Best Mattress Picks of Summer 2019

This summer is shaping up to be a great time to shop for a mattress. Effective use of this guide will help you find the best offers on innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses of the summer. Beat the heat with some cool deals from a number of different retailers and manufacturers.

Things have been evolving quite a bit with sleep and mattress technology in recent years, from new foams and fabrics to new ways of selling. As new materials and processes become available, manufacturers find ways to use them to improve products and services.

Summer proves one of the best times to shop these new beds for a couple reasons. First, brands tend to release new products in the winter and spring, and waiting a few months means more reviews and information will be available to tell you whether or not a bed is a good deal or a lemon. Second, there are a few major shopping holidays over summer that translate to significant savings, including Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

With this guide, we’ll be highlighting and comparing some of the most popular beds, making it easier to find a good match and identify the best mattress values of the summer. A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. We’ve found a variety of spring, memory foam and latex beds with above average reviews in all budgets.

Summer Mattress Guide from WTBB

Our guide is neatly laid out so you can quickly find important information from many brands in one convenient location. Beds from brands like Sealy, Serta, Amerisleep, Tempurpedic, Simmons, and more are listed according to their type in this guide.

For our comparisons, we selected a variety of different mattresses of the three most popular types:

  • Innersprings or coil mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

Within each type of mattress we selected two mattresses from specific price ranges to cater to several budgets. Entry level mattresses are under $1,000, mid-range mattresses are between $1,000 and $2,000 and high-end models are priced at or over $2,000. Mattresses are arranged from least to most expensive in each of our tables.

In our comparisons, we look at different mattresses’ specifications, customer and independent reviews, price and warranty policies. We used all resources available to gather this information including retailer websites, blogs, reviews and others, taking care of the hard work so you can focus on finding the right bed for your budget and preferences.

Innerspring Mattresses for Summer 2015

Coil mattresses are the most widely known and widely available mattresses on the market. Chances are, you’ve slept on an innerspring at some point in your life.

Composed of a number of springs for support and covered in fabric, these mattresses offer decent initial comfort and support. More basic models can be quite affordable, but the spectrum is increasingly including hybrid types with foam layers that can rival high-end specialty brands as well.

Sixty-three percent of adults who use coil mattresses regularly report being satisfied. Latex and memory foam mattresses receive higher satisfaction rates, but values can be had with innersprings. When buying an innerspring mattress, the main things to pay attention to are coils and comfort layers. There are different types of coils, each with a unique set of qualities.

Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in fabric to dampen motion transfer and improve overall contouring and support. These tend to be more expensive. Continuous coil systems are made from many coils connected into a single piece. They  lack motion isolation, but are responsive. Bonnell coil systems have many hour-glass shaped coils and tend to be cheaper, but have limited durability and motion isolation. Finally, double-offset coil systems are similar to continuous systems, but coils are paired in the design. They are durable, but deficient in motion isolation,

In addition to the coil type, be mindful of these attributes as well.

  • Coil count – This refers to the total amount of coils in the mattress. Typically, the more coils the better, up to a point. Opinions vary, but generally queen coil counts between 400 and 700 are average to good. Very high coil counts may refer to coil-in-coil type designs, and may not necessarily affect comfort or durability in a significant way.
  • Coil gauge – This is the thickness of the coils. Thicker coils tend to provide more resistance and durability. Thinner coil wires can give a softer feel, but can be more prone to sagging. Remember, a lower gauge translates to a thicker coil.
  • Comfort layers – Manufacturers sometimes add latex, foam or other materials for the top layer of the mattress for support and plushness. Firm mattresses with little fiber or fluff tend to be most durable, since there is less to sag and separate toppers can be used. Memory foam and latex offer more longevity than fiber fill and low density poly foams.

Here are a few innerspring mattresses currently available from retailers.

Brand / ModelSpecsSatisfactionPrice (Queen)Returns / Warranty
Zinus Vivon Floret 12" Hybrid Pillow Top MattressCoil count: 588 pocketed coils
Coil gauge: 2.2mm
12” profile
7.5” coil base
2” gel memory foam
Cover: 60% poly/40% tencel
76%$99930-90 days / 5-15 years
Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class Luxury PlushCoil count: 1,000 pocketed
Coil gauge: 13.75
14” profile
3.25" foam
.5" gel memory foam
2" memory foam
1.5” foam
.5" gel
72%$1699 (set) VRDepends on retailer / 10 Year
Stearns & Foster Estate Lux Warrington Euro Pillowtop Luxury Plush Coil count:
Coil gauge: 14.75
17” profile
60%$1,799 (set)VR / 10 Year Limited
Serta iSeries Profiles Prominence FirmPocketed coils
Coil count: 1008
Coil gauge: 15/16
15” profile
1.5” Soft foam
63%$2,499 (set)120 days / 10 Year Limited
Hotel Collection Vitagenic HC Plush Tight Top Mattress SetCoil count: 830 pocketed
12” profile
Synthetic foam comfort layer
Synthetic foam quilting layer
75%$3,339 (set)60 days / 10-25 Year

CC = coil count      VR = varies w/retailer

Memory Foam Mattresses for Summer 2015

Based on technology created by NASA researchers in the 1970s, memory foam mattresses have some of the greatest value potential out there. About 81% of owners report being satisfied with their mattresses, and quality beds tend to have good longevity. Prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars for queen mattresses and sets.

While less widely available than innerspring mattresses, these mattresses aren’t too hard to find these days. Many online retailers will even ship them to your door. Comprised of compressible foam, these mattresses are easy to vacuum pack and ship. Once opened, the mattresses slowly fill with air and take form. You can find videos of people “unboxing” their mattresses all over the internet.

There are several different types of memory foam mattresses available. Consider your inclinations and match them with the attributes of your mattress. You can find many variations on the three major types of memory foam mattresses:

  • Traditional memory foam – Similar to the first types of memory foam, these petroleum-based, synthetic mattresses are the most accessible.
  • Plant-based memory foam – A more recent development in foam tech, these mattresses consist of significant amounts of plant-derived ingredients and are considered more healthy and sustainable. Having a more open-cell structure, these mattresses tend to breathe better.
  • Gel memory foam – Typically made from petroleum-based foams, these mattresses have gel either infused or layered through part of the mattress. The gel is intended to make the mattresses cooler, though that isn’t always the case according to customer reviews and Consumer Reports.

Most memory foam mattresses consist of two or more layers of foam. Polyurethane foam, not memory foam is used also, for the mattress cores and sometimes in other layers. This foam does not have the same body-hugging support memory foam provides, but it provides a good support base for memory foam..

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that can be harmful to humans. They will offgas, or evaporate, at room temperature making it easy to breath in. Older memory foams were of greatest concern, but modern foams, glues and fire retardants can still exude potentially harmful chemicals. Plant-based mattresses will produce far fewer of these if you are concerned about air quality during sleep, and certain certifications like Certipur also can provide peace of mind.

Foam density is a good measure of the quality of the memory foam, and an important stat to compare. This is measured in pounds and usually ranges from 2-8 pounds. On the low end of the scale, foams are cheaper, less durable and less likely to feel overly hot; but on the high end, foams are more more durable and better at pressure relief, but also more expensive, more prone to heat and odor, and can feel more “quicksand” like. Foams in the middle range tend be most compatible with the majority of sleepers. As a sidenote, density does not tell you much about a foam’s firmness.

Foam firmness is measured by Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). This is calculated by measuring the pounds of pressure needed to indent a four-inch thick piece of foam by 25% of its normal height. Sometimes an ILD range is provided as firmnesses can differ according to temperature, humidity and other factors. For instance, you may see an ILD of 13-15lb rather than a single number.  Generally, a mattress’s ILD will fall between 8-45lb, with 8lb being the least firm. Higher ILD foam are used for base layers.

Here are some of the memory foam mattresses currently available this summer from several retailers.

Brand / ModelSpecsSatisfactionPrice (Queen)Returns / Warranty
Ultimate Dreams 13-inch Gel Memory Foam 13” profile
3” 4lb gel memory foam layer
2” 5lb memory foam
8” foam core
83%$71530 days / 20 yea
Novaform 14” Serafina Gel Memory Foam14” profile
3” 3.5lb gel memory comfort layer
3” memory foam support layer
8” foam base layer
81%$799120 days / 20 year limited
Amerisleep Revere12” profile
3” 4lb density comfort layer
9” support layer
94%$1,49990 night / 20 Year
Sleep Science Escape 14.5” Luxury Memory Foam14.5” profile
2” 7lb memory foam comfort layer
3” 5lb support layer
9” foam base
79%$1,99990 day / 20 year limited
BedInABox Serenity Gel13” profile
2” coolrest fiber layer
3” 3lb comfort layer
8” support foam
86%$2,099120 days / 10 year
Tempurpedic TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe13.5” profile
2” 4.1lb comfort layer
3” 7lb memory foam layer
8” foam base
83%$3,699 90 days / 10 year limited

Latex Mattresses for Summer 2015

Made from either synthetic or natural latex, these mattresses are the latest prized items to enter the market. Customers seeking a hypoallergenic hibernation have found latex to be a godsend. While less ubiquitous than innerspring and memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses can be found online easily and are making their way to showrooms.

Natural latex is derived from rubber trees. These trees can be tapped without having to cut them down, making for a more sustainable yield. Known for less off-gassing, natural latex tends to rate 10-15 percentage points higher in customer satisfaction than synthetic.

Synthetic is made from petroleum-based materials and is sometimes blended with natural latex creating blended latex. Synthetic latex is cheaper to make than natural, though it does rate slightly lower in customer satisfaction and is known to offgas more.

Natural and synthetic latex is made from primarily two process, either the dunlop or talalay process. The older dunlop method creates one piece of latex; the talalay process creates latex in sections which must be glued together. Some owners complain of feeling the seems in talalay mattresses.

Talalay latex is made by pouring a small amount of latex into a mold, pumping the air out of the mold, flash freezing the latex to maintain its form and then baking it. The dunlop process uses more latex, air is not pumped out and there is no need for flash freezing. Both types of latex rate about the same in customer satisfaction.

Latex firmness is also measured in ILD. Get to know what firmness level you and, if relevant, your partner prefer. Many latex beds can be customized on both sides for couples with different preferences.

Unlike most other mattresses, latex can be made from certified-organic materials. This is considered healthier and better for the environment as these products are treated with less toxic chemicals. The farming methods involved with organic production materials create a smaller footprint than conventional methods.

Check out some of the current latex mattresses available this summer in the chart below.

Brand / ModelSpecsSatisfactionPrice(Queen)Returns / Warranty
Sleep EZ Sleep Select 7”Natural dunlop or Talalay
2 x 3” latex layers
1” Wool
78%$1,13590 day / 20 years
Foam Sweet Foam 9” Urban Green Natural dunlop or talalay
3 x 3” latex layers
Wool fire barrier
Organic cotton cover
79%$1,79960 day / 30 year warranty
Flobeds Original Talalay DeluxeBlended Talalay
3 x 3” latex layers
1” wool cover
2” latex comfort layer
85%$2,299100 day / 20 years prorated
Astrabeds 10” HarmonyBedOrganic dunlop latex
3 x 3” latex layers
Organic wool fire barrier
Organic cotton cover
92%$2,39990 days / 25 year
Habitat Furnishings 9” Skybed PureNatural dunlop & talalay
3” talalay comfort layer
6” dunlop core
Organic cotton cover
88%$2,299365 day / 10 year full & 20 year factory

Getting the Best Mattress This Summer

There is a lot that goes into making a solid decision on a mattress, but your sleep is worth it. Consider the options carefully and be a savvy shopper. Each type of mattress has its advantages and drawbacks. There are many features to decide from even after you choose either and innerspring, latex or memory foam mattress.

Whichever mattress type you prefer, keep these things in mind while shopping:

    1. Have a game plan. Don’t leave one morning and come back with a mattress. If you have a partner, discuss their preferences and your own. Be mindful of your budget limitations and don’t exceed them.
    2. Do well with due diligence. This is a major purchase and should be treated as such. Take your time and explore your options. The internet is an invaluable resource. Look into each product, offer and claim made by the retailer. Taking notes will help you keep the information organized.
    3. Shop around. There are many different manufacturers and retailers out there. Don’t buy a mattress without checking around at different places and comparing prices and features. You may be surprised at what you see.
    4. Check warranties, return policies and fine print. Return policies vary from retailer to retailer. You cannot determine whether you’ll be satisfied with a bed by laying on it for five minutes. Make sure you have at least 30 days to try the mattress in your home. Warranties should last at least 7 years, which is about how long a mattress should last. Check for fine print in the warranty and ask questions if you need to.
    5. Negotiate. If you are shopping at a brick and mortar location, you will very likely be paying for a salesperson’s commission. You can normally negotiate a significant price reduction. Online stores have often reduced overhead expenses and typically will not have wiggle room in their prices, but may have occasional sales near holidays.
    6. Keep your wits. Relax and don’t get too flustered. If you follow this guide, you’ll be on your way to restful sleep in no time.

Buying a new mattress is exciting and can be very rewarding. Almost all owners of new mattresses report more satisfaction on their new mattresses. Many also report less pain and a more restful sleep. The odds are in your favor.

We hope this summer mattress guide was comprehensive without sacrificing concision. Keep this page bookmarked while you are shopping and refer to it as needed. Let us know how your summer mattress shopping goes!

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