King VS. Split King – What’s The Difference?

Everyone is looking for a night of comfortable sleep. And a lot goes into account when choosing the most suitable option for you. Things could get even more complicated if you’re choosing a mattress that you’ll be sharing with your partner. Looking at different support levels, firmness preferences, sleeping positions, and other factors can make it a real headache. So how do you pick the right one?

King Mattress

In the case of several sleepers, a bigger bed can usually guarantee more space and comfort for each person. And king size beds are one of the biggest sizes on the market. But is bigger always better? And if so, what different kinds of king size mattresses are out there? Here are some key features that can help you decide.


King size mattresses are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. As you can see, it’s a wider bed perfect for a family. It can accommodate several sleepers comfortably without disrupting each other’s rest. And if you don’t share your bed with anybody and enjoy spacious sleeping, a king size bed might be a little too big. In that case, considering other options, like a queen sized mattress, might be a better idea.

Because a king size mattress is so big, it can offer not only comfort but also some health advantages, too. Firstly, you have enough space to stretch out as much as you like without disturbing your partner. For example, people with certain conditions, like arthritis or joint injuries, can have trouble sleeping and are usually restless. Bigger sleeping space can assure more comfort to this type of sleeper, as well as to the person they are sleeping next to. 

Room Recommendation 

A king sized bed is relatively long and wide—perfect for a bigger room, such as the master bedroom. It’s important to keep in mind that a big bed like that can crowd up the room and make it feel cramped. That’s why it’s recommended to have at least 2 feet on each side of the bed. Therefore, a king size bed is perfect for rooms sized 10 x 14 feet or bigger. 


King-size mattresses are usually more expensive than smaller sizes on the market. The price also varies based on other traits of the mattress, such as the type, materials it’s made of, and overall quality. The price of a king size mattress can range from $500 up to $8000. 

Pros & Cons 

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of a king size mattress. 


  • It’s a spacious bed that allows lots of personal space.
  • It can fill in a large room nicely.
  • It’s perfect for a family. 
  • It’s a healthier and more comfortable option for restless sleepers. 


  • King size mattresses are usually more expensive.
  • Not many rooms can fit a king size bed comfortably.
  • A mattress this size can be tricky to transport.

Split King Mattress

When looking into king size mattresses you may have noticed a split king option. It’s essentially the same as a king but with a split in between, making two separate mattresses rather than one. 

Because the mattress is split in between, it can be perfect for sleepers who have different firmness preferences or use a split adjustable bed. The biggest split king advantage is that it can be customized accordingly to each person. 


The split king mattress consists of two twin XL mattresses, which are 38 inches wide and 80 inches long each. Overall, a split king size mattress is the same size as a regular king size—76×80 inches. 

Because the split king is made of two smaller mattresses, it can be easier to transport and set up. However, the bedding will need a bit more work. You would need a sheet for each twin mattress, as well as an additional king size sheet to cover the whole bed. 

Room Recommendation 

Because a split king is the same in size as a standard king size mattress, the room should be of similar size as well. As mentioned before, the size of the bedroom must be a minimum of 10×14 feet to ensure it doesn’t get crammed. But of course, the bigger the bedroom, the more options to furnish it nicely.


The cost of a split king bed is more or less the same as that of a standard king size bed. But it’s important to mention that customization can bring the price up. As usually choosing a split king in different firmness options adds up to a larger cost overall.

Pros & Cons 

Let’s break down all the pros and cons of the split king mattress.


  • Can be personalized to suit your and your partner’s sleeping needs
  • More personal space for each sleeper
  • Easier to transport and set up


  • Can be more expensive than a regular king size mattress
  • Bedding situation can be more complex

So is King size or Split King size better?

Both mattresses are the same size and come at a relatively similar price. If you have the room for it and the budget, it all comes down to your personal needs. Firstly, if you will be sharing the mattress with a partner and you both have different sleeping preferences, a split king mattress would be a more comfortable option. Each person will be able to choose the desired option. And if you don’t see a value in splitting one mattress into two, go for a standard king size mattress instead.


King size mattresses (regular or split) are a luxurious sleeping option. You and your partner will have enough personal space, which will allow every person to have a comfortable night’s sleep. And that should always be the priority, as good sleep means good health.  

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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