A New Mattress May Improve Sleep Quality and Reduce Stress

A New Mattress May Improve Sleep Quality and Reduce Stress

Recent studies have proven that sleeping in a new mattress does more for your health than you are probably aware. According to research, a new bed can not only improve sleep quality, but also work to reduce stress. For the consumers who may be on the fence about whether or not to go ahead and purchase a newer model, you should continue reading to know why you should stop waiting and start shopping for a new mattress!

Benefits of a New Mattress: Research Results

The study that is referenced comes from Oklahoma State University—“Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Perceived Stress Following Introduction of New Bedding Systems”. The analysis of that study has proven the benefits of a new mattress started out with 59 healthy adults. Essentially, each adult had been sleeping on a mattress that was at least 5 years old, but the study indicates that the average mattress age was 9.5 years old. For the preceding 28 days the subjects experienced discomfort from sleeping on their usual mattress. However, once they switched to the new bed the results were astounding. Overall, the new beds were able to yield a 48% improvement in back pain and a 55% increase in sleep quality.

Relevance to Shoppers

So what does this study mean for the average person? Well, for starters, if you don’t feel well-rested in the morning, toss and turn or wake with pain, you should take a good look at your current bed. One other indication replacement is in order is if you sleep better at hotels than at home.

Even though most industry groups recommend replacing mattresses every 6-10 years depending on type, many people delay buying a new bed for much longer. Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with the hassle or feel like there is still some life left in the old bed. Others expect that their beds will last as long as the 10-25 year warranties, which is simply not the case (the warranties are meant to cover craftsmanship not normal wear). But, just because your old bed is still in one piece does not mean that it is supporting you properly. Check to see if your mattress appears lumpy, sags in a particular spot, or if you can feel springs.  These are all signs that your bed is worn out and it is time to get a new one as your current mattress may be the reason that you are not sleeping well or perhaps waking up with aches and pains.

The OSU study indicates that people can improve sleep and reduce pain and stress simply by replacing their old mattresses when needed. The average bed age in the study was over 9 years, which is longer than the expected lifespan for most mattress types. Here are the average lifespan expectancies by mattress type for reference:

  • Innerspring Mattress – 6 years
  • Memory Foam Mattress (low density) – 4 years
  • Memory Foam Mattress (med/high density) – 10 years
  • Latex Mattress (all-latex)- 10 years
  • Latex Mattress (latex over foam)- 6 years
  • Waterbed Mattress – 8 years

New Mattress Options

If you already know you need a new bed, it is worth considering the variety of different mattress options currently available. You want to start by evaluating your own personal needs in order to know what type of mattress would best increase your quality of life. Innerspring beds are still the top sellers and most conventional mattress options. However, latex and memory foam are becoming increasingly popular and also tend to have higher owner reviews and outlast spring beds by several years. Many manufacturers are also combining the different materials to create hybrid beds of all sorts. Adjustable bases which allow users to control the angle of the mattress are also gaining popularity and may be of interest depending on your needs. Check around online to learn about the various options and benefits before you start shopping. Here are few What’s The Best Bed articles on different types of beds to get you started:

Purchasing a new mattress may always seem like something you can put off. However, as the study mentioned indicates, replacing an older bed with a new mattress has a number of benefits that can make you sleep and feel better. And shopping for a new bed these days doesn’t even require getting out of your current one with all of online stores and resources available. So, if your old mattress is no longer providing you with the comfort and support you deserve, consider purchasing a new mattress so you can start sleeping better.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

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  1. Skylar Williams

    It’s interesting to learn that new beds could yield a 48% improvement in back pain. My brother has always had back pain and I think that his mattress isn’t helping, so I want to get him a new one. I’m glad to know that once I find a mattress store, I’ll be able to help my brother out.

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