It influences our productivity, energy levels, and our physical and mental health. Some of us may not realize how impactful losing sleep really is, especially if the sleep deprivation occurs over a prolonged period of time. 

Bad sleep can be caused by a number of things. Some of the reasons are harder to control, such as a crazy work schedule or health problems. Lack of sleep may also be caused by an uncomfortable old bed, which is easily fixable by purchasing a new mattress better suited to your sleeping position and needs. We recommend looking at standard mattress sizes to find the right size for you.

The difference between a queen size mattress and a twin XL mattress is pretty big. The queen mattress is wider by 22 inches, which means you can potentially fit another person on it. Another major difference between the two mattress sizes is their requirements in terms of bedroom space and budget. We discuss all of these differences and more in the following article. 

Queen Mattress

The queen is by far the most popular mattress size. It’s large enough to sleep two people comfortably, yet small enough to fit in most master bedrooms. 

Queen size beds are also a good choice for single sleepers who prefer to have more space. With a total of 60 inches in width, singles can change their sleeping position and move around in the bed as much as they want without the risk of falling out. 


The dimensions of a queen size mattress are 80 inches long by 60 inches wide. This provides 30 inches of personal space for each person if you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner. Otherwise, if you’ll be sleeping alone, you’ll have a full 60 inches to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.

Room Recommendation 

A standard queen size mattress needs more living space compared to a twin XL, but the room doesn’t have to be huge to fit it nicely. The recommended room size is 10 feet by 10 feet or more. 

If you go for a larger size, such as a king bed or a California king size bed, you’ll need a large master bedroom because of the different dimensions. A queen size bed can fit nicely in an average-sized bedroom, a guest room, or even a larger kids’ room. 


The average cost of a queen size mattress ranges from $400 to $3000 or more—it all comes down to branding and the materials the mattress is made from. The sheets, bedding, and other sleeping accessories are also not very expensive, as they are available in most stores. This is because the queen size is the most common bed in people’s homes.   

Pros & Cons 

Pros of a queen size mattress:

  • Widely available 
  • Ideal choice for a couple
  • Easy to find sleeping accessories in a wide variety of colors, styles, and fabrics
  • Great for large rooms
  • Perfect bed for guest bedrooms

Cons of a queen size mattress:

  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • More expensive compared to twin XLs
  • More difficult to transport and set up

Twin XL Mattress

A twin XL mattress is a slightly larger version of a standard size twin bed. Twin XL is 38 inches wide (same as the regular twin) but it’s 5 inches longer. This extra length makes it a great option for tall single sleepers who need some more legroom. It’s also a popular choice for hotels and college dorm rooms.


The Twin XL’s dimensions are 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. It’s a conveniently-sized bed that can fit into tight spaces. When it comes to sleeping space, a twin XL mattress is big enough to sleep a single adult that doesn’t require much room. Twin XLs are also a good option for teenagers and children’s rooms.

Room Recommendation 

The recommended room size for twin XL beds is 8 feet by 10 feet or more. A room of this size will allow enough space for some additional furniture as well as extra space around the bed. 


Twin XL mattresses can cost $200 to $2000 or more. The final price comes down to the branding, materials, and company policies like warranties or sleep trials. Sleeping accessories for a twin XL mattress are also more affordable when compared to those for the queen size.

Pros & Cons 

Pros of a twin XL size mattress:

  • More budget-friendly
  • Good fit for small rooms
  • Provides sufficient space for single adults and kids alike
  • A great choice for bunk beds

Cons of a twin XL mattress:

  • Too small for couples due to limited space
  • Can be too small for some adults 

Which Is Best, Queen or Twin XL?

Because these two mattress sizes are so different, it’s difficult to say which one is better. Each one is designed with different requirements in mind, so it just depends on how you want to use it. 

Is it for the kids’ room? Or the guest room? If your new bed is for either of these, then a twin XL is the better choice. But if you’re looking for a mattress for yourself, and you sleep with a partner, then definitely go for the queen size instead. At the end of the day, the best choice depends on your personal preferences, available space, and the size of your room.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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