King VS. Full – What’s The Difference?

Finding the right mattress can be a complicated business. After all, you need to choose not only the type of a mattress but also its size, which can be confusing. There are so many mattress sizes available. What is the difference between them all? Which one is better? 

Different mattress sizes are designed for people with different needs. However, full and king size mattresses remain among the most popular. Still, some tend to get confused when it comes to choosing between the two. The reason for this is that they may appear quite similar. The measurement difference is not drastic and both of them are perfect for one or two people.

Obviously, often this issue is solved by looking at the size of the bedroom. But if you are renovating your home or moving into a new house where space will not be an issue, there are other things to consider. 

So which one should you pick—full size or king size? Let’s discuss their differences. 

King Mattress

King size bed has this royal name for a reason. Its size is associated with luxury, exceptional comfort and is perfect for those who need extra space in their bed. If you value these things and/or have a big family, king size bed is absolutely worth your consideration. 


The standard size of a king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It’s practically a square. This form is ideal for those who have a big family, like to spend lots of time in their bed, and love to have personal sleeping space for a good rest.    

Room Recommendation 

King bed will fit well in 10 feet by 12 feet bedroom. However, you should consider that the free space in the room will be quite limited. 12 feet by 12 feet bedroom would add some additional space for walking or for additional furniture. But if you wish to have a spacious and more comfortable bedroom, 13 feet by 13 feet or even larger room would be ideal for that. 


The price of a king-size mattress depends on many things. Actually, the size of a mattress barely determines the price. The main price factors are such things as mattress type and the materials it is made of. Therefore, the price interval is quite big. However, the king size mattress will probably be more expensive than the smaller one made from the same materials. 

Pros & Cons 

As mentioned, wide sleeping space is the basic reason why your mattress should be king size. It provides comfort for both couples and bigger families. Also, thanks to the popularity of these mattresses, you will easily find any type of mattress in this size.

However, the prices of king mattresses might be a bit higher than smaller alternatives. Also, if your bedroom is quite small, a large mattress may limit space for walking and additional furniture or interior details.

Full Mattress

Also known as a double mattress, Full-size mattress is perfect for singles who enjoy extra space and average to lightweight couples, who don’t mind sleeping cozily. A Full-mattress is also a good choice for teens and children, as it leaves plenty of space for growth.  

Full mattress’s versatile and practical size encouraged its popularity among many people. This mattress allows one or even two people to sleep comfortably. Better yet, the mattress doesn’t take up that much space in the bedroom.


A Full mattress is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. It’s a convenient size that fits into most bedrooms effortlessly. Compared to a King size, a Full-size mattress is 22 inches narrower. Obviously, this is quite a big difference in size. So if you’ll be sharing a bed with your partner and you both enjoy personal space, a King size mattress would be a better option.

Room Recommendation 

A Full-size bed fits into 10 feet by 10 feet bedroom. However, to accommodate it without overcrowding the bedroom it has to be at least 10 feet by 12 or even bigger. This will leave plenty of room for other bedroom furniture and will allow moving freely. 


As mentioned before, the main price difference here is determined mainly by the materials used within a mattress. However, a Full-size mattress is almost always going to be cheaper than a King-size mattress made from the same materials. 

So if money is not an issue and you’ve got enough space, go for the King-size bed. If you’re on a budget or have a small bedroom, a Full-size bed will be better suited for you.

Pros & Cons 

A Full-size mattress is perfect for smaller-bodied couples who like to sleep close together. Or single sleepers who appreciate a larger sleeping space. This size mattress will comfortably fit in smaller bedrooms and will not overload the space. Lastly, the mattress and its sheets will cost you a lot less compared to those of larger mattresses.

Yet sleeping on a Full-sized mattress could be a challenge for couples who appreciate extra personal space. 

So is King size or Full size better?

There is no right answer to this question. The choice always depends on the situation – the individual’s personal needs, the size of the bedroom, and financial resources. 

As the width difference is not small between these two sizes, this is the main thing you have to consider. Obviously, a king-size bed would provide you with much more comfort. It’s a perfect choice for couples, tall people, and big families. But if you are struggling with bedroom space, don’t mind sleeping cozily with your partner, or will be sleeping alone, then a full-size bed might be a better choice. 


We end and begin our days in our bed, so it must be well-suited to fit our needs. Whichever mattress size you choose it has to be comfortable and provide you with quality rest every night. But only you can decide which mattress size will suit your needs best. And now that you have this information, hopefully, the decision will be easier to make. 

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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