Best Mattress Trends of 2020

If you’re shopping around to find the best mattress, looking at growing mattress trends during recent years might be a good idea. Seeing what other people tend to go for can be a good starting point in finding the perfect bed for yourself.

That’s why the Editors at Simply Rest decided to look into the available mattress market research report data of 2016-2020 in the United States, and summarize what types of mattresses have been consistently growing in popularity. Hopefully, this information will not only pique your interest but also allow you to discover options you haven’t thought of before.

Growing Mattress Trends of 2020

According to the latest Mattress Industry Trends Report compiled by IMARC, the mattress industry saw a big growth in sales in 2019. In their calculations, this is due to the inflating income levels as well as increasing reports of back problems caused by low-quality beds. 

In recent years, customizable mattresses have seen the biggest spike in sales. It seems that personalization has become the most important aspect for people buying new beds—which, makes perfect sense.

Trend One: Customized Mattresses

Customizable mattresses are offered by most popular mattress brands. This option allows consumers to choose certain materials that will be used to manufacture their new mattress. It also lets you have your mattress in two different firmness levels that are side by side a feature that’s great for couples with different sleeping habits. 

Going for a customized mattress can also help you take care of your individual needs, such as choosing a different mattress material for extra lower back support or opting in for an additional mattress topper for extra cushioning. This option removes the impractical “one size fits all” idea and introduces a more appealing approach that focuses on the customer as an individual. 

By the looks of the current trends, customized mattresses will be further growing in popularity in the upcoming year. More and more mattress brands will adopt this idea and soon it may become the new norm.

Trend Two: Sustainable, Natural, and Organic

Another noteworthy trend that’s spiked in popularity is choosing mattresses that are made from 100% organic and natural materials. With the evergrowing concerns about the environment, people now tend to choose environmentally-conscious products above anything else. That’s why mattress brands who focus on being environmentally-friendly and sustainable have grown the most over the last couple of years. 

Now you can find plenty of options for all-natural and organic mattresses. A lot of brands also started naming such mattresses “vegan” to appeal to more specific eco-friendly communities. Being fully transparent when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing processes is another crucial detail that can impact sales. When people know exactly where the materials for their mattresses came from and how they were acquired, they tend to trust that brand more. This, in turn, makes them feel that purchasing from this particular brand will be the right choice. 

Trends Three: Increased Online Mattress Sales

It seems like not that long ago people used to avoid making big and long-lasting purchases, such as a mattress, online. Even if cutting out the middle man meant lower prices, the risk of investing a bigger amount of money without first seeing and feeling the product seemed too great. 

Since then online mattress brands introduced risk-free sleep trials with free returns. This had a huge positive impact. It allowed the consumers to properly try out the mattress before deciding if they want to keep it or send it back. Mostly because of this, over the past couple of years, the popularity of purchasing mattresses online has had strong growth.

Online mattress retailers growth rate 2016-2019

As you can see in the table above, more and more people opt for online mattress shopping every year. The lower prices and higher quality of the mattresses available online have become hard to resist. That, in addition to the ease of the purchasing process and the risk-free returns, has made online mattress shops a go-to place for most consumers. It’s only a matter of time to see how this change will affect physical mattress stores and showrooms in the near future. 

Our Recommended Mattress Choices Online

Taking into consideration the mattress trends of 2020, we have compiled a list of our recommended mattresses that can be bought online.

Type Firmness Price Sleep Trial Warranty
Amerisleep AS3 Partially plant-based memory foam Medium $1199 100 nights 20 years
Zoma Sports Open-cell memory foam Medium $850 100 nights 10 years
Vaya Mattress Vaya foam Medium $595 100 nights 10 years
Avocado Vegan Latex foam and pocketed coils Medium/Medium-Firm $1399 or $1799 1 year 25 years
The Botanical Bliss by PlushBeds Latex Medium/Medium-Firm $2699 or $2999 or


100 nights 25 years


Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 mattressOut of the eight mattress models that Amerisleep offers, AS3 is the most popular choice. It is their medium firmness all-foam mattress that’s made from partially plant-based memory foam. 

The cover of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress is designed to be breathable, which improves the mattress’s temperature control. The Bio-Pur® memory foam layer right underneath further improves the breathability of the mattress because of its open-cell design. This layer is partially made from plant-based materials, which ticks the sustainability and eco-friendliness checkboxes. It’s responsive and efficiently contours the body, relieving pressure points and keeping the spine aligned as you sleep.

Under the Bio-Pur® layer comes the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology design. This gel-like convoluted layer is made from hundreds of diagonal cutouts that provide zoned pressure relief. Split into five support zones, it allows more “give” where it’s required, and more support where it’s needed. 

The final layer within the AS3 is the Bio-Core® base. Made from long-lasting poly-foam, this base layer not only provides better support to the structure of the mattress but also increases its longevity and edge support.

Amerisleep’s AS3 mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, which includes free returns. There is a mandatory 30-day break-in period to allow the customers enough time to get used to the feel of the new mattress. If you decide that the mattress is not right for you after sleeping on it for 30 days, they’ll arrange a hassle-free pickup from your house and you will get 100% of your money back. 

Another worthy mention is Amerisleep’s 20-year warranty. It’s double the length compared to the industry standard, which can put your mind at ease longer term. 

Zoma Sports

zoma mattressThe Zoma is a premium all-foam mattress designed for people with active lifestyles. It’s one of the two models that Zoma Sleep offers, and it’s the more popular choice. 

The Zoma mattress is made from three foam layers and a breathable cover. The cover is a blend of spandex and polyester, which works to wick away moisture and get rid of excess body heat for optimal comfort. 

The first comfort layer within this mattress is made from memory foam. It features a mattress technology Triangulex™ design, which splits the layer into three sections. The upper and lower sections are made from small triangular cutouts for better pressure point relief, while the mid-section is continuous foam for more support. Triangulex™ ensures that the body is fully supported and the spine is aligned in any sleeping position you end up in.

Next up comes the latex-like poly-foam layer that’s called Reactiv™. This layer minimizes motion transfer and further supports the pressure points of the body. The last layer within the Zoma mattress is Support+. It ensures the stability and durability of the mattress while improving edge support.  

The Zoma mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. It’s suitable for side sleepers, combination sleepers, and back sleepers alike.

Vaya Mattress

Best Affordable Mattress - Vaya MattressThe Vaya mattress is the most affordable option from our recommended list. Its design is pretty basic, yet very functional. Best of all, it comes at an unbeatable price.

The Vaya mattress is made from two layers, both of which are made from foam. The upper layer is made from Vaya Comfort Foam and it’s designed to contour the body while keeping the spine aligned at all times. It efficiently isolates the motion and relieves the pressure points of the body.

The lower layer is Vaya Base Foam. It’s higher in density to support the mattress and the sleeper on top. Both of these layers combined make a truly supportive and comfortable mattress, which does not trap heat.

Vaya sleep offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Both are considered as an industry-standard, which is unusual for a mattress that comes with such an affordable price tag. As for now, Vaya Sleep doesn’t have their own personal website or own physical store. They sell their mattresses on Amazon and eBay, which is partly how they manage to keep their prices so low. 

Avocado Vegan 

avocado green mattressThe Avocado Vegan mattress is made entirely of 100% natural and organic materials. This brand is very transparent about where and how they source their materials, as well as the manufacturing process itself.

The Avocado Vegan comes in two firmness options, the main difference being an optional mattress topper. This topper is made from 100% organic latex rubber and natural cotton, and it costs an additional $400. 

If you decide to not go for the topper, then the first layer of this mattress will be 2 inches of organic Dunlop latex. It’s buoyant yet cushy, contouring the body whilst keeping the spine aligned.

Under the latex layer comes the structure of 1414 pocketed coils. This pocket coils layer is split into five ergonomic support zones, all of which focus on different pressure points of the body. The pocketed coils also feature a reinforced steel perimeter, which greatly improves edge support and minimizes motion transfer. 

The Avocado Vegan mattress comes with a whopping 365-night sleep trial and an even more impressive 25-year warranty. Both are longer when compared to the industry-standard warranties and sleep trials, which shows how confident this brand is about their product.

The Botanical Bliss

plushbeds botanical blissThe Botanical Bliss mattress by Plushbeds may not be vegan, but it’s definitely all-natural and organic. It is also the most customizable mattress on our list. The mattress comes in three different sizes, depending on the firmness level that you choose. The sizes are 9 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches in profile — all with a different price tag.

The cover of the Botanical Bliss mattress is made from soft knitted organic cotton. It encourages better breathability of the mattress and it naturally absorbs the moisture. Under the cover comes a layer of natural New Zealand wool. This gives the mattress a cushy feel as it softly contours your body.

Under the wool come three or four layers of organic Dunlop latex, depending on your chosen level of mattress firmness. Each layer also varies in density, allowing you to swap them around at the comfort of your own home in order to get the mattress just right. 

If you still feel like this mattress is not a good fit for you, you can use the 100-night sleep trial policy to return it after 30 days. If you decide to keep it, you’ll get a 25-year warranty. 

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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