Best Mattress Trends of 2020

In the market for a new mattress and want to know which mattress is the best mattress? These are the best mattress options for 2020: cool, eco-friendly, and affordable!

Best Mattress Trends from 2012

If you’re shopping around to find the best mattress, you might be asking yourself at this point, “Are there really trends for mattresses?” Yes! Of course, a more elaborate answer to your question can be found within the CSIL Centre for Industry Studies’ (Miami-based research firm) yearly report on the mattress sector covering 30 countries. This report states:

  • From 2001 to 2010, mattress consumption in the United States has grown from $9.2 billion to $18.3 billion;
  • During the same time frame, mattress production has just barely kept stride escalating from $9.3 billion to $18.8 billion!

With this kind of growth and interest, the top mattress manufacturers are in full swing, year-after-year, to keep up with demand and to provide the latest innovations that will make them the King of the Mattress-Hill.

Abe Silberstein, Vice President of Diamond Needle Corp. in Carlstadt, NJ, said it best, “Just take a look at the mattress of today. They’re assembled and sewn completely different from the bed you bought 20 years ago. This industry is constantly changing and adapting to new materials—new tapes, new foams, new thread, new fabric constructions, new fibers, new innersprings.”

With that in mind, here are the trends for 2020 that most significantly play off of the greatest concerns for consumers when they go shopping for their best mattress: cool, comfortable, eco-friendly, and affordable!

Best Mattress Innovations

Some of the “home runs” provided by suppliers to these major brands this year included the following (all of which provide consumers a cooling mattress alternative):

  • Flexible Foam Solutions’ “G-Flex” Gel/Foam Hybrid; a sky-blue, 100% urethane gel-infused version of it’s AdaptaFlex Memory Foam
  • Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company’s “Preserve VG”; a gel-version of its visco-elastic foam line (typically a foam that “warms” rather than “cools”) that uses the gel as a cooling agent, while maintaining the visco-elastic comfort and stability.
  • Latex International’s “Talalay GL” Gel/Latex Hybrid; offered in both a slow recovery model that mimics memory foam and an instant recovery model more typical of latex. In addition, Talalay GL offers “phase-change technology”, described by the Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Tom Eisenberg, as “technology that cools a warm sleeper and warms a cool sleeper, in the same bed”.


Once upon a time, the use of gel in mattress production was merely a blip on the radar within the United States, despite its huge popularity within the European Mattress Industry. That all changed, however, once mattress-giant Serta took a page out of the mother country’s book and introduced it’s iComfort line in 2011. These mattresses feature a bead-filled top layer, infused with Serta’s patented MicroSupport Gel, turning the layer into what’s billed as a Cool-Action Memory Foam. According to Serta’s research and analysis, the iComfort provides seven times the cooling comfort and twice the support of the standard memory foam.  However, other manufacturers like Cargill and Amerisleep have done their own studies that show it may not be as cool as Serta suggests; time and additional studies will tell what’s on the horizon for gel in 2020.

At this year’s ISPA EXPO in Las Vegas, mattress companies such as Carolina Mattress Guild, Comfort Solutions, Englander, E.S. Kluft & Company, Five Star Mattress, Kingsdown, Spring Air International, Pure LatexBLISS, Restonic, and Therapedic International, all introduced new lines of gel mattresses; along with Serta who continues to roll out new sister-models to the iComfort.

While gel certainly made the biggest splash at this years’ ISPA EXPO, chemical mattress supply firms continue to churn out fabrics, textiles, and new innovations in the foam market, as well.


Gel has become as popular as it has, because of the problem that consumers typically have with foam mattresses retaining heat; hot spots can form on a foam mattress while a human body is on it, disrupting sleep.

To keep up with the demand for a cool night’s sleep, foam manufacturers are altering and innovating foam designs to compete in the market.

Manufacturers Compete to Deliver Best Mattress Technologies

The following foam manufacturer’s offered the following innovations at this year’s ISPA EXPO:

  • Innofa’s “AirVent BioBalance”; a stretch-knit collection integrating their signature “AirVent” breathability via “minigrids”. In addition, this collection also includes a fabric treatment that fights bacteria and odor buildup, making it a probiotic option.
  • Ovattificio Fortunato’s “Box Baby Mistral” (Bellizzi, Italy); an alteration to the design construction of their polyurethane and visco-elastic foams that promotes ventilation and breathability.
  • Simmons’ ComforPedic from Beautyrest; a new Aircool Memory Foam that uses the phase-change material to provide a proprietary memory foam with a sculpted stretch-knit cover dubbed as “Tru Temp Technology”.

Of course, even with how great all of these technologies sound, sometimes they don’t sound quite so good to your pocketbook! However, there are always innovations for the sleeper in need of cool night’s sleep at a more affordable price.


Designed to help regulate the surface temperature of your bed, the “Chilipad PLS” provides an advanced semi-conductor technology through use of a wireless remote control that allows you to adjust its temperature to your preference.

It’s a more cost-effective option to purchasing a whole mattress and is designed to fit any standard or extra-thick mattress. Within the pad is soft medical-grade tubing that attaches to a built-in hose that circulates temperature-regulated water controlled by built-in unit that you manipulate with the remote.

An additional perk to the Chilipad, is that it can also heat up! Save money year round on heating and air-conditioning while you sleep by adding this one pad to your mattress. Simple, easy, and wallet friendly.


Scouring the internet looking for the cheapest option for the best mattress can be overwhelming, but luckily, it’s fairly unanimous out there as to who offers the best mattresses at the cheapest prices. These are the top three among Innerspring manufacturers:

  1. Serta Perfect Sleeper Series; Starts @ $560; Firm, yet comfortable; 10-Year Warranty; crafted in partnership with the National Sleep Foundation.
  2. Amerisleep’s plant-based memory foam starts at $749; various levels of firmness; 20 year warranty; highly-rated and frequently described as comparable to high-end lines.
  3. Simmons’ Beautyrest; Starts @ $477; various levels of firmness; 10-Year Warranty; 800 Pocketed-Coil Springs.


Q: Are there any Eco-Friendly options available for mattresses?
A: YES; many retailers are starting to take heed of customers desire for healthier, more natural options in the bedding sector. Serta has been incorporating more natural materials in many of their beds, natural latex mattresses remain a favorite, and natural memory foam brands like Amerisleep continue to gain popularity with eco-friendly mattress options.


A very condensed version of the mattress hype for the past year! When looking for the best mattress for your home, it’s always a good idea to scout out the trends currently available in order to be an informed shopper, and get the best bed. What do you think is the best mattress trend of 2020?

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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